Top 14 Doritos Super Bowl Commercials - Ten Best Funny Superbowl Ads

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This video is NOT sponsored by Doritos, we just love their Super Bowl commercials! Top 30 Superbowl Ads of ALL TIME ►► />Sexiest Superbowl Ads ►► />Top 10 Funniest Superbowl Ads ►► /> Check out on Sunday to see the Top Ten Commercials from the Big Game with the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos! SUBSCRIBE! />POSITIVE PRANKS! /> This year's average Super Bowl commercial price is approximately $5 million for a 30-second commercial, a more than 10% increase from last year.

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The crystal ball one was probably my favorite superbowl commercial of all time
Jun hee Bae
0:08 she has nice socks. actually nice shape thighs
chris yamao
american ads...
IronMike 2021
Wtf that store aisle one!!! Wtf
Dante Bobenko
Peter Andrews
Hmmm, one of the biggest users of palm oil and responsible for the destruction of forest in Indonesia.
What's the deal with you posting theese commercials every year? I really want to know
Renè Kreisel
Doritos kackwerbung
[email protected]%ING SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALS!!
Caleb CowPomix
0:08 is what everyone came to see
Fenhua He
You didn't even do the full ad
Shit videos lately.
{{Sso_ lukeyskywalker}}
-eats Doritos while watching the video- HISSSSS MINE .
Tamerlane (Timur)
Jimmy you so old! haha :D
"Free Doritos at the office today?" **throws crystal ball through vending machine**
Really milking the super bowl thing. The problem is that it ruins the channel.
omer cohen
Who's that hottie at the first one ???
Caitlin Sutherland
the baby one was my favorite
Now I wanna eat Doritos... I do have some... But it's 11.45pm :-D
Themoria Themoria
1:30 what is the name of this song please ?????????????,
Little Joey Numbnutz
Marina Guzman
musica de leo dan
aajaja, the best video of doritos i ever see!
Jule Cailler
this video its so funny
szymon michalski
what's the music at 1:23
ᅚ ᅚ
2:13 gotta love that happy wheels sound effect
Cool Man
I want to play with the sexy girl ❤️👙❤️
Caitlin Sutherland
actually no time machine was
vandenberghe arthur
Please could someone tell me which soundtrack is used on ad #6 ? Even Shazam doesn't know. thx !
3:13 Best
That was just great. Laughed the entire time
warchet prasai
Don't you dare cut it the original is a all ready good
Dragos Rap
nao sei porque bucetas mideu vontade de comprar 700 quilos de doritos I do not know why buckets measured their willingness to buy 700 Pounds of doritos
Robert Muir
I didn't see one Doritos commercial this year.
Walamonga 1313
LMAO 3:12
Ethan Lee
No! Do not watch these! They are designed by mad psychologists for the CIA to bring down the IQ of all Americans! ARGHHH
Unknown Guy
I liked the goat commercial
Fubukeh Rush
01:23 song?
Alan Tirado
awesome compilation. thank you for not adding any stupid transitions!
CoatedNose 53
Gilles Arsenault
My fav is the Doritos samurai/ninja 😝
José Alejandro
0:09 bettest in the video
Bent Overgaard
Dogs like 'em.
xX_gamer101 136
lol so funny
Leonardo Arcanjo
The last one LMAO
junior gayle
Love it
Dominique Broussard
nae nae
Every video was amazing
Louviz 59
Erika Yoder
The pig one is not banned
Herry Meghwal
Malak Aljarba
Dl8Reyes Yt
0:33 jajaja
Excalibur Gaming
Daniel Games
I too
Hugh McAloon
funny, funny stuff...
deez nuts gotti
First one naked woman so 🔥 hot damm she got nice tites and thise
ItsYourBoy_Dylan Will
Wow that one was funny
Brian Boyles
Him: Girl in dress then girl in her lingerie Me: Girl in dress then girl completely naked That's right I'm a sexual weirdo We all know that there are more than 100,000 people like me in the US alone!
Mario Caez
Talk about nipple slip the 1st comercial had a bikini slip.
really funny :)
Matty Kemp
Brian Boyles
Third one I'm not going to be surprised if she gets fired
Little Elon Musk at 1:39.
Leonel Oliden
Cuale son las canciones
Blake Pooler
How did he fit into her wedding dress? She must have been huge!!!
Matthew Kent
0:09 It wasn't shown for long enough! More time please!
Ketchup Studio
3:39 When i stub my toe
Daphne Martin
Hahhahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhah the goat😄😄😂😂
Marcus Joly
If only the first one was real.
Mackgod 11
Let's be honest here who clicked on the video because of the hot girl
*** milf alert ***
Was the budget 1 dorito bag for each video? LUL
Douwe van der Meer
Hah! So you think you got Doritos? I got Lays!. Better than a female orgasm.
Arky James
A commercial preceding the commercials. Nice.
Fortnite With Walid Sinno
dave skerritt
Geez. Well I'm glad I don't watch the Superbowl. Especially if they have "cheesy" commercials like these. :)
Andrea uwuOssas
American comercials are so weirdos..
0:51 - 1:01 and 3:32 - 3:49 had me dying laughing! Thx for posting
Kurt Sorensen
Early cowboy moves
um uh I reckon i'll  go back to the shed & look at the ground than look at this
Dmitriy Rudenko
you DIDN'T see NOTHING? Is that even English?
uhhh spiceee
Clément Rodrigue
I especially liked that one at 2:55 😃 (with dogs)
Martin Booth
They can't be that good if they only made her dress fall off.
ip Ran barud
You didnt see nuthin......LOL
is that my wedding dress??? it could be....
Where is Peter Dinklage & Morgan Freeman comercial?
women in stockings, man, I can look at that all day long ;)
I liked Cory's (Dudelikehella, SMPfilms, Mr.Safety) Doritos commercial...
OMFG the "this is my crystal ball" had me rolling!
Why do I not see any post from you anymore? I miss them.
Tom Laas
spark aj
I've seen the when pigs fly comrichal
Mnbvcxz Mnbvcxz
زیادش کنید
Ssj Pop hunter
Wonder what happened in register 6 🤔
Steven Charles
The first few seconds gave me a boner!