EYEHATEGOD - 8/03/96 Kansas City, MO

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EYEHATEGOD August 3rd, 1996 Kansas City, MO ---------------------

Eyehategod EHG In The Name Of Suffering Take As Needed For Pain Dopesick Confederacy of Ruined Lives Ruptured Heart Theory 99 Miles Of Bad Road Southern Discomfort Preaching The End Time Message New Orleans Is The New Vietnam crust sludge doom stoner metal punk live band Kansas City 1996

matt davidson
Bower power
Jason Torrens
I was at this show. My first concert ever.
Bordan Gosic
Phil and Dime banging their head on 10:57
Frater Simon
mike doing the GG microphone check lol
Richard Wolfe
Awesome that they opened with Dixie Whiskey.
Fucking Hostile Enemy
Great footage, any tracklist?
Sonny Johnson
Thank you so much whoever posted this
Damnnn Brian Patton looks like one of those nu metal boys with that beard
ThunderHorse 555
I got to see this tour in Phoenix, Arizona at Compton Terrance and holy shit it was badass. Probably my favorite show ever. White Zombies set was amazing with all the fireworks, lights, etc but Pantera absolutely killed it. They opened with suicide note pt II and that place exploded!!! The eyehategod set was kinda funny cause no one had any clue who they were.
Thanks for posting! Any more of the show? I was there and would love to see more
Glad this is back up one of my favorite live recordings
Ians surname
Great footage but a damn shame about the crummy recording.
Thomas James
Sean Yseult from WZ also side of stage jammin
Jay Pea
dimebag stage right at 16:26
S u r f e x p
This is fg amazing!
Matt Adams
I can picture a constant loop of shit blowing up on video when i listen to this, this is the shit, thank you for uploading this!
Thanks a Lot.
Schmerzenreich Cipriani
2:42 Joe Fazzio?
Marvin Turner
You're not sabbath
Shukry Roslan
18:35 Mike lost.