NEFFEX - Mirror [Copyright Free]

Spotify: />iTunes/Apple Music: />Google Play: /> Lyrics: Verse 1: no, can’t keep me down lost in my thoughts feel like I could drown oh no can’t have it now buried so deep im below the ground I go, where I hear the sound all on my own I can feel it now unknown, so my heart pounds cuz I don’t understand what happens now oh no I Rest In Peace leave behind a lesser me working hard to better me looking back I’ll never be lets go! recklessly fighting to forget it’s me I feel inside it’s festering but I just want a better me chorus: and your the one that let me down I’m looking at myself right now the mirror nearly breaks itself I’m screaming out cuz I need help Verse 2: i try to forget you held me back, soon as we met you were always scared of what happens next unprepared so you feared regret I’m upset cuz I wasted time I sat at the base when I should’ve climbed i stopped with the chase and forgot the grind I feel out of place empty inside you thought I’d never be won’t amount to anything had me doubting everything you only new a lesser me your now my enemy wish you never met with me work until the death of me so I become a better me chorus: and your the one that let me down I’m looking at myself right now the mirror nearly breaks itself I’m screaming out cuz I need help ✦✦✦✦✦ NEFFEX ✦✦✦✦✦ Spotify: />SoundCloud: />Facebook: />Instagram: />Twitter: />YouTube: /> We offer our music copyright free to YouTubers because we want people to create awesome content and have exciting new music to make their YouTube videos that much better. We make workout music, gym music, gaming music, vlogging music (vlog music), inspirational music, inspirational songs, motivational music, motivational songs, party music, party songs, and non copyrighted music for YouTube content creators #CopyrightFreeMusic #CopyrightFree #NoCopyright

"Mirror" is featured on "Careless: The Collection" which is our 14 song compilation of some of our best rock/edm hybrid tracks! Stream it on Spotify: iTunes/Apple Music: Google Play:​
Lazer Reflex
If i look in the mirror i see that Im a part of NEFFEXNATION
Titan Tasorin
Is it possible for NEFFEX to make a bad song? I've listened to every single one of them over a hundred times, and the answer is a resounding NO. That's because no matter the subject, you still have a passion that makes your words and your music inspire us all to work to being better versions of us. Keep up the good work, NEFFEX. Your fans won't rest till you've made the big time.
Meliodas Wrath
Sound a bit like Neffex destiny ❤
Caio Dias
Música top👌👏👏 alguém br ??
yusei fudo
How does neffex make such amazing songs? :O
john francis cruzado
This guy is just amazing
you guys are amazing and need more fame instead the overratet rappers like 69 trippie red and that man
Canal Violeta
Wooww! I love you! BRAZIL! ❤😍
You guys are dropping lit bangers every. Damn. Week. Whatever you're doing, keep it up 🔥💜🎵
Felix Jonas
Neffex you are my favorite musician. And I really like the music you're making. What I also really like is that you are publishing new music that often. 👍😎
G h i r / A M V
*Anime Fans get Like 😁*
Moin Mahmud
NEFFEX: Original talent in an industry of repetitive ilk.
ReNgoGun music
Neffex ,you're the best 🔥
Oh hell YAS! I'm late because my internet broke but I now know why because of this song 🔥 huge love, Neffex! I absolutely LOVE this and I can't stop singing Fall Asleep. Love you so much please continue to be yourself and keep doing what you do because you really help to keep me going and I'm sure the same can be said for allot of us fans. ♥ England, UK
Three words. I LOVE NEFFEX
little tplain
Got off of school just now but it's fire
I Always liked His Songs ... But this is the best one 😂👌
ZIOMEK Siemano
I love you neffex and guitar❤
Tahmeed Rahman
Damn this is fireeeeeeeee 🔥🔥🔥
caty_potatoe _alien
Bro the lyrics and the beat the guys.... ARE LEGENDARY I hope you guys will reach 1M subs in a month :)) love this song omg
Mix Songs
Every song you make is amazing! Never stop doing music please! Soo amazing,you make my day! THANKS! :)
You are my enemy Wish you never met with me!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Motivational
Feyk Zayn
This Art is godly /big Respect from Germany ❤️
Trap Astronaut
🔥 fire! I love the guitar 🎸
Leiteiro 15Cm
Quem veio pelos neagle outro nível
Great work bro don't stop and keep up the excellent work 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻neffexnation for ever
This song makes me feel like I'm looking in a #Mirror! #NEFFEXNation #NotificationSquad #neffexmusic 👌🤘
Melhores músicas otimas para poder usar em vídeos amo vocês NEFFEX as melhores músicas :) I LOVE YOU NEFFEX !!!
Cherry 葵
Why are you so amazing 😍💗
João pedro moreiraa
certeza que os neagle vai usa essa musica likee Neffex
arpit sharma
Bro keeping us the best music #LOVE_FROM_INDIA #NEFFEXNATION
I'm in complete awe. This is definitely my favorite song. Keep on going. Also new sub!
Love you from Poland NEFFEX! Best music <3
Man I still can’t believe these songs are free to use. There just so good!
just heard of them lastnight, had a friend introduce me, How did i never hear of them? 💖💖 New Fan! :)
Hello from Philippines. Guys, this is very cool. However, as always. Thank you very much for your efforts. NEVER STOP MAKING AMAZING MUSICS!👏
Chris Guess
Neffex when you going to have a show on the right coast? I've spread your music to all my friends you're almost all we listen to anymore, love to see a live!
Neeraj Bhatt
NEFFEX Music ❣️ Love your Music Never give up was a Hit that's what I thought I thank you from the deep of my Heart Love your music bro gets me motivated.🔥🔥🔥
Kasu AMV
I'm a simple man, i see NEFFEX have a new song i click <3
how do they make every song so perfect!!!! LOVE IT NEFFEX KEEP IT UP !!!
I've used your music in so many of my videos. I'm a big fan and you create great music and content. Keep up the good work!!
You are awsome bro from INDIA🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Amandine M.
I love !!! Since I discovered your music, I don't stop listening to them ♥♥
Adriel Melo
Like para BRASIL ...First
Where are your notifications of neffex when you need em 😞
Türk Kafası
I found neffex yesterday and have to admit that never listened any better music than this
neffex you speak spanish? greetings from Argentina
Gaming With Mihai 17
SkuLgg FF
Brasil 🇧🇷
Joni Kun
This new song sounds great <3 Nice work guys :D
BudzBunny x
Keep doing what you’re doing, it helps me in life.
Samarjit Sharma
Absolutely brilliant 🔥🔥🔥 Please increase the length of lyrics.
Rasec Rodavlas
Grande Neffex! Saludos desde México 👏💓
So fire I had to buy some lit asf merch from neffex.
Riper 888
Excelente canción me encanta ❤️❤️❤️ 🥇🎸NEFFEX FOREVER🎸🥇
David Kevyn FEC
Nice Songs! I'm Brazilian and I love Neffex songs!
Jet Ghost5478
I like the way you guys rap in your music and how you mix rock with it is a great combination.
I love all neffex music you are the best 😜😜😜
MegaGamersDK - Gaming Videos
Rip the legend Robbie Rotten. Press 1 to pay respects :(
Silent Ross
Great! Love how you mix everything so we'll.
Sharon's Kigurumi
I'm alive thanks to your music
Full CM DeSeRtoda
I go up to the mirror and see NEFFEX
GTjack3D K1
600k 🤘🤘🤘 Neffex nation growing strong
So like I'm the shy girl at school and I was wearing headphones and listening to this and the guys at my school litrly took my headphones off and put them on and then looked at me like: SHOOK
I forgot today was Wednesday and was all like 'WUT WHY WUTS HAPPENING' That's crazy & lit stuff you make
Neffex dude your instrumental and you're voice are like godless, this is incredible how i love ya, KEEP IT UP BOYZ YOU'RE PERFECT
Dartek & Zortek
omg a song with this quality by week ! just AWESOME 😃
Ride it Official
Rock'n'roll 🔥🔥 love it for my downhill movies 😍
Michael Mchargue
My god finally a throwback I love this one
Alicia peraki
THIS IS SO LIIIIT!!! YOUR AWESOME NEFFEX! NEFFEX 4 LIFEE!!! THE RAP KING!!! Edit: *correction* the rap *god*
mojtaba khademi
when I get my own car next year I'm definitely gonna play all neffex songs out loud 🙌🙌🙌🎶🎶🎶
Capitaine_ Fourbe
So impressive, as always! You’re the best and the one I listen since you’ve start 😍 Kiss from France!
Omgg!! Real Rock?====????
•F E L L I N•
God, why NEFFEX is so destiny?💕 A guitar is perfect❤ This is SOOOO COOOOL
Kylan Taylor
Can NEFFEX music like this comment ?
How is every song soooo good I am truly amazed by your talent. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!🔥
ladies and gentlemen NEFFEX is back THAT'S WHAT AM TALKING ABOUT!!! 🤘🤟
A mix of blink 182 and linkin park awesome riff
NailMick M
wtf,i thought i was early and already 70 comments in 1 min
Blacksilver shade
Wow this is really good And cool song😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘 Neffex you are my favorite 🥇😍😘
*NEFFEX IS LOVE NEFFEX IS LIFE* With every new single music You rock man Good Luck to reaching 1mln Brother!
only one king
Mirror mirror on the wall who's the royalty of them all? It is you.
Draco Industires
I doubt I'll ever stop being a fan
How do u guys make such good music every week?
_ Viewer
Like , comment and share pls they deserve it!!
wayward faunus
Neffex, you are amazing. Guitarist. Lyricist. Everything. Just keep fire going🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Higor Silva
Muito muito bom! Continuem assim amigos! 👍❤️
Timas Pat
Ok i just discovered you Nefex. You are fking amazing 😊👍
Bony Joseph
Wow , guys you must go global, this music has Great Potential. The best new music I have heard since Linkin Park
Saturn ;;
Wow! Como sempre uma ótima música, perfeita! I Love NEFFEX! ❤
Rend Fon
Очень нравятмя твои композиции, они чаще всего мотивируют и предают сил двигаться дальше, спасибо тебе!!!❤
ben crowleys
when will u go on tour XD i wanna buy tickets for every venue XD this song is so good replay button is going to get a lot of use this week
I have all your songs in my spotify playlist this is amazing ❤️❤️
babu Ki jaan
Love you so much NEFFEX 🎶 😘😘
wait wait wait, are [Copyright Free] means that i can use this song, for example, in my videos? If yes Damn, you cool!
roel dekunst
i actualy never listen to this kind of music, mostly EDM & stuff, but every fcking song of Neffex got me so GOODD !! <3
Uhh I am useing my last mobile network but.. It worths it
DJ Gregox
Neffex Wednesday thank you very much what a banger🙏🙏🙏🙏