David Duchovny on the Final Season of 'Californication,' Says He's Up for 3rd 'X-Files' Film

Actor David Duchovny stopped by Universal Studios Hollywood to chat with "Extra" special correspondent Charissa Thompson about the seventh and final season of "Californication." Though David was tight-lipped on whether his character from the show, Hank Moody, will reunite with Karen, the actor did say he would consider doing a third "X-Files" film, and chatted about his upcoming NBC show, "Aquarius."

Jeffrey Moscardelli
i get the feeling she wants to bang him
Kunal Hinduja
David, get your eyes off of her breasts. We know they're beautiful. But this is a live telecast , not Califonication :P. Thumbsup for XF3! :DD
Ronak Gour
Pretty sure they banged backstage
M Smith
There’s no difference between Duchovny and Moody.
Jeffrey Moscardelli
we all need this show back
Fright Night
It's unfortunate the final season was so unmemorable.
I swear if they make X Files 3 I will make a very rare trip to the cinema and scream TAKE MY MONEY!!!!
Anthony Spitery
I thought David would take the character of Sam in aquarious in a more Mulder-ish direction. But to be honest, it's like watching Hank Moody as a cop. IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY
Christina B.
I love how the first time people cheered was when XF3 was mentioned.
Norik Cena
I love you Hank Moody
Third Line Designs
I do like his show.  And I thought she was Maria Menounos with hot blonde hair.
Noah Cootz
I bet David is swimming in the pink
David Corey
will dvr it 4 sure x files 111
Hang on, hang on! David is wearing Hank Moody's clothes! Like, the exact ones! Watch this - then watch the scene where he goes to Lew Ashbury's ex-lover's house, looks at her mail, has a confrontation with her husband then falls over the bush. SAME CLOTHES! Like exactly!
Nedim The Mekan Sahibi
*Madelaine* Martin: Daughter on Californication *Madelaine* Duchovny: Daughter in real life interesting coincidence :dd