Alien X

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This is the alien x in the ben ten

And thus begins the tale of the most powerful, and most useless alien Ben has ever transformed into that perfectly describes the American Government.
Giorgio Devez
Alien X is just AFK
Mutant Llama
US government in a nutshell.
The most useful one yet the most useless.
ZeroFireFX 82
Alien X #MannequinChallengeKing
i swear to god, alien force and ultimate alien were and still the best series out of the bunch.
Galactus The Destroyer
Alien-X is literally one of the most overpowered characters
mr x 103
Kevin could have used alien x as a battering ram to shake off the incurseans
Quick move before you get kicked for being inactive for more then 10 minutes
King Lyoko
Alien X, seconded! Water Stopping Motion Carried!
Curtis Haley
I feel if i had the omnitrix I would just take a few days and turn into alien x and have conversations with those two voices for awhile.
Worth the price= debating
having to argue with people, man, that is just not worth the price. i'd rather watch countless people die, right?
That girls face kinda sounds like pearl
Larson Davidson
Ben's got full control over alien X now.
Johan Keryakous
alien x maybe stronger a superman and goku together
Dom Herbmonsolo
Ya know, Alien X is OP, once you get past Bellicus & Serena (who are idiotic by the way), & yes, I'm stating the obvious. Now, let's get a song that perfectly fits this alien! *insert Randy Orton's theme*
Black Flash
Yeah put Ben in the trunk Kevin he cant bend as alien x until he and the other two agreed
D Dennis
The male voice is Kevin Conroy aka Batman.
Brian TheFireLord
XD when Kevin was saying lame I laughed so hard 😂😂😂😂
Jacob Williams
I don't get it. So does Ben never turn into Alien X because those two beings within it can't agree on anything or something like that?
scott miles
1:48 i am vengence! i am the night i am batman!
Rodimus Unicronus
Alien x was like how ghostfreak is in original series, the guy who was part of the original 10 won't be used most in the series
bat man
w-why does every one hate omniverse? is it because its the newest one, with a disighn change =-=
Ben 10000 has full control over alien x and any other alien as well as omniverse ben
Am I the only person that was actually kind of disappointed with the Alien X episode?
Qaadir Khan
Motion carry
A Guy name Lex
I was so pumped for Alien X
I miss this alien x so much better than omniverse
Gregory Bancroft
Omg I never realized that Belacus was Kevin Conroy!!!!
Alien X
good times good times.....i remember that *Seconded*
Matthew Cioffi
This is the only instance in which Alien X was useful.
When cartoon network was good
Sanjay Giri
I have ben ten reall watch
Jason D
Imagine Ultimate Alien X
Ian Marshall
Why did netflix take alien force off?!?! OMFG THEY CHANGED THE DAMN FLOWING HEADS VOICES IN OIMEVERS. Idc how it's spelled it's a stuiped show. also Belles is Batman!
Gerald Snowman
I am curious if alien x has an ultimate form lol likr humongosaur
I so love the color of Gwen's hair in alien force and how they kept it long and down, that nice looking brown color as oppose to that ugly looking light creamy orange and the overall design and color of her clothes. Now if only she had blue eyes as oppose to the overused green ones that doesn't even fit her design.
Bruh the last time I watched this show was like 5 or 6 years ago. Dude the nostalgia this was my favourite cartoon series when I was a kid. Now Ben 10 just looks straight up frickin bad
Ari the Ram Shepherd of Mars
Angry Ben was my favorite
Since Belacus and Serena wanted Ben to help them resolve all their arguments, he could have motioned them to stop time so that he could resolve all their arguments in exchange for their power when he needs it. It would take a hell of a long time, but after hes done he can resume time and then have Alien X's power.
Nano Pixel
What its like getting a lvl 100 pokemon at the beginning of a pokemon game
Sasuke, you look different
StopDoingThat JULIO
I remembered I was so fuqn hyped when this episode came out... I was hoping he would've done at least a second op move.
Brandon Kim
Did anyone see the meme frog at 0:33?
ThM 0202
you would think alien x would be easy to use, when asking to save the Earth ask for a method of saving it that they would agree with before doing proposing a motion.
2:30 lol
Can someone tell me what alien x is and what seconded is and why Ben can't use him
I love 3:40 through the end :D
Janet Safa
forgot about this cartoon :D
More like Alien AFK
I love Alien X!
salaymatu Koroma
I like Omniverse Alien X Better than any Alien X
Max Master
the alien x is the Best transformación of ben 10
Gabriel Briones
I'd listen to Batman
isaac gabiano
funny moments with kevin and alien x LOL
Shiny Samurott
"9 other guys who can do it better" Oh he has no idea
Cecilio Mendoza
If I remember correctly he did use Alien X One More Time I don't really remember why I think had something to do with time travel and he was back in outer space but then Time Paradox came in and took him away and send him back to where he was.
Eden Blessing
mmmm el ser mas poderoso en el universo de ben 10 que puede hasta alterar el tiempo y crear un universo esta reparando una presa emmm alguien le puede decir a alien x que venga mañana a cortarme el pasto con esos poderes omnipotentes es que crecio y poco y no tengo plata y ni ganas de cortarlo
Back when Alien X didn't look like The Crimson Chin.
مدرسة الحقائق
why alien x is freeze after fixing the dam
Alina Habic
everyone's talking about the character when all I care about is the fact Kevin Conroy is in this
Flash Thompson : Aɢeɴт Veɴoм • Tнe Blαcĸ Kɴιɢнт
The only way to gain Alien X's full omnipotent power without having any of the personalities holding you back is to absorb the powers of a baby Celestalsapien (Alien X's race.) If you do that then the universe and beyond is at your fingertips.
Owen Logan Jimenez Luna
me gustaría en español tus vídeos y un canal de Ben 10😉
I love the ending Alien x said I move to save the earth like an asshole and been shoots them down and puts them in there place. I was so happy how Ben handled that Iike a man.
The alien x is more powerful than superman and could possibly take down a planet. But you'd have to go AFK to deal with two idiots
Namake David
Back when Ben's character had a reason
Janeth Boiser
on 4:21 he keep saying 'lame lame lame'
Tristan Burt
alien x could Blick and you would die instantly it's in the show Kevin even said it
Damn, Kevin Conroy. I want to hear Kevin Conroy in more animated series
Killua Zoldyck
oh god alien x is omnipotent, he is so strong xxxxx
soo....i forgot what alien x does pls tell me what are hes powers...
Thomas Halbert
I just realized that Balachus is voiced by Kevin Conroy.
wade curry
in omniverse ben controls alien x
Jill Sandwich
Top 10 strongest anime characters
Amani Takahashi Lewis
just imagine ghostfreak on the loose when Ben wasn't.t in controll of alien x
Riley Anims
ben:i want alien x to sit downboth:seconded motion carried
Juciane Araújo
Por que vcs não bota alien x em português
Ahmad Abu Khaleel
Whats with the big chin in Omniverse
Tristan Burt
Alien x could Blick and you would die instantly it say it even in the show
Ieuan Humphris-Hall
everyone is saying that you only need one vote to be able to start alien X you cant because if only one votes THEN THE OTHER DOESNT AND THEN THEY CANT START ALIEN X BECAUSE THEY BOTH NEED TO START it......
Jones Crimson
Too bad the show ended without any real logical loophole exploration involving Alien X.
Sabrina Jackson
the truth is I'm so glad that they changed it to the point that he can change into any alien without changing into alien x
Lord Vegito
The reason why the almighty creator cannot bring himself to do his job.
Matthew Adams
Ben 10 Alien Force: S1E12 X Equals Ben Plus Two
Marco Ramses De Ita Rodriguez
Como se llama el capítulo ese
Ben you all eternity to convince those two, if i were alien x time is noting to me so i would say "i vote to finish any and all unfinished business you two have before i come here then we deliberate on matters concerning earth". i got all eternity here so i think i can handle a few eons.
AkHeDaL Forever
good boy
was that beastboy from teen titans ???
xyz abc
GarbSanyi 762
I like the "dialogue fight" scene.
Zacharoni & Cheese AKA The Harry Potter Ninja
Hes too good bruh.
Stephen Gramins
Alien ex is just alien god
Riddesh Mangulkar
upload full episode
Zazu (Lion King) & Deb / Flo (Finding Nemo)