Klaatu- Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft

"Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft", by Klaatu.

Michael S
heard this on the new American Horror Story season...
3:27 for elevator music fans
Written by Terry Draper and John Woloschuk from Klaatu. How anybody can say its a version ??, this is the original. The Carpenters did a cover version.
M.T. Ryan
I’m here because of Mindhunter .... are you??
I don't care who Klaatu sound like, this song is an absolute classic which has stood the test of time, great arrangement, and top class musicianship all round, personally I love it !
i love karen , but klaatu's where its at.
This album has some of the best production values ever - headphone earcandy, deep with layers of subliminal touches like a good George Martin album. Been enjoyng it for almost 40 years.
Monca Rodriguez
heard this on Netflix's Mindhunter 😊
I can see the Flaming Lips covering this.
Fuz Capp
Many people believe this is the Beatles, but it was recorded at a time when Paul was dead, so it can't be the Beatles. The proof is that this song was covered by the Carpenters and Paul was never a carpenter, so therefore he must've been dead. Hope that clears up the whole conspiracy thing ...
Jonathan Iván Lucero
This song would fit perfectly on "The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust..."
Ernest Sauter
This track could have fit very comfortably on magical mystery tour
At 4:37, I know he's supposed to be saying, "And transmit thought energy...", but all I hear is "And transmit fart energy....".
John Conway
This is a musical masterpiece but the perfect vehicle for the song was the voice of Karen Carpenter. Due credit in equal measure to Klaatu for composing it and to the Carpenters for it's brilliant arrangement and interpretation. Karen had a way of taking other people's songs and making them uniquely her own.
Fuz Capp
Can't be the Beatles - the drumming's too good ...
How anyone could have thought this was the Beatles is unbelievable. Sounds NOTHING like them.
Kyle Shiflet
Joseph Savoia
This was so well placed in Mindhunter!
Mindhunter brought me here. Of course, when I come here and find a shitload of great music lovers that, like me, heard just 30 seconds of an unfamiliar but great melody and felt compelled to find this song. Y'all are nice company with taste.
Coon Rippy
Bought this 8 track back in 1976, someone told me that the Beatles had gotten back together and formed a new band....not true but great 8 track just the same..(still got it, anybody got something to play it on?)
Kirk Cekada
I always liked the Carpenters version, but I like this equally well -- especially for the faux Beatles sound. Underrated song!
Alan Mahoney
First heard this track way back in 1976 on radio Caroline when I was 17 loved it then still love it 41 years later wouldn't wipe my arse with the carpenters cover!
Lucas Seman
Wow!  This sounds just like Klaatu!!
Gloucon X
This song hit the US during the peak of 1970’s Beatlemania and djs weren’t shy about playing up the hoax that this was the Beatles undercover. You had to be there to understand. What really helped was the “Day In The Life” piano at 3:25 and B-side of Abbey Road motifs through to 4:10, a great Ringo-like backbeat throughout, and the “do come, we beg you” line which does sound a bit like John. It also embodies the feeling up hope that the Beatles could inspire. Plus, it’s just a damn good song.
3:27 when the song started to pick up then it died back off. They could've kept that through the whole song because it's sounds very haunting
Nick Lanni
I wish there was more of the section around 3:25
Both this, and the Carpenters versions are great. It's a shame that Klaatu's version isn't well known.
carlos hochhalter
New age hippies are always so cute with there music
In 1976 a rumor started circulating in the United States that the Beatles had recorded and released a new album under the pseudonym of "Klaatu" and sales of that record shot way up. What were the clues that made people think that THIS album was the Beatles? 1. The record was on Capitol records, the American record company that had released most of the Beatles' records in the US. 2. The record had no names of band members listed on it anywhere. 3. The record had no producer name on it anywhere. It simply said, "Produced by Klaatu." 4. The record had no songwriter credits other than simply, "All selections composed by Klaatu."
I would like to hear Ghost cover this.
I kind of want a Tool cover of this...
Blue Box
Only a landing would teach them....I can't tell you how long I've prayed to see the day when we are formally visited.  That would shut up every hot aired politician in the world, every religious group.  It would certainly give the people of earth a VERY different perspective of life.  But, if the aliens ARE more superior, they're probably :"Observing our Earth" and thinking, Hell no, I'm not getting near that twisted, backward, confrontation loving planet.  Who can blame them for not visiting.
Even though there is no evidence of any sort of extraterrestrial life, I love this song for its Beatles-esque form and message.
Wellington Smithopolis
im here because of AHS SE 8 ep 1. They used the original Carpenters song
jimi jammz
I still blow away my neighbors with this...
Nikola Sretenijevic
AHS Apocalypse brings me here
Everyone saying they found this in a Netflix show but I’m here because I just watch The Day The Earth Stood Still, where the main character is named Klaatu.
Iconic Unicorn
Liam Sorrell
Parts of it sound like Hey Bulldog, Strawberry Fields, and I am the Walrus.
I can't stop listening to this. It's awesome!
Sofia Forero
AHS apocalypse..love it.
zee bee
i don't care who Klaatu is either- seriously trippy! in a good way!
daniel briggs
There was an alien message that interupeted a news bulliten in 1977, they might have heard this song.
Trevor Partin
Lyrics In your mind you have capacities you know To telepath messages through the vast unknown Please close your eyes and concertrate With every thought you think Upon the reciation we're about to sing Calling occupants of interplanetary craft Calling occupants of interplanetary most extraordinary craft (*)Calling occupants of interplanetary craft Calling occupants of interplanetary craft Calling occupants of interplanetary, most extraordinary craft You've been observing our earth And we'd like to make a contact with you We are your friends Calling occupants of interplanetary craft Calling occupants of interplanetary ultra-emissaries We've been observing your earth And one night we'll make a contact with you We are your friends Calling occupants of interplanetary quite extraordinary craft And please come in peace, we beseech you Only a landing will teach them Our earth may never survive So do come, we beg you Please interstellar policeman Oh won't you give us a sign Give us a sign that we've reached you With your mind you have ability to form And transmit thought energy far beyond the norm You close your eyes, you concentrate Together that's the way To send the message We declare world contact day [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Contact_Day ] Repeat (*) Calling occupants Calling occupants Calling occupants of interplanetary, anti-adversary craft We are your friends
Daniel Marques
Close your eyes and imagine THE BEATLES playing this is the music ...
Peter Flynn
when I was 16, the first album came out. They didn't put the names of the performers anywhere on the album. The first hit "sub rosa  subway" sounded like The Beatles. In fact that's what the media was saying. People were wondering if The Beatles had got back together. Their anonymity helped greatly in album sales. Later it was found to be a group of Canadian musicians that formed the band.
Gary M
9-12-18, the song made it to American Horror Story! Hahaha. I bought the album when it first came out in the late 70's. I still have it.
Simon Mercs
My youth....this was my first true experience with something unexpected.......and whether the Beatles were there or not...wondrous.....
Gort Klaatu b'rada nikto
I really like the Carpenters version but this is way more outstanding.
I’m here because my dad played this song in the car and I asked him what it was called because I liked it. Ya’ll came from Netflix? PSHHH.
Doc Gonzales
wow, can see where the beatles rumours come from!!, THats gotta be Ringo stepping in at 3:30 , great feel !!
Douglas Ankenman
this song is amazing but makes me slightly uncomfortable for some reason...
03:26 is like I Am the Walrus... or Day in the Life.
Great Song OMFG!!!! Definitely going on my karaoke List lol
Michael Hawkins
I took them to our leader and boy were they disappointed.
3:59 How to pronounce “OwO”
Geoff Gane
I am convinced that three obscure Canadian session musicians received expert tuition from four very famous gentlemen who began life in the Cavern Club, Liverpool. Remember John Lennon's comment in his famous 1975 Whistle Test interview about "jamming together". Klaatu? I'm not convinced he was completely inactive between 1975 and 1980.
On all occasions, due respect should be given to the originators of any material, regardless of how well covered it might have been in the future. Hats off to Klaato and the Carpenters.
Gabe van hoek
This rapper uses this song for a beat and part of the lyrics in the opening. Can anyone for the love of God please help me find that version?
Johann Daart
I want more music like 3:37 fragment... Oh pleaaase interstellar DJ guide me to it... Only my love I will give you... My mind may never survive...
Doug McLean
Funny to read the comments of the Karen lovers..thinking she did a superior job to Klaatu. Does putting her lovely female slant on this song improve it or make it better? Did she somehow improve upon it musically? NOT by a long shot..anyone who thinks this is just reminiscing over their 1st adolescent hard on!!! She just did a COVER of this incredibly written, arranged, and produced orchestral masterpiece!!!
Surya Mani Pandey
Isn't everybody here is because of mindhunter
yeah yeah
I'm here because of mindhunter
Brian Christian
Terra Sancta
Mind hunter brought me here. The human race peaked in the 70s and its been downhill ever since I’m afraid boys and girls.
Krzysztof Pałus
I sense AHS Apocalypse and AHS Asylum crossover :D
Milena Koerich
AHS Apocalypse
Sebastian Boucher Wacquiez
Here because of Mindhunter. The soundtrack is awesome. I'm just discovering this band thanks to it.
Schwarz Crepsley
Give us MH370 back, friends
mary love
Of course the rumor was that this was actually The Beatles but I've heard it was Canadian session musicians.  Klaatu probably started the Beatles rumor themselves.  Great song BTW.
I've never heard this song before. This is really good. It's such an original and innovative sound that I can see why people thought the Beatles especially the bit at 2:51. and then at 3:29 the piano bit. This is fabulous stuff. I get a feel of The Korgy's, and maybe the majesty of King Crimson. I bet this sounds great on vinyl. Thanks for posting. Peace
Rob Robinson
I miss Karen
0ff topic guy
Beatles my foot. I know the Rutles when I hear them.
What the hell is Mindhunter? I'm here because I bought the album around 1977...
Katie G
Guys Klaatu wrote this song n ot the Carpenters.
Trevor Hale Love
Eat Psilocybin in Canada and find yourself in the forest <3
Sean Posey
I became obsessed with this song thanks to Mindhunter.
Can't agree with you there Olin, but it depends on each individuals taste in music doesn't it, I am a fan of Prog Rock, so this original arrangement sounds far superior to my ears, Karen Carpenter had one the most beautiful voices ever, but I like my music a bit more extreme.
The Phantom of the Paradise
This is amazing.
richard dietl
Great Song.  Thought the refrain sounded a bit like "Easy"  from Lionel Richie.  Maybe Richie liked this song.
Rockin' Rick
This pre-dates the "Easy Like A Sunday Morning" melody.......so  it looks like that was stolen from this.......
Tegan Bigone
Yes, yes, yes... this is the ORIGINAL of this song, and then they re-did it with Karen Carpenter for World Contact Day when NASA beamed the song into space. I call THIS on the Stoner's Version.
Stephen Garratt
The ORIGINAL and the BEST version! The Carpenters had me spitting feathers, with their weak facsimile of this great song!
Phillip Kelley
makes me turn into a keyboardist bird
Armando Pompa
1976, the year I'll always remember because of this great music. Took a lot of trips and never left the farm! Cool album covers too!
hello mellotron
Beast boy Johnson
Ahs 8?
A really nice part of this original none of that processed karen Carpenter voice.
Alexandre Magalhães
Tudo de bom! Há pouco estava no mercado e tocou essa musica. Acho que Brian Eno escutava Klaatu.
Brian T. Johnston
Funny people saying the carpenters version was better. Klaatu wrote it. They were from Toronto.
just heard this for the first time on Mindhunter.....and I was like 'wow, like this.....sounds a bit like The Flaming Lips' I would have never guessed it was from the 70's as the version on the show seems defo re-mastered......
Miguel Trujillo
Makes me smile. Used to listen to this when I got an old copy in the 80s it made me smile then too. Absolutely bonkers. Brilliant.
There is more to the story that these were supposed to be the Beatles. Ringo put out album with Klaatu on the cover.
swami 7774