Martin Solveig & GTA - Intoxicated (Official Music Video)

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Why its normal to dance so crazy in these music clips... but when I dance like that in any club, everybody says to me: are you on drugs?
2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030... Here, I got you covered for the next couple of years so ya don't have to ask ;d
Hans Fredrik Aas
Can you twerk???
Trap ted
2019 ?
Anyone listening in 766 BC at the first-ever Olympics?
I have several questions
Anybody from the ballon dor ceremony?
When you're looking for that song you hear on every party
0:15 Is that the Almight Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig Allah AkA RZArector? Bobby Steels of the Wu-Tang Clan !!!
Do you know how to Twerk?
DJ Potato
0:27 damnnn so sexy
Daniel Juarez
Is anyone here because of Anthony Rizzo???
I was looking for this music for 3 years
Allen Karr
Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Cubs 1st baseman, did more for this song than any DJ ever could.
Александр Марков
#1 Tomorrowland TOP1000 ONE WORLD RADIO
Wonder if these women would twerk for you?
Fortnite Besst
Me:try to sleep My brain:*this video *
Buraz 88
Who us listening to this after the Fifa golden ball challenge?
karma loop
I've been trying to find this song again for three years lol
Alexander Liu
The Karo
Martin Soviet & GTA V :D
Nicolas Machiaveli
Hugh Grant making a tweet used to ridiculise Martin Solveig, more than 67,000 giving him a like. the same classy Hugh Grant caught with a prostitute in his car years ago in downtown Hollywood. Can you twerk, Hugh?
Ari the girl that sucks at everything
I heard this on a Pinesol commercial. Lol
What is it with such good songs having such weird videos? 😝
2019 ?!? FOREVER 🔥🔥🔥🔥👊
Carlos F. Torres
No sé por qué lo sacaron de Spotify. Alguno sabe?
jimiroquai cl
why nobody can’t listen this song in Spotify
why isn’t this song on spotify, I can only find its remixes lol
The Video is so cunfusing XD But the song is great :D
Jake Cullen
That beat and tune tho.... Muy bien
Cubs MLB Perfect Inning Gaming
Anthony Rizzo walkup song!!!
Izzy wisker27 11
*this gives me airport vibes , don’t ask why 😂*
Chloe Brundrett
This came out in January Where has my life gone???
he looks way different than 2010 martin solveig
Ethan Brooks
Now batting; Anthony. RIZZO!
Moonlight_ Ariana
You’ve got me intoxicated 🔥🔥🔥
Where the lyrics? So many words!!
freedom always wins
that mustache is on fleek though
Supreme Lia
Who else came from pine-sol😂?
Kim EllieChan
This could be a GTA's song
Frederik Schumann
2019? Best Song G(old)
R31_ JDM
Cool song and all but. That s14 tho
G.M Campos
I don't need drugs When youtube has vídeos like this
Jeff Corey
"Now batting, first baseman, number 44... Anthony Rizzo!"
Owen Holloway
First time listening to this I got baked asf been a banger ever since!
Степка Из Москвы
This isn't hardbass!!!! Listen to Russian Hardbass!! But btw this song is precious
Music ID
Who's here after Ballon D'or 2018?
suk idk
why do trumpets in songs make it so much better
A primera vista parece José Mota
Lanijiro _
Incredible Visuals for an Amazing DJ!
Eljeffthe Killer
Hoy se cumplen 4 años exactamente desde que salio este grandioso exito.
Marco Antonio Jacinto Babastre
Ruby Lloyd
I forgot this song existed I love it 😂
Fashion Murderer
Who’s here from that one add with those people dancing 💀💀💀
Micolas 12
15 noviembre del 2018
Rosalba Santillan
madam lynéSA
I still love this song🙌🌸🌸🌸
Joseph Piazzola
Cleaning the car at the beat drop... ... // Hilarious
Gabriel Fernandez
After years of trying to find I finally found it
Sardonyx Peridot
What if there's a secret message and it can only be seen/heard when intoxicated????
T. J.
I'm here because of Pine Sol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :~)
Luthfi Eka S.
When you’re out of ideas for a music video then proceeds to make one anyways
Your Majesty Will Do
Who's here because of the pine Sol commercial! 😍
Parvaneh Stateira
I still love it too!!! 🤪
Let's dance, no time for romance Let's dance, no time for romance You got me intoxicated You got me intoxicated You got me intoxicated You got me intoxicated Let's dance, no time for romance Let's dance, no time for romance (you got me intoxicated, you got me intoxicated) Let's dance, no time for romance (you got me intoxicated, you got me intoxicated) Let's dance, no time for romance Let's dance, no time for romance You got me intoxicated You got me intoxicated You got me intoxicated You got me intoxicated
LaCrystal Martin
The Pine Sol Commercial Brought Me Here! 💕
Savanna Mosby
The most depressing thing ever is when you drop your ice cream :'( 0:49
Marly XOXO
you don't need a remix for this
Sparkle Kitten :3
wow i thought this was made in 2018 i was wrong THIS IS AWESOME X3
Cojo French
those lightskin twin girls are gorgeous, been in love with them since I first seen this lol
Alessia Basoli
Just went from club..and when they play this song...delirious❤❤❤2019❤
dounss dounss
Tony Heredia
"Batting next for the Cubs....1st Baseman....ANthonyyyy RrrrIZzoooo"
Fritz Trutos
The beat dropped so hard that 19k people missed the like button
December 2018?! This song never gets old
mami lusyuwu
Zara music like:
I actually thought this song was by Oliver Heldens
Friday We Are Awesome
Alcohol poisoning never sounded that cheery and fun 😂
Fernando De Jesus
Martín Solveig & GTA - Intoxicated (Future House) Quintino - Winner (Future House) Showtek - 90's by nature (Future House) Borgeous - This could be love (Future House) Shermanology - I want you (Future House) Firebeatz - I can't understand (Future) WHATS NEXT? Skrillex -> Future House Armin Van Buuren -> Dubstep Avicii -> Melbourne Bounce Hardwell -> Trance Blasterjaxx -> Progressive House Steve Angello -> Hardstyle D: DV & LM -> mm continued produced names of the songs (i don't speak english) xD
Paul Sintetos
I never actually heard the original before now 🤣
Iveta Meikšāne
master piece
1948?? anyone???
How to be single? Anyone?? Love this song!!
Sam Wolf
Because who needs drugs when have videos like this
Kinshasa Brown
Thank you Pinesol for introducing me to new music!
Frederick Fearnley
Nobody like you martin im from norway and you offend our best sportsplayer ada hegerberg is the idol og Norway
Dixie Sullivan
Omg this was uploaded on my birthday in 2015 And I never realized??? XD
Who else looked after the most viewed GTA Video?
0:28 sliding in the DM's like.... Slowly but surely 😡 😂
Nostalgia 🔥🔥
patrick rye
From Perú .Let's hear, no time for romance.😉
1.5X the speed is drum n bass version 🤪
G.M Campos
0:19 Me traying to be sexy.
Did anyone else type in GTA and then filtered to to most viewed and got this?
Dingers YT
Anyone else here because of Anthony Rizzo
Franco Pagniello
Temonnn que lástima que no esta en Spotify
Barbie Girl
i’m so mad i’m only just now finding this amazing song