Shawty [Featuring T Pain] (video) [Main]

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Plies Featuring T Pain Shawty Rap\/Hip Hop Shawty (feat. T-Pain) (Musical Recording) Hip Hop (Exhibition Subject) Music Video (Ontology Class) Hip-hop Dance (Sport) Plies (Musical Artist) R\u0026b New Remix Hiphop Rapping (Profession) Atlantic Records (Organization) big gates Warner Music Group (Business Operation)

True Brilliance
This song brings back so many memories
Q. Ferg
This was the beginning of the end
Capturethe Matrix
music back then had soul this is so dope
Ras Et
Who watchin 2018??
Animated Dreamz
2007 was a good summer man.
This came out nearly 10 years ago?! O_O
Sheemar Wilson
When Men dressed like Men.
Guillermo Soto
2008- no trump, no SoundCloud rappers, the longhorns were actually good, no iPhones, life was good..
10 years later man😭 starting to feel old fr
Monica Smith
My dad passed away two weeks ago he would blast this song in remembrance of my father I shall now blast this song 11/08/2017 love you dad ❤️❤️
I swear if I had a top 20 songs that I will never forget this would be one of them.
The Shaderoom Made Me Come Watch This Video.. Haven’t Seen It In YEARSSS!!!!!!
sassy bhoo
Nostalgia is high asf right now 😂😍😍
Tiara Sosa
Back when I literally kept this song on my razor ringtone.
Shadii Robinson
2018 anybody
back when T. Pain was on every hook. missed those days
Bradley Balogh
A decade ago...time flies. Reminds me of when I was chilling with my girl at the time and riding around in a wife beater and fitted 😂
Jai Vibez
this song reminds me of summer 😩🍃
David Eduardo
2018 ?
Lee White
Who is going to watch this in 2017?
Apryl J
This song will never get old
Call me TAE
When you listen to early 2000's songs and just to reminisce😂🤔
jade davis
Damn back when plies was so sexy 🍫😍
Borris Müller
So many memories man
Natalie Mahash
Back when we used burn them CDs. Take me back🔥
Miss Pacino
Damn the memories 😩😩😩
Ty Lioness
My co worker love this song lol
Jaketa Wynn
Since I ran up in shawty she aint been da same...priceless
Kaylan Katara
2006-2008 was such a good time for music. 😭
allure searles
Whatever happened to plies how come he doesn't make music like this or put out any albums? I miss this type of music from him
Jessica Mckoy
Still rockin with this joint in of my favorites👍👍👍
F.O.A Entertainment
The flashbacks 😭😭😭 i miss this generation💯was the best 1
id like to be t pains shawty
Ke'Vente Lewis
Back when it was Ok to have a dark skin girl in the video. back when it was Ok for girls to have real natural body parts and not pay for they body.
Maria Andrade
light skinned dark skinned We all black embrace it love it
Leo Qtea
"I beat his A** for My Shawty." Pain
prince kelvin
Plies when he was in is prime
Manuel Caissey
T pain never for plies you'd better pull it back dude,music fades but u still plies,do your thing!✋🤙
Daniel Shamu
Life was popping in 07 hommie damn. the memories the memories
AlishA White
plies is so fine
BloodSpill Comics And A Little Gaming
I heard this on Hot 97 in radio 97.1 and really great I love this song
BrandonThaFinesser -
2018 anyone?
"I taught her how to talk to me while she take pipe"😂😂😂😂
Otm Tudda
Elementary Days anybody?
Sincerely Jaie
Shaderoom lol
Shark Boy
So many memories... 😩
Tina Lane
she didn't know how to throw it bike aka back yeeeeah booooy!!!
Alexys Barfield
2017 who is listening 👀👀👀👀
Devante Lovett
Classic song will never go out of style
This song holds a special place in my heart lol. Feels like yesterday
Johann Arellano
Lawanda Collier
I remember when plies made this video in orlando at the park in my apartment complex i was out there this day
Yasir Ali
21savage remind me today....
clorox bleach
lol when lil Duval had dreads
Joseph Rodriguez
Shouldn't matter the year you play this. If you know good jamz then bump that shit
Samuel Termilien
Damn son 2007 the memories at parties and school in the car on a hot summer day 😔😔😔
Leslie Coston
What up with the world
candy tate
This song is ALREADY 10 years old! I remember when I fell in love with this song when it first came out😂Man the memories.
Avery Sims
This A Classic Never Gets Old
who watchin 2016?
McKenzie Garrett
Am I tweakin or was that Lil Duval with dreads??? 🤔🤔
Jp Puga
Back when chains weren’t getting snatched !!! 🤘🏽😂 .. TBT !!
Remember back in 07 when I jused to ride to this on them summer nights with a shawty high AF Damn them good ol days
william jones
Just realized he samples three 6 mafia - smoking on da dro and they sampeled earth wind and fire- fantasy
Cherish G
Ew the dude on the right at :27
folly95hundley fodakblue
10 years later and the song still be banging I play tgis for my old lady every time she call its her ringtone lol 💯💯
Sharon Harmon
I love plies his 🎶 is so death and he be rapping about stuff that is so real God bless Plies and all his family's.
Learn with Passion and time
This song I was only 9 years old and now I’m almost 20 I feel little old man omg I love this type of time wish this gentation would be like this now
Musa Deion Sumbundu
2017 anyone?
Kera Gary
this song made fall in love with plies
Lil Trap
I was fresh out of high school when this joint came out class of 2007 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
kimberly harris
If you don't follow Plies on social media, do follow him...he is hilarious
Monty Wills V
Time flies
Jordan 23 dunk
Jade Amora
plies sooo sexy in this video. 😍😍
Paynito Vids
Memories All I Can Say
When you could easily get jordans
Tobias Hills
I was just graduating from high school when this came out
Antonio Reid
Still in the summer of 17 💦💦💦💦😎😎💪💪💪💵💵 #STL
Peyton Holt
auto tune was strong back in those days😂😂😂
Cierra Dawkins
Dat mf plies doe... i say hot damn 😍😍
Keith Holliday
Omg I knew this beautiful women who played this song all time I should of married her fine ass l💝💘😍😍shout out 2 T-pain & Piles y'all blow up off this song🏆🏆
Javian Boykin
noel associates
who's listening in 2017?? Shawwwwwwwwtyyyyyy!!!!!
adriana lara
Shawty yea yea 🥀
Guilherme Reis
Adoro hip hop.
LIONess ButterFLY
2017 😍😍😍
Serina Sogialofa
I miss the days when if T-Pain wasn't on the hook it was Akon
Allen Fernandes
still listening this in 2017
Shaderoom brought back the memories
Tyler Ingram
Who is still listening to this in 2017?
Jessi Hernandez
When my Nokia phone rang this was the ringtone 🔥
Vincent Soto
Plies went from music to Instagram comic
Quanlethea Benn
i miss my generation music especially tpain and plies and trey songz
My 17 year old self was blasting this tune. What I know about throwing it back & taking pipe?!! 😂😂😂
Emily Baleguel
Get my foot onTheBeat
Damn I was 16