Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young "Helplessly Hoping" 720p HD

Remarkable Harmonies Amazing History Four Gifted Musicians

Jim Deeds Gym For The Soul
Unwatchable. Images flying this fast are awful.
Ben Barclay
Modern video, about as useful as Yngwie Malmsteen shredding "O Holy Night".
The images are cool, but they come too fast for reflection.
Benno Benzin
GREAT SONG - thanks for posting - but the video-editing is MUCH TOOO MUCH hectic! LESS would be MORE!
The song is beautiful but it is not live. It's from the Crosby, Stills & Nash (1969) album. Therefore Neil Young is not singing.
Tjerk T.
This song is played without Young
Annemay Seyfried
Just saw Home Free 's cover-❤❤!!! (Won Sing Off 4, 2nd Most Viewed All Vocal Band on UTube)! *U WL❤!!* 😊
Kurt Landfors
Thanks for posting this, but this is unwatchable. Images fly by way too fast.
Praise Productions
So much for letting a single picture tell a 1000 words......
what harmony, love these guys
love love love love and love, thank you x
Miriam Green
Love this song from CSN album ...who wrote Young? was not part of the group your homework
great artists, just great!
Susan Burigo
Brings tears to my eyes.
Steven Curtis
Life goes by quickly, stop complaining about a beautiful life...
Steven, it came "from their hearts and souls"
Jose, I utilize Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum Version 10.0 software. Takes a while to understand it, but certainly worth the effort when you start to develop a "feel" for the capabilities it offers. Oh yeah- these boys can sing!
Thank you Mark. You seem confident in statement. Makes me believe you are keen to CSNY history. The harmonies are "lush"..
lea whitaker
Just beautiful
Great video...LOVED the photo mix with it!
Pat Downs
you guys are too picky. the speed is fine. I watch this for the song. the pics are just there to prod my memory a bit. it works as intended.
Anneke Verloop
Very beautiful... only the images of this video are not apt... cos Neil Young does not sing in this song....
Ginette Pine
Ahhh! :-)
Sherrie Litten
Kurt my brother i hear this music and i miss you so much , see you soon until then RIP. I love you .💞💞
Ol' Hickory Ham Mike
I think I just had a seizure
ok, annihilation brought me here. Who else?
trencher man
out of my head with the music
Gustavo Yannuzzi
Una lástima que pasen las fotos tan rápido y en definitiva no dejes ver nada....
great song terrible video
Csy sound with a slideshow in Slayer speed
Macaroni Daddy
young wasn't in the group yet during this song
Fernando Lino
This is the fucking worst and fastest montage ever! The music is lovely though...
Greatest song ever.
Brian Brigden
CSN - no Neil Young
Brian Brigden
CSN - no Neil Young
Thank you Tjerk. I researched, and indeed you are correct. Neil was not a part.
Wayne Durning
Slow down
Carlos Luis Fernandez Alva
Que recuerdos tan bellos únicos me relaja
Ralph Brock
Bad photo montage... changes are too rapid.
Bill Hunter
CSN song.....shakey had nothing to do with it
Billy Joe Jim-Bob
This song is still heart breakingly sad. Can't listen to it without tearing up...
Técnicas Ortopédicas de El Salvador
Que recuerdos mas bellos y únicos.
Steven Salemi
Where did this song come from?
Fred Dibney
lovely, lovely, lovely harmonies
Carlos Luis Fernandez Alva
Bellas voces gracias por existir
Tara C
if Neil Young is not on the song. I refuse to listen to it.
Chuck Cain
You made me have a seizure.