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Don't forget to check out other reviews, subscribe, and like on Facebook! Facebook page: /> Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas RE-REVIEW Platform: PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, iOS, Android Release Year: 2004 Developer: Rockstar North Publishers: Rockstar Games Genre: Open-world, Action-Adventure Music: "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Theme Song" by Michael Hunter "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Tenpenny Theme" by Michael Hunter "Left U Into" by Otis McDonald "Magic" by Otis McDonald "Not Too Cray" by Huma-Huma "Rubber Necking" by Topher Mohr & Alex Elena "Suddenly" by Otis McDonald "West Coast Trip" by Gunnar Olsen Gameplay and images from: Entertainment Software Rating Board Kojima Productions Konami Naughty Dog Rockstar Games Rockstar North Rockstar San Diego Sony Interactive Entertainment Wikipedia YouTube video used: GTA San Andreas - The Introduction from GTA Series Videos

thee erisskoo
I could play san andreas all my life and i will it never gets boring
Mark Sullivan
When I bought and played this game (for countless hours) I didn't think about the graphics ONCE. This game was an endless source of replayable fun. Running around the map was worth it.
The cheats for this game were the best too.
Ernesto Lone Wolf
JC Mercado
OG Loc always cheers me up.. been years but he still makes me laugh. Lol
Faldi Sugih
idk why but gta SA open world is more enjoyable then gta V..atleast for me
MyName AChef
Reinis Maurers
This is the best gta. If you consider the year when it`s made, it`s better that gta v.
best gta period
Blinsky Goth
You can always buy flights if you want to go to another city.
Gta sa was pure magic
Alfredo Meireles
This makes me want to install GTA SA for the 1000000th time :)
Hamdan Alblooshi
Ps2 is a legend
Apologies for releasing another review so late. University homework load has been heavy recently...
Century Helix
One thing that has always impressed me about this game, ever now 14 years later, is the incredible attention to detail Rockstar put into this. This was definitely their love child of the era, and I still can't fathom how they created such a detailed and immersive world on the PlayStation-freaking-2!
Meeshell ART
only GTA game where I got invested in the characters
Mr Needs
I've been watching your videos for about 3 months now, I'm still surprised you've only got 1.5k subs, you deserve so many more.
I miss these old games, GTA v is just their money cow, and all they care about is shark cards and money. It really pains me how it turned out. Edit: thanks for the likes and somewhat respectful replies to eachother. :)
The nostalgia I have for this game 😩
02BMW e46
Nostalgia is one hell of a drug.
James Winter
The three cities in San Andreas are way better than the three main characters of GTA V.
Semir Drazanin
Greatest game ever made. Nuff said
andrás csont
IF your hood gets attacked, just hop in a police car and start vigilante. Or do this with every vehichle with missions.
Johan Öberg
I've played GTA San Andreas probably the most hours of any game I've played, around 300 hours I think? I've played it on PS2, PC, Xbox and even Xbox 360. I love everything about it, story, freedom, music, variety... Too much fun and still my favorite GTA.
Tony Head
And MC Eiht
Best gta ever. No doubt. P.S. Where is the meal order meme? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Cashew Skyline
San Andreas is my favourite GTA game ever, V is very close followed by Vice City.
Aaron York
Ken Rosenberg use to look fresh back in the day now he looks like lazlo
"I like ice cream not coffee"
Your Goat Mom
We need an HD remaster of this game.
Ant Francis
Shoulda remastered this. San Andreas with ps4 graphics imagine??? I think it would it would outsell gta5.
Fantastic Re-review! Your review was in depth. I enjoyed the trip down memory lane, thank you. Probably my favorite GTA game if I was forced to pick one.
Were can I get this so called gda looks great
Deleted and rechanged in san andreas: 1. Specular headlights and backlights cars 2. Gun sounds 3. No Reverse light and no reverse beep sound of ambulances firetrucks buses trucks and dumpsters 4. Ambulance sound 5. Tires screech sound
HyperBlue STI
My favorite part in the game is during one of the heist missions cutscenes where CJ walks out the planing room and turns off the light and woozie just stands there. Priceless.
Geraldo's nose
I'm so thankful this came out when I was 12 years old. I never owned a PS3 until well after high school and played this game for 6 solid years. I never got sick of it, and kinda found GTA IV disappointing in comparison to all the content in this game. Thanks for the review. Great game!
Great review. It's difficult for me to choose which is the greatest game of all time between GTA San Andreas, and Red Dead Redemption. If i had a gun to my head, i think i'd have to give that title to San Andreas. Both games were masterpieces, but San Andreas blew people away with it's sheer scope. I can't think of any other game that packed as much content into one game, and did it so well. The missions were all fun, and kept the story going at an exciting pace. The map was incredible in both size and variety. Every place had it's own unique feel, and while it is dated by today's standards, it was mind blowing at the time. GTAIV and V are both great games as well, but are missing most of the cheats and over the top features that made San Andreas so much fun. Gone are the ability to control the trains, and crazy cheats that added so much to the free roam. Vice City was great as well, but most of it was due to the undeniable feeling of nostalgia that was driven by the music and atmosphere that made up the map. San Andreas was equally as effective in delivering on the nostalgia as Vice City was, and in my opinion took it to another level. Last but not least, San Andreas delivered more hours of pure fun than any game i have EVER played. Rockstar overwhelmed you with a relentless attack on your senses.
Lazy-Assed Wanderer
GTA SA was my intro to the series and I believe it was a good intro. I remember going to my friends house to play because my parents wouldn’t let me play rated M games and I remember playing the game for hours with cheat codes just flying around the map
Gender Bender
gDa it’s gTa
i dont think you mentioned how in the girlfriend system when you increase the love stats with the cop and paramedic girls, it lets you keep your weapons if you got wasted or busted great review btw ^^ you definetly got a new sub
I so agree that even before gta5 San Andreas is rockstars greatest achievement and game in my book, and if anyone payed attention to just how much was implemented in this game would realise just how amazing it is! The PC version is where I customized this world and made it unique and great game the best ever, and it will be a timeless classic and never get old game great review on a great game💯
Kaizoch Beats
Flowers are gifts for girlfriends
The Wolf
GTA:SA was and still is one of the best games EVER made and its my favorite GTA game, I mean how it can't be? I wish game devs take notes and make a game that will tell u a story, not make u spend money on it and get no satisfaction
GreatNate Gaming
Should've shown pc gameplay for video quality sake.
Travos k
I've been waiting for this one I think im addicted to your reviews
GTA SA Remastered with euophoria engine for ps4/5 !!! Image that gameplay and storyline with an uptdated engine omg
You missed the local coop!! It was fun AF
Why don’t you have more subscribers!? Your reviews are great!
cloud ix
hands down the best gta to date no micro transaction, no bs.
San Andreas is STILL the best GTA game.
Still among the top 5 video games of all time! 14 years later!
Blinsky Goth
One of my favorite memories was when I had Cj with high sex appeal, I hijacked some dudes car and his lady in the passenger seat was actually ok with it.
Simon Bach
If you really wanna try out the true San Andreas experience, you should give SA-MP a go, thats the major reason why I spent 2k+ hours on that game, of course also because it is god dam amazing!
Maelich Arn
I really liked the Los Santos segment of the game.
Qui-Gon Jinn
I didn’t think the train mission was hard tbh I finished it on the first try
Nerd Toy Reviews
I maintain that this is the best game ever made
One of the best reviews I've seen to date with a score that actually means something, 8.5/10 not IGN
I just desperately hope that in my lifetime Rockstar will go all the way the hell out and make a single map that covers all of the US in a Rockstar manner from Liberty City all the way to Los Santos including other unintroduced city representations like Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Denver, Seattle, and everything in between... ugh! And to make traveling not so much of a hassle except for maybe a few missions that require ground travel, include airport travel (which San Andreas had) taxi rides, train rides, bus rides, ugh! The sky is the limit! A map like this can exist and it does in The Crew, but with the level of detail GTA always offers. THATS what I want.
Andres Cetina
If Rockstar makes a proper remake of this game with actual Multiplayer functionality, I'll Throw money at their faces..
Daddio Dizzle
Hands down my favorite activity... Driving or flying around listening to the radio. For hours. That's it. Just exploring.
Although I find San Andreas one of the best of the franchise, it is far from being my favorite because of the setting alone. Vice City <3
Prangon 1
I know Rockstar exceeds it's self every time but damn Rockstar games never get too play. Each one is like Master piece and a technical marval.iv had So many good times with Rockstar games. Specially San Andreas and vice City.
Victor Mota-Gil
@19:30 "aww shiyt" 😂🤣🤣🤣
Des Zee
I feel that after Rockstar moved away from having well known actors do the voices in GTA games, the entertaining value of the overall stories went down some. I mean yes the games became technically advanced, but the fun and replayability took a hit.
This is my by far my favourite game on my iPad.
Great review! This was definitely my favorite and my most played PS2 game. I have such a great memories of this game... my sitting there and being entertained for hours :D This game had such mystery to it :D For example, I was so thrilled when I saw the yellow arrow while cruising around the town.
Toaster Gamer
for me the best games were released in 2001-2006 vcs and lcs are good too
Jack _
I have beaten this game countless times and I have never put any thought to the story of it. Also the flight school was kind of a mean thing to put in the game as story element. I thought as a kid that it was optional just like the other schools, so I thought I had beaten the game, before my friend told me that you have to do the flight missions.
Barnum Castillo
Ahh shit, here we go again (Steam version bought)
Samm Selby
Nostalgia at its finest best game ever made when games had no microtransactions ☑️💯
R1 R2 L1 R2 L D R U L D R U R1 R2 L1 X L D R U L D R U Those 2 cheats and clocking the game was easy as pie.
Sandeep M
I don't think Rockstar can release another masterpiece like this. Sure, gta 5 was amazing, but after finishing the storyline, there was nothing much else to do rather than handling some business and was missing other fun essentials as well. No game was ever fun to me as the San Andreas.
Slip Kid
Best. Game. Ever.
Apex GT4
You channel is getting huge. I see you at the end of the year with 2k subs. And in about a year 5k subs. I remember when you only had 100
I liked the video but why didn't you mentioned the local multiplayer on ps2? In my opinion it is a big feature
Practice Run Studios
The best part of this game has to be the dancing.
Nikolai Belinski
Big Bird
I got the mobile version and its great and smooth, and right now im in san fierro but i feel likme im missing out on something cos I didnt start many gang wars,
Zack 2003
I know I'm late but I like ice cream not coffee! LOL😂😂
Phoenix Intergrale
Potentially the best game ever made?
Isaac Badell-Riviere
The fact that his vid is longer than a review of the PS2 by you...
Ernesto is Awesome
Me*: sees the re review* Me: Aw shit here we go again
Jack Collins
If San Andreas is ever made into a movie, Michael B. Jordan can play as Carl Johnson.
DeathFromBelow 11
but... but.... mid 2000s is ~2500
gang war is VERY easy if you use one of the BP vehicles which you can snatch during many missions
Gregory Ebbs
This is my favorite GTA and my second favorite Rockstar Ps2 behind Bully
John Doe
We're playing different games, man. You're playing GDA and I'm playing GTA. But at least they're both equally great.
Nikita Sidoryuk
Thanks for spoiling the story
Douglas berggren
imagine if RockStar did a full remaster of San Andreas in Full HD on it's 24 birthday with the new aiming and driving mechanics. would be best game of the 2000s, 2010s and the 2020s no doubt!
Such an underrated channel, but hey at least you have good editing skills (Hope you get more subs)
Cole Lariviere
I did miss the skills and The gym and fighting styles. I feel like GTA 5 was Stripped down
Raimar Lunardi
In SA, you can customize other vehicles, given they are able to enter the custom shop... you just need to edit a txt file that governs which vehicles may be customized in which shop... My favorite is the tractor with lowrider wheels!!
I don't know, but for me GTA4 and GTA5 are not as good as GTA San Andreas was. The sheer scope of GTA San Andreas was crazy. You had a *Huge* Map to run around(as you said, 3 Big Cities plus a Country Side and a Desert) and you could do *Allot* Stuff.
Wyatt Corbin
Not on PC so much, but the mission "You've Had Your Chips" is backbreaking on mobile. Easily the hardest one in the game.
Conformist Bastard
They put trip skip in alot of missions
Yes the Air Raid on PS2 was the hardest mission. The sticks made it very hard to hit a target on distance. I failed this mission so many times.
Al Capwned
Nikhil Tikare
19:15 how did you get that cheat code? I thought that cheat was only in GTA VC and LCS?
definitely one of the greatest games of all time, when I think of fond childhood gaming memories this is at the top. It brought so much to the table and evolved gaming by itself, it's just amazing really everyone should have played it by now