KISS Live At Cobo Hall,Detroit,USA 1976 [3D]

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The glory of the early years. Ace is so powerful to the sound. Peter held it all together. Gene and Paul better remember that, sadly they seem to have twisted memories.
Chris J
Peters fills in show are spot on. Anyone who says he cant play hasnt seen this.
Bobby Glenn
Allen Freeman
I was in college 1974-78 and saw KISS live about 5 times. Mostly in Evansville Indiana. The first two or three times I was up against the stage about a foot away from them. The first time I saw them in 1974 it was a small venue at my college Western KY University. I was in front of Ace against the stage. I could only hear his amp! They still shot up the flames and I thought Id lost my eyebrows! My friends actually pulled studs, silver off their boots! I was too respectful to do that.
John Raptis
Geez, Peter could freaking play!!!!!!
Robert Koncyk
i do not know how people forget how good this rhythm section was-unbelievable
Mark Boyd
I really get tired of the shit Peter and Ace have taken. They kick ass on these old videos. Also, when Paul accidentally pushes the mic stand over at the 4:32 mark and Gene picks up on the vocals....that just shows (love em or hate em) what pros these guys always were.
Duke Groovy
This is Kiss anything else is a cheap imitation
Deuce Strutter C'mon and love me Hotter than hell Firehouse She Ladies in waiting Nothing to lose 100,000 thousand of years Black Diamond
Peter from 73 to 78 was really good
tim lamb
This was a big year in rock. Rush did 2112, Boston just debuted, and Bob Seger recorded Live Bullet on this same stage
Eddie Muniz
Alive had just broken and was selling like Hotcakes!They were so hungry and motivated here,this was early winter 76.
Thomas Whitmore
Anyone else notice that Ace was somehow cut out of many key moments, like during his solos??
Rick Spears
My observations: Amazing high energy- true rock and roll performance. Today's bands don't have it. Makes you think today's bands don't like their own music. Also, Ace was a scene steal'er and technically on a different level than either Paul or Gene. Peter is better than I thought or remember him. I saw them at the Garden in 1977. This bought back memories.
Jesus Christ, bring Ace's guitar up in the mix!
Ralph Cordero
ace frehley is one of the best guitarist ever i seen them in the 70s and i still love them at age 57
carlos hernandez cacho
Ace and Peter the best.!
Peter and Ace are on fire in this. Kick ass!
PRIME Peter Criss here. The best he ever sounded
April the Cat Esquire
Is it just me or did anyone else notice that Paul's star looks kinda wonky? lol Looks like he put his make up on in a hurry!! Other wise, I totally agree that this band really did bring it in their hay-day, I was a massive fan back then and I still find myself drawn to watch videos like this... Long live KISS...
max van iperen
Peter is on fire
Carlos Austi
ACE is god !!!!!!
War Machine
Too bad the most entertaining member of the band had the least camera time.
X-Plane 11 Fanatic1965
This is when KISS was really KISS.
Tim Brewer
That drum solo has a fever for more cowbell! Love the intensity of Gene with his character in those days.
Tom Mccarron
it's all about chemistry people. And these guys had it right here!
Keith Daykin
Awesome, in their prime before the egos started to kick in.
Peter kicking ass!
this is why they were the best live band ever, so much energy !!!
JoeBrooklyn L
That's the way I remember them, simple lights, simple props a couple butane tanks and a huge sound system. Back in those days they used these big wooden Bass bins that created this prehistoric rumble that was a large part of the sound that is now lost with all this modern Hifi and digital crap. . You can hear the old sound of wood bending and Godzilla on this video.
Sacred Will
It's hard to believe this was before Star Wars
Joseph Eich
Then Destroyer came out and the little kiddie band arose. I saw them in 79' and Judas Priest opened the show and the tides of rock were shifting .
Ralph Cordero
I'm almost a senior citizen and j still love them WILL NEVER STOP
I don't know why Ace is so low in the mix. Usually it's the other way around. Paul is a little bit lower while Ace is more in the forefront. Peter is a firecracker in this. Is this the Alive 1 source concert??
ray rose
Man Peter Criss is kicking ass
Legends at their best!! This is Perfect Kiss! Amazing Energy
Why do bands let their personal stuff get in the way? The fans would have loved to see Peters back get better and then a world tour would ensue.
This was KISS, not the dolls, comics, and stupid movies. Didn't get to see them until the Love Gun tour, but it was nothing compared to this show. As a matter of fact, Judas Priest opened for them and destroyed KISS in 35 minutes!
James Rockford
band was really tight here
Lawrence R
wow Peter can play ...prob at his peak here
You just can't hear Ace's guitar as much as you should do.....great band tho'...the best in these days..early 1970's.....
dang, Peter rocked back in the day!
Michael Ledford
BTW all you millinneals who were lucky to be born with HD, the terrible sound isn't how the PA system sounded, it's the terrible 1976 recording on analogue tape that's degraded & had to be remastered to even give this low quality ,tape dosent store or keep well.
Kiss at their peak, it was all downhill from here.
Pete Franco
I just noticed that Ace is playing an old Travis Bean TB1000s (Aluminum neck guitar) During Ladies in Waiting/Nothing to loose.  It looked like he broke a string on the Les Paul during his solo (rumor has it that he did not like the aluminum neck)
cool to see them before they started looking like Las Vegas showgirls
Takeme1976 Show
KISS at their best, this is the KISS that people need to remember.
keyman keys
Saw KISS 1975 with RUSH  in Terre Haute IN home of the KISS ARMY .
Medic Tracy
I love how they made sure Ace was as far over to the right of Paul and Gene as they could get him for fear he was gonna steal the spotlight.
Jack Byrd
Kiss came along at a time when rock and roll needed a kick in the pants. Even tho the audio in sub par here the over all performance shows that they were on fire . They definitely had a take-no-prisoners attitude .
This is when everyone in the band was great. A few years and alota drugs later some of them changed. But they really were a great live band at this disputing that. Peter Chris was a great musician. He happens. But no one can take what we see in this video away from him though. NB
I find myself getting frustrated at how they seem to be purposely avoiding showing Ace.
George Harris
back when they were still good LOL
Philip Reed Wallace
Gene can jam on a bass. I never knew how much he plays it like a guitar.
This would be the perfect concert if Ace's guitar wasn't buried in the mix. You can barely hear him.
The best KISS show captured on film. Peter Criss was a great drummer in his day.
Considering Kiss were considered a gimmick at the time of this show, there is little evidence of pyro and other gimmicks, they smash through this show with pure energy.
KISS in there absolute prime. KISS, OZZY and MOTERHEAD started it all. There's a reason why. It was so fuckin great. There'd be no METALLICA without MOTERHEAD. There'd be no MARILYN MANSON without OZZY. There'd be no SLIPKNOT Without KISS.💋 The contributions of the forefathers can't even be measured. So glad this video is out there. This is historical. The definition of pure rock n roll. Ab fab baby! AB FAB!!!!!
grew up on kiss! magic in the 70's !  when bands worked hard t o reach stardom!
I saw these guys in Halifax in 1976 and it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to.  I still have Ace Frehley's guitar pick from that show.
Muz Buz
4:30 Star child gives the mic a bit more than the usual lipstick this night. lol. Great to hear Ladies in Waiting live!!
No name Brand
I wasn't there but I was only 20 minutes away when this took place in the suburbs of Detroit.
Ronald Haas
I was at the COBO show in 76 I was 10. Yes they did clean it up in the studio for example in Strutter when Paul'smic stand falls over and missed his lines Plus we were on main floor the crowd was louder than them
Mexp Whepwenx
This has such a more raw, sweaty energy to it than ALIVE - this is my favorite live KISS video, warts and all... I love it!
The Film Lodge
God, they were sooooo good back then. Just magic, intensity...passion. Great stuff.
KISS died the day Peter and Ace left!! the hired guns they have now is a joke! Paul and Gene have lost the passion for it...most certainly Paul simply can NOT do it anymore. too bad we could not have had a ACE reunion ..a small tour something..just to go out on some kind of a positive note to remember the good old days that we all grew up with! Thank God we have the power of Technology to relive these great moments! Makes me sad and happy at the same time! The END of things does not have to go out with a bad taste! too many of the groups of the past are going out that way!
Philip Reed Wallace
They all fn jam . I love this. Thanks
A Tabish
Before the money and fame original line up
Peter Criss's drum solo was badass!!!
alex spectre
Everybody is playing well together. If anything, Paul is the weak link.
Man, what I wouldn't give for one of those Charles LoBue custom basses that Gene played in these early days.
Hell of a drum solo at 36:00 Honestly wasn't expecting it but great work from Peter Criss
Wallace Sheckells
Peter and Ace look really good for as Paul Stanley said in his book, " both are no talent cocaine freak and drunk ( in that order ). I see four guys who did what it took to make it and all had demons to fight. They all had the same dream but saw different endings to their dream. They changed stage shows that's for sure.
henry cross
Keep It Simple Stupid
KISS was TIGHT in the 70's.  THIS, this is KISS!!!  29:40  Peter Criss RULES!!!!
What a ride !!!! KISS at it's BEST !!! Peter DESTROYING IT !!!!!! 100,000 Years !!! Showstopping !!!
I was into Kiss during this period, but then in 1978 AC/DC released Powerage and everything changed for me. Still this is entertaining to see.
Geraldo Töpera
Mr. Peter Criscuola insane!
Steve Kirby
I'm proud to say I was around to experience Kiss when they first started. I became a fan when I was 10 years old in 72, I was in JC Penny's at the mall when they used to have a record section, and from the corner of my eye I seen something that grabbed me, it was there first album with all 4 faces on it. I got my Mom to buy it for me and was hooked from that day, I became a Kiss freak and other kids mainly when I got to high school made fun of Kiss fans. My room was plastered in Kiss posters, Kiss items, I had everything that came out, I seen there Alive II tour in 77, I seen them again with no make up in the 80's, then there first tour all original members back together in 96. I was made fun of for being a Kiss fan, I also was a big Zep fan, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Uncle Ted, Aerosmith, etc, etc but no one looked like Kiss, no one put on a show like Kiss, the greatest show on earth.
Damn I wish I had a time warp machine!!
Kerri Braddock
100,000 years is one of my all time favourite songs.. It's the best track to listen to on kiss alive. Such professionalism.
I would really like to know after watching this how can Paul&Gene say that Peter wasn't a good drummer. The real star of this show is the drummer period!
Joey McNew
Peter Criss is the reason I started drumming in 1976. My brother has this album and, I heard it and was hooked!
Philip Reed Wallace
I've done the powder. There's know way you could play on coke. You'd be to busy looking out a peep whole somewhere.
Gene said, Paul said... who cares? KISS stopped being KISS when the foursome broke off no matter how it came about. Don't get me wrong.. I still saw the Creatures, Animalize, and Asylum tours because the elements were still fresh tendrils.. BUT that is long gone. This thing they're doing now isn't a pimple on the ass of what KISS was all about or the power of the originals... and even that was as much a part of an era as it was about them and their thing... they stood out and had something fresh to lay down in that context. KISS were a true force of the 70's. The material after that simply didn't resonate with the same in-your-face attitude or creativity... again, for whatever reason. I don't think it was as much about the disputes as it was that the well was dry. Don't think so? Explain Dynasty, The Elder, and Unmasked. I liked these records as a kiss fan but they didn't have the same mojo. Creatures may have been dead on arrival if not for the MTV phenomenon and the material after that was far beneath the energy and creativity of the beginning. Anyway, this concert showcases the boys at the height of v1 and it still rocks! For my $ though the peak happened on the Love Gun tour that produced the non-studio cuts and dubs on Alive II. The best indeed. Peace P.S. I will not be being buried in a fucking KISS coffin. Seriously, Gene?
Man, this is one of the shows where their energy and fire comes through from start to finish. Peter was never better than he was in these days. They were all still kind of on the same page. I think with this footage, we also get to witness the occasional occurance of Ace's smoke bomb being a dud. You can see one little puff of smoke come out from under the guitar at 24:05 as he begins his solo after 'She', but after that, nothing happens.
Also iiech mou a amol wous dazu soung ! Däi Bladdn vou 1975 steihd bei mir immer nou rum ! Kannst immer nou anhörn , brauchst hald an Bladdnschbieler der nou gäihd ! In Franggn wourn däi 4 a scho boor mol ! Herrliche Zeiten ! Zwoar verrückt , obber schäi woars !
David T
You can tell who set the recording up. Every time there was an Ace solo in a song; he disappeared and Paul and Gene would be featured. That's OK when the Solo albums came out we heard where the Balls were at. Not "When You Wish Upon a Star" or "Hold Me Touch Me" and Peter...well he was all that Jazz. Just a side note: I saw them in 78 @ Pittsburgh Civic Arena...Ticket cost-10.50 festival seating :-) . Peter Passed out midway through the show. Some how in a half an hour they managed to revive him. Now they can barely move or sing. Well Paul and Gene anyway and I don't know how much Tickets are these days but I sure am glad I'm not paying 4 them anymore. 40+ years on and I understand why they can't move like we see here. So why don't the Ticket prices reflect that?
Dee Donner Ramone
In 1974 I saw Kiss for $5.00 with Rush at the Michigan Palace on Bagley in Detroit. Then I was at the May 1975 show at Cobo where the live album was recorded. I am way behind the two kids with the poorly drawn Kiss poster. By the the 1976 show came around, I was questioning my Kiss loyalty - they were getting way too popular. By the time Kiss Army started, I was way into the Ramones, Gabba Gabba Hey!
Bryce Conley
Wow the 3D looks great!
Jason Gutherless
Why they keep Ace in the shadows are they afraid
Ralph Nothhelfer
Rock the F'in the House
Mark Fekete
PLAYLIST: 0:05 Deuce 3:50 Strutter 7:10 C’mon and Love Me 10:33 Hotter Than Hell 13:37 Firehouse 18:40 She 23:01 Ace Frehley Guitar Solo 26:25 Ladies in Waiting 28:50 Nothing to Lose 32:25 Bass Solo (Gene Spits Blood) 33:50 100,000 Years 36:19 Peter Criss Drum Solo 47:33 Black Diamond
Tight. This is rock n roll.
Hair Dilemma
Can you please tell me the date to this show!
Philip Reed Wallace
I did read in Ace and Pauls book that they were broke until Alive came out. Alive was a huge risk back then. But that's the only way too really jam Kiss is very loud and live. Well I still listen. I just like there volume. They always blew my ears. I loved them. Still go see them every time they come to Nashville
peter criss "s drumming was so insane! you can hear how much his drumming contributed to the frenzy of kiss's sound, as well no doubt the style of ace's eccentric guitar! saw them ttwo times all together, for the first time and the last time after their reunion, not the same since .
Fabian North
When Peter was good.
Yosef Avraham
I grew up listening to KISS. I've recently been checking out their music again after not listening for many years. Man, they really sound good!! Ace is so freaking good on that Les Paul ! Great band......
Ace Freely
Ladies in Waiting has a beatles feel to it. . .