Lerdsila: The Most Evasive Muay Thai Champion Today

Lerdsila, nick named the "Eel," "Mayweather of Muay Thai," is one of the most spectacular competitors today. Like many of his Jockey Gym campmates (Saenchai, Somrak, Silapathai), he is evasive and tricky. Personally, I think he's more evasive than the others, and a hybrid of the three legends mentioned above! Today, he coaches and fights out of the famous Phuket Top Team, where he trains alongside his head coach Pipa from Jockey gym. He's also competing in the prestigious One Championship, who is now regularly hosting world class MMA fights alongside world class striking matches in Muay Thai and Kickboxing. Grab my free eBook on Saenchai: /> My first full eBook (30% discount):

Lawrence Kenshin
Lerdsila, nick named the "Eel," "Mayweather of Muay Thai," is one of the most spectacular competitors today. Like many of his Jockey Gym campmates (Saenchai, Somrak, Silapathai), he is evasive and tricky. Personally, I think he's more evasive than the others, and a hybrid of the three legends mentioned above! Today, he coaches and fights out of the famous Phuket Top Team, where he trains alongside his head coach Pipa from Jockey gym. He's also competing in the prestigious One Championship, who is now regularly hosting world class MMA fights alongside world class striking matches in Muay Thai and Kickboxing. Grab my free eBook on Saenchai: http://lawrencekenshin.com/saenchai My first full eBook (30% discount): http://www.strikingtechniques.com
Phuket Top Team
Nice work - I will share with Lerdsila. He will be flattered for the awesome clip.
Straight FLOW STATE!
What 10,000 hours of Dark Souls looks like...
zGJungle ZG
What a nightmare to fight vs, a guy with elite defence and offence, taunting and mocking you while he's avoiding every thing you throw at him.
For me dodging the leg sweep at 1:43 is one of the most amazing things I've seen. Effortless, and balance is preserved despite having NO contact with the ground and being wrapped up by his opponent.
Haven't seen this guy before. Good stuff, man.
John Constantine
And people say muay thai lacks speed and finesse. All brute force. Youve proven them wrong Kenshin
When Lerdsila calls a fight a game, you know he's badass
This is the best he could say "it's not about winning or losing, i just want to have fun with it" sadly people i trained with never really understand that i was smilling all the time and just having fun :) Grettings from Poland, keep up Your great work.
Michael Power
After watching Kenshin's videos I am now convinced muay Thai are the best fighters of all outside elite mma. And I prefer them. They are exceptional practicioners of strike and clinch/throw fighting. Devastating. And so practiced. Who else goes 100, 200 or even more fights! They are giants of men.
The Explorer
Amazing. He mastered ultra instinct.
I don't understand why many of these skillful fighters don't get noticed, the ones that are noticed right now are a bit skillful but not like these guys
Martial Lee - Vegan Roundhouse Kicks
Incredible fighting, I love his personal evasive style!
Dismissive drive-by posting in a sensitive topic.
It's like his brain has a higher frequency. Dude must see in slow motion.
paolo de pablo
Silapathai when translated from the same word from filipino tagalog "Sila patay" means in English "They're Dead". This ment that Silapathai is the Thailand version of Kenshiro XD.
Evil Seeds Grow Naturally
He's basically what Bruce Lee fanboys wish Bruce Lee would be like if he had competed. Super evasive, relaxed, playful and with feet like a young Bill Wallace. There's even a similar display of showmanship and charisma. Just, Lerdsila happens to be the real deal.
Wing Mark
Wait a minute. They call Lomachenko the matrix. What do they call this guy??
I just love this channel! Please keep up the good work, as an amateur fighter It helps me a lot to develope. I often use stuff I see in your breakdowns. Probably gonna get your book in the next months too. Kind regards from germany and thank you!
John Biggs
I love the quality of elite level Muay Thai fighters you breakdown, a lot of people throw around being an elite level striker, without even knowing about Authentic Muay Thai. I'm a huge fan, and an aspiring fighter, your breakdowns have helped me tremendously.
I see him as more of a Pernell Whitaker of Muay Thai. Someone like Giorgio Petrosyan who uses both naturally gifted reflexes for minute evasive movements (not like Pernell and Lerdsila here), mixed with built-in defense in his strikes and overall technique, and maintaining a key foundation in adhering to defensive responsibilities is what makes fighters like Mayweather and Giorgio a slightly more robust defensive fighter. But for those who rely on an even higher level of god-given reflexive talent that sit there with essentially their hands down and some clever angling are what I consider to be more Sweet Pea Whitaker style fighters. This guy is more like a Sweet Pea kinda fighter, to me. And to me, Samart has elements of this evasive fighter, but more in line with an Ali ;) Not just because they're the biggest icons of their respective sport, but Samart seems to lean towards having god given reflexes, but don't shy away to be more offense-oriented and not necessarily counter-fighters by nature, at the cost of getting hit more (which sounds like Ali and Samart).
Ranjita Potsangbam
I was here for joe rogan - wowww reaction😭😩
Muay Thai Thai fighters at the top of the game are a different breed.
Mai Chanel
A one legged jump over a low kick... thats a new one on me
Hasegawa Shuichi
Watching the fights, he makes it like a coach schooling a kid, but i had to remind myself his opponent's are pros too. Awesome video, I'm new to the channel and just binged a whole bunch. Keep it up
would you look into making a video of Watcharachai Kaewsamrit... 2000 Raja Fighter of the year and HE HAD BEATEN Lerdsila before ;) he flys under the the radar to "farangs" but when i talk to other Thais about Watcharachai they all call him a superstar. he had a run from 99-01 where they though he was unbeatable.. in 2000 had 14 title defenses at Rajadamnern stadium and also a muay femur style guy.. just not so flashy, but HIGHLY technical. love your work, keep doing big things
The Wing
Wow this guy is amazing.... The Eel is an appropriate name😆
Free Email
Yo someone bring him to UFC and signed him a contract!😱
He is just AMAZING TO WATCH, fancy and technical fighter.
Joseph Noguera
Thank you Lawrence, I have fwd/shared this upload with Lerdsila who recently arrived from China and currently in Thailand with a few friends of mine. I am sure that he will appreciate this video you have uploaded for him. Besides being an amazing MuayThai technician, he is one the most nicest and down to earth guys I have met in MuayThai. I had the honor to train, spar and party with him when he was out in California coaching the fighters team. Once again Lawrence, thank you.
AJ Steele
seems the lighter guys always have the better cleaner technique out of inadvertent necessity
Lerdsila = ยอดมวยแล้วละคับ
AJ lawless
I totally agree why waist precious stamina clinching or grappling when you can just put your opponent on his ass example watch the fight between Gracie and sakuraba when the gracies threw in the towl
A gentleman with mad skills, its been a real pleasure to watch some of his magnificent working/fighting art. All the best to you Eel, from the PNW Canada, I salute you. Cheers!
fight chase
I had the honor to train with Lerdsila last month at Phuket Top Team and even held pads for him. He is such a humble and fun person. You almost forget how lethal he really is. Great content as always!
Dowa Yigu
Fluidity, speed, accuracy = powerfull
Logos Rising
Crazy! I'm definitely going to study his fights. Thanks for sharing this!
TheNewsRoom W/ Spidey
*_Lerd & Pipa will ALWAYS be THE legendary fighters of MT_* 👊🤨🦶💥 _Also, add Tony Jaa & u have my “TriPhuktA” / “TrifecThai”, any day of the week_ ❗️ 😏💨🤜 💥🇹🇭💥
Now this is high level striking, Mcgregor not so much.
Fred Virtuoso
he's like a mini Terminator, keeps on coming forward
scooby doo where are you
i have been watching videos from this channel of and on,and i have to say the technical stuff talked about is well out of my league. but holy shit this guy is another level,i know enough to know this is extra special.
Skrills McHoulihan
This video is so good I come back months later to watch again. Thank you for your work!
colin wilson
Amazing fighter subscribed buddy 😃
Jan Ciołek
He have awesome skills, do you guys think its good start/go for the body first?Then mix some combinations to the body/head? I think that this would be the best option if you someone have such moves.Its harder to move your core, way slower than evading head/leg area. Anyway this fighter is golden one!
edward farmer
It's so Great to see these type Muay Thai Legends. They truly make something even more special out of Muay Thai, they like to entertain and bring their genuine personality into the Art !
Isryel Nash
Putting Mayweather's evasive skills to shame lol
Kamlesh Mehra
This boy is a fighting genius. Amazing reflexes and very confident.
Diego Garay
por favor haz videos en español, seria genial, me encanta tu canal
One FC might be the best fight organisation in the world now. They do grappling, striking, and MMA. Perfect.
DJ Sullivan
amazing talent/'feel'.....only equivalents in modern boxing, to my mind, were 'sweet pea', mayweather, and ali-pre-suspension. these people had generational talent-the average fighter, let alone person, can't mimic this hands down style. they'd get clocked.
John Boylan
1:46 is a thing of beauty.
David Henriksson
Only issue I see is the amount of cardio needed to perform theese moves and keeping a focused mind. Insane!
If Bryan Hawk had a solid gym routine I imagine he would be like this
Sun Tzu
This video was AMAZING! OMG! He has such a unique fighting style, it enables him to use mocking his enemy to bait and entice sloppy fighting. Simply amazing.
Omar Sade
Prince Naseem (NAZ) of the Muay Thai world!!
PiNG is life
Slamming hard strikes on an opponent is impressive in its own right. However, to control an opponent using accuracy, timing, and tactics is, to me, a level above and is what motivates me to really observe and study the art. Thank you for introducing this fighter to me.
Great video, very interesting reflections and informative, good stuff!!!
Antonio Nieves
As always, great content you have shown us. This guy should be consider to be part of the Smash Bros Ultimate fighter rooster for his perfect evasive techniques. Keep up your great work Lawrence!!!
Jethro Jireh
How hv i not seen this guy yet, legend!
Hélio Solar
Amazing :-) So precise and technical, yet smiling... Don't piss this guy off in the streets, you never saw it coming ...
Wow! He’s amazing 👏💯
Straw Hat Jimmy
He uses a lot of wester boxing
Jonathan Nunez
He is a very smart fighter. I will note that the text at 4:50 that mentions that Lerdsila depends on speed rather than hard hits, is misleading. Force=massXacceleration, or Hard-hit is equal to muscle-massXstrike-speed . His greater speed equals hard hit, but I understand that the video might be referring to muscle mass as hard hitting. Fun fact, the more muscle mass you or anyone has, the less speed they have because how the human body is.
P'waT _ Talaising.
Caleb Herbert
Lmao could you imagine having to fight a guy like that
Peter Starzomczyk
some awesome highlights, I'm a fan of this guy! 1:45 that trip dodge looks so amazing!
Randi Higginbotham
That was wicked. That man is damn near perfection at his style. Couldn’t blink!
Monster Youngii
no wonder hes from saenchai's gym. Creative moves. Intelligent
Yaboi Nikko
4:11 bullying that poor guy lol
Angel Jaurides
This guy vs Floyd mayweather
Nesam Skolovala
Good job with breakdowns and analysis,Lawrence,keep up with good work 😊 I just wanted to know which music is at the beginning of the video? 😊
Nate Faustin
Wishlist fight : Lerdsila vs Buakaw #1
Great breakdown!!! The composition and editing is also superb. Can I please get the name of the soundtracks?
Huge fan of your work and careful analysis.
Luke Reed
Love see this guy fight demitrious Johnson in ufc sign him Dana 😂
So Muay Thai is evolving into..... Boxing 🤣🤣
I love how often saenchai and this guy dodge, and their ability to not get low kicked effectively either by lifting the leg or dodging
"I'm not too serious with the game" ~Lerdsila. Hell, he sure looks like having lots of fun during the matches
Black Gold
He would have been a savage in MMA if he also worked on his ground technique.
He looks like a crazy guy. And, for that, I like him. LOL
jennifer bookless
My favourite nak muay of the present age and era...Flawless, unique, and utterly brilliant martial skill, on a level all of it's own...(!!) The fighters and fans of the MMA world would be shocked and astounded were a lad like this to make the transition into MMA, and, as those who truly realize will fully agree, simply steel the show altogether.....Like a bowling ball and a set of ten pins, yeah....!! ( Wouldn't take the Thai elite very long to sharpen up their takedown defence, and learn enough groundskill to defend and make it back to their feet...I believe the Thais could [ and very likely will ] rock the MMA world in the years to come...)
Kakkarot Red
When you unlock all Yakuza Kiryu Ability.
Leonardo Donato
Talk about being the Matador.... In Muay Thai being the bull is looked at as weakness. I feel like Lerdsila is the definition of the Muay Thai Matador (I wash that was his nickname). Once again LK AMAZING video! Keep them coming. You are BY FAR the best channel on YouTube.
PoopiePants Mcgee
Pat Militich said he's a scary little man. I say monster. But yeah.. Wow.
Vacinden Rabaltar
Dude you are the bomb! Thanks for all the recent uploads :)
Bora Erdoğan
Bikal Maskey
wow, your videos are just awsome... big ups from Nepal.
I love these videos always top quality and I love feeling like I've learned something also!
Derrick Whitsy Jr
this man got ultra instinct! literally!
Suvijak eng
Somluck kumsing style. One of best today.
im fan of saenchai but this guy takes it to another level .. wtf is that skill dude holy shit !!! thanks for sharing him.
Lerdsila vs Tenshin Nasukawa. This would be a great fight.
Samuel RF
I was like "holy shit he kicks so fast". Then I found out it was sped up lol.
Good Game
Can you make more videos about Poot Lorlek?
mark rutter
What a beautiful clean fighter he his why his he not known world wide he would give any ufc fighter a goid kicking hes got super quick reflexes and amazing leg speed and power allmost "matrix" style like he knows what his opponents going to do solit second before his opponent trys to strike top fighter he will go far
Chris Nelson
The Floyd mayweather of muay thai
jeffrey mcguirk
Ok but can he go on a 3 fight win streak in the UFC?
Mic p
Kickboxing needs more recognition in the West!
@4:42 Jesus...so sick!