Hokuto no Ken : Zero Kenshiro Den - Kenshiro versus Jugai (HD Quality)

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Hokuto no Ken : Zero Kenshiro Den - Kenshiro versus Jugai and his army. HD Subs: Hokuto no Gun

Rando Numba 9
After Madhouse finished One Punch man, they need to remake Hokuto no Ken.
"Dear God, please protect Kenshiro" Really? Kenshiro could easily be God's freaking bodyguard
This isn't anime, this is MANime!
Yng Dizzle
One touch man
Only Ken can KO over 1000 men just by flexing his muscles.
Alexandra H.
Much respect to Jigai, what a way to go out. Great monologue, admits defeats on different levels and falls dead badass dreads and all. Respect.
Why did she repeat herself? "Dear Kenshiro, please protect Kenshiro"?
Lone Wolf
Saitama: One punch. Kenshiro:.........one finger.
Ladies and Gentleman you've heard of One Punch Man? well this is the child of Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris, aka One Touch Man, and sometimes not even that just has to use his Death Stare and yes that is actually one of his techniques he stares at you and you explode lol.
Ronald Emmanuel
I just found funny how Kenshiro just roundhouse an entire platoon of guys to the next life, and this soldiers have the balls to continue fighting him lol
Delmance Francis
the original One Punch Man
Those in the comment section who want to die step forward.
"He's behind us!" "Impossible! How did he-" You know how? ZA WARUDO
The Manliness level : over 1 million
Res Lee
You know when the original theme song plays and Kenshiro shows up, a lot of people are going to die... A LOT of people.
Kenshiro....has there ever been a greater hero? I submit that there has NOT.
TheOriginal GGHarasser
80s movie and TV series: still better.
Anthony Balista
God damn my groin is THROBBING from all the testosterone in this.
mah boi
a women cant satisfy him on the bed,he need the entire nation to get laid
DBZ? you mean Hokuto no ken for girls?
georgie graham
I don't know why, but i like the old atatatatata sound
Zed C
That is the weakest ATATATATA ever
SummonerBraddy SG
The original Star Platinum
Harry Drake
This movie was... kinda bullshit. Kenshiro's whole motivation is changed from wanting to save Yuria to becoming wasteland Jesus, and we have to wait a whole hour before someone's head explodes. Then there's the whole cliffhanger about Kenshiro becoming a dad. We could've been watching a montage of Kenshiro training his sexy daughter but instead we get Kenshiro fighting a discount Shin with dreadlocks.
What if DBZ was never created? Are all shonens going to be as stoic as Kenshiro?
Lorenzo Taylor
kenshiro will wreck goku anyday. all he need is one punch. just touch him. hes dead .the greatest martial artist ever.
Jon Stamos
Nothing to see here, just manly men having manly discussion.
"I don't listen to heretics" The terror of true Hokuto Shinken. To be the fist of heavens, beyond human creed. I can see the throwback to Blue Sky in this.
Logan Yates
Bruce lee + Mad Max = BADASS
It's so bizarre that every villain in fist of the north star suddenly reveals the good in themselves when they're about to die, with no hint of it ever being there before. Also all of the 'good' ones don't die in the explosive ways of Kenshiro's other victims. Instead they can all die with their bodies in one piece.
Hokuto Shinken
Only Kenshiro knows the true meaning of sacrifice and true friendship unlike others who imitate it; as true undying friendship is godly itself and echoes through an eternity and beyond; this is true manlyness. Hokuto Shinken is invincible. 
Love and Hurt
I have to carry my balls around on a wagon after watching this...
I had a cool comment all ready to go, but then I saw Kenshiro beat an entire army by himself and thought, "Nah, this'll do." Then I posted this: AAAAAATATATATATATATATATATATATA |####| ( ง ᵒ̌oᵒ̌)ง⁼³₌₃⁼³₌₃⁼³₌₃⁼³₌₃⁼³₌₃⁼³₌₃⁼³₌₃⁼³₌₃⁼³₌₃( o°o) WHATTAI!!! 彡=== >---I--(D:)##| AAAAAATATATATATATATATATATATATA |####|
[muffled YOU WA SHAWK in the distance] That's the point where running is already pointless. YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD
2:58 "I don't listen to heretics". BADASS.
Oh so Ken is Jesus.
reminder that anime is dead and moeshit killed it.
Adam Dean Shafi
80's anime art style + modern animation technology is too damn good
Makoto Hanamiya
Jugai has the same voice actor with Dio Brando-sama. Oh my God!
Raven Jon Borja
What a satisfying ATATATATARATATA
Shiroski O'charos
this theme is very familiar.....this is what Gintama have been parodying in the first place huh?.....damn
david garcia
Kenshiro. The original Star Platinum and Saitama.
This was sooooooooo underwhelming compared to half the original show, from voice acting all the way to music.
DarkKnight Rules
Kenshiro: there's a hundred of you in front of me, how many of you are going to die? Them: How many?? Kenshiro: None, *puts on sunglasses* you're already dead! Them: NANI!?
Kenshiro has Jirens voice and Jugai has Dios voice lol
ken is the manliest man alive. fact
Shadow Blade
KENSHIRO the hero vs YUJIRO the demon, place all bets!
Kenshiro vs Hanma Yuujiro. Which one would win ? :D
UnrealEd Addict
3:46 enjoy your new wallpaper
God Tastic
my face grew a beard after watching this.
Christopher Cater
Kenshiro= Bruce Lee in anime form👈🤙🏾👍🏾
Roger Smith
I wonder why no one exploded this time.
I like that Ken cracking his knuckles is muffled by his intense finger muscles.
@ 1:09 Could have sworn that was a woman, then Ken calls her "Dan," and then I think it's confirmed male, but then I thought of a woman being named Danielle and thought it might be short for... Oh, I don't know anymore.
Absolute Madman
Stole my trick Bastard...
If chuck norris and bruce lee had a baby...
The Human
As soon as he walked out of the smoke my phone said back online
High Overlord Snarffie Beagle
hey, it's Japanese Rambo again, he's everywhere
Bleach is emo trash compared to this.
Olu Femi
that brutal kick of death and destruction...Hokuto Shinken
Freddy Smurf
This was the Ultra Instinct before Ultra Instinct
Johny Matador
2:45 Ultra Instinct before it was cool
Alal Malal
2:28 his neck, unflexed, is 2x the width of his head.
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
Is that the same Takehito Koyasu who gave us his ATATATATA while Ken was training in that cave? This ATATATA isn't nearly as strong.
This is the ultimate in cheesiness lol. This is a real show?
Car mine
sexy Kenshiro
fuck off
He's a mix of early 90s stalone and bruce lee
One punch man... meet one finger kill man!
he had his ora ora moment
2:43 I need to know that song...
Johnny Kiehn
SPOILER! It's funny because none of it really mattered and the city blew up anyway, killing everyone (except Kenshiro, of course)
Meilleures anime💜
Liam Wilson
3:25 best part xD
The background soundtrack is not 'added music by studio' I bet there was an old dude with a ghetto blaster in the crowd who had to sign on every entrance of Kenshiro
One Lit3 Boi
1:06 one touch man
stephen tjandra
man i came here from gintama
red striking gamer 1
Kenshrio kills them like nothing happend
AT Productions
"Dear God, please protect Kenshiro!" So you're telling Kenshiro to protect himself?
The God Of War (and all things manly about killing and poking people)... Ken
Eric Sinibaldi
kenshiro is equal the greatest martial artist of all time. Bruce Lee AKA THE DRAGON
Frankie Padla
God Bless who made this anime . BIG RESPECT !!!
not interesting when he has no competition at all why the souther fight too me is the most entertaining so far when kenshiro has fear of death and real challenge besides raoh
Jill's Sandwiches
Kenshiro is based and influenced on both Bruce Lee and Mad Max :)
Shawn Frost
Ryan Ramkissoon
Jugai sounds like seijima from yakuza
Terry Bogard
Takamura vs Kenshiro? :o XD
d boy
Kenshiro is one jacked buff superhuman Bruce lee
Sahr Lebbie
Those that wish to die, step forward! ----Legit Line
Jack Chien
I can now see why JJBA was partly inspired by this 👍
Great level of detail.
'God, please protect Kenshiro' God: You kidding? Protect me from him!
Dark Rider
Why, i'm smiling when watch this ? It's all your fault Gintama, it's all your fault T_T
Thierinho Sy
Kenshiro NUMBA 1  I Agree !! xD
ZRA Exercises Motivation Music
I feel stronger every time I watch kenshiro
Othan Cañizo
one touch man ?
this is super high quality... dig they redo the series?
Dude has massive trap muscles