Lady Audley's Secret (2000)

Costume drama adapted from Mary Elizabeth Braddon's story of Victorian scandal. Beautiful Lucy Graham accepts a proposal of marriage from wealthy Sir

Use headphones for this movie! ;)
Jupiter Moon
People are complaining of no sound, but I had sound!
George is exactly as I imagined him, and I like this Robert better than the bearded version of the book . . . He always came off as older . . . This guy is better looking than Robert in my imagination. Yay yay! . . . . Ugh. I take it back, about Robert. He’s all off.
jo egleton
I had sound - BRILLIANT MOVIE !!!!
Nicki Donaldson
Sound is crap, headphones on max & still can't hear it properly. Why bother uploading?
rapbox AK
Im doing the George murder scene in Drama class so this really helped me thanks for having it up!
Michele Conley Eckert
As of 8/26/17 there was sound.
BehrooZ Abshar
from PERSIA with Passion
Curious Rat
ang galing ng gumawa nito
andrea merriweather
Why no sound
Reynard Foxx
11 mins in - already 2 errors.The novel was written in 1862 about a bigamy case in 1860. Why does this film place it in 1868? Second: the main character is 'a beautiful, childlike blonde." Hardly as portrayed here.
Corazon Carbon
No sound
violeta violet
Why no sound?
Rocio Ariza Almenara
no se escucha. la tienen con subtítulos en español gracias
Kelly Buck
Mireya Martinez
:películas románticas subtituladas en español
Silvia Terrón
Falla terriblemente el audio!!
Jooj F
Awful. Just awful. Cannot tell you how thankful I was it was NOT 3 hours long, but half that, then it played again. I honestly didn’t know if I could finish it. I was seconds away from just turning it off. I’m usually not that picky about adaptations, so I don’t know why this one has really rubbed me the wrong way, but boy, has it ever.
49:54 . . . WTF?!?! I have a terrible feeling I’m about to waste the next 2 hours and 10 min. of my life. The bad and unnecessary changes are stacking up left and right!!
Christine Lamprechter JW!
So sorry... not a translation!
Denise Watson
No sound
Why does Lucy look like Alicia and Alicia look like Lucy?
Hardly Normandy - would have been better not to use such iconic scenes as the Seven Sisters and Cuckmere Haven.  Sound ok but rather dull - had to skip through - shame as really like period drama when well done.
34:40 . . . ???!!!??? I really want to like this, but what’s the purpose behind that? Why was that deemed a necessary change?!?
Chalabi Rachida Rachida
think this adaptation does a disservice to the novel
I only had sound with headphones, and it didn’t need to be on max. First thing I noticed (and I hate to be so nitpicky), but why in the world does Lucy have dark hair?!? It’s so wrong! The book went on and on about her golden ringlets like a halo around her face. Bothers me. Well, I’m less than a minute in, I’ll give her a chance. :-)