What would happen if you didn’t drink water? - Mia Nacamulli

Check out our Patreon page: /> View full lesson: /> Water is essentially everywhere in our world, and the average human is composed of between 55 and 60% water. So what role does water play in our bodies, and how much do we actually need to drink to stay healthy? Mia Nacamulli details the health benefits of hydration. Lesson by Mia Nacamulli, animation by Chris Bishop.

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Rabab Ahmed
Teacher : why do we drink water Me : Because we can't eat it
Who drunk water after this
Roxi Writes
You'll die of dehydration Boom saved you 4 minutes
Anna Chow
I was drinking water when I was watching this
If you like water, you already like 60% of me
Urioke xox
Me: Ok I’m going to start drinking water from now on *3 Mins later* Me: *opens fridge to get Tango*
What happens if you didn't have wifi? too scary to imagine...
Crolox Blech
Woah I was breathing while watching this
Ivan Ramirez
What happens if you didnt drink water? You die, right.
This episode made me thirsty.
Icy Rabbie
I'll just drink milk (IM BEING SARCASTIC, DON'T JUDGE ME) ;)
I see water I smell water I taste water I drink water I AM 65% water Girlfriend : But I love beer
Amaechi Iweanoge
I know many of us love water and is best when chilled and thirsty.If this is true,give it a thumbs up.
Water is a hero
Avinash SINGH
Why I am feeling so trusty.. because outside is 48° Temperature
SA Ray
Before watching this video The question is What will happen if we don't drink water??? - Not much just we will die
Viet Mapper
-Dehydration -Death -a higher chance of stroke -dysfunction of body parts Those are some symptoms of drinking no water
CommonMan 096
Who is going to drink water after the video 😂
If we're 65% water and we drink water, doesn't that make us 65% cannibalism
Megan Marie
Haha this made me thirsty. Going to go drink water now 😂
Today I learned that your brain and heart are as moist as a banana
Kumail S.
anser: ud di
Hawraa Al noor
((وجعلنا من الماء كل شي حي))
Faz Napkin
I asked my friend if she likes water. She said yes so I said “So you like 65% of me” she laughed very hard 😏
My Nguyễn Hà
Me after watching this drank a liter of water🤣
Rabah King
don't worry youtube, i drink water in Ramadan.
Adriana Castillo
Water is important to all of us
you'd die. Very simple.
star_scream music chaneel
وجعلنا من الماء كل شيء حي
Bleed Yellow
Chris bishop ur animating skills r marvellous 👏👏👌👌
Always Anonymous
Now I wanna drink water
ur average Fox
Long story short: If you dont drink water, *Sleep comes quickly*
Mr. Killjoy
I just learned more than I did in school today.
fellas we gotta STAY HYDRATED
Matthew Lumempouw
nice work TedEd. Water is the best liquid substance that control physical think and strenght of body with 0 calories
Fat Dinosaur
Explain this... Why i want water so bad when im thirsty as heck?
dr_yaser 91
Thank you this is the first video I watching in your channel.. I will watching another video and used it for learning english... Thank you... I am Yasser from Iraq.
Surprised I haven't seen this comment yet. "Jesus can walk on water, Baby's are 75% water, I can walk on babies, I am... In jail"
Deep Sea
Yeah thats why i brokeup with my ex cuz i said i will gift you the best thing in this world next birthday she was so excited next birthday come and i gift her a water bottle she slap me and brokeup i hope she watching this video !!
Mr Memes
Water *made in China*
Bách Vũ
Always love the last sentence of Ted-ed vids ^^
Jacob Pledger
Over hydration? Hmm... What about -Guzzlord- ? 🅱️Uzzlord
Water is bae
LuLuSUPER star
OMG. I almost fogert to drink water I only this day I just drink milk. THATS IY IM GETING WATER. BRB. :P
Jocelyn Nguyen
What is the difference About drinking water from a pool and water from a bottle
kieran walker
I have survived without drinking water but drink hot chocolate but not hot Why does water slow gravity down when your in it but it fall at normal gravity
Bassam Awad
شكرًا لكم شكرًا للأخ فيصل المترجم والمدقق احمد
Countryballs Studios
Answer: you will cause world thirst
Fatima Ali
wow thanks for letting me know, THANK YOU ☺☺
Iconic Cream
What if you didnt drink water? Me: Your going to die of thirst of course....
Don't Worry About It
*Rapidly starts to drink as much water as possible * 🤣
Paninis and Breakfast Sandwiches
I got an idea. How about you just drink some water whenever you feel thirsty?
CNN viewers drinking that kool aid like 2:24
dominator cool
human babys are even wetter FBI OPEN UP
i havent dranken alot of water for 5 years am i okay because i littarly barely dont even show any syntoms of dehydration
Zach Nelson
Who else watched this to write a summary for school?! 🤚😄
Water is toxic. 100% of people who have drank water at some point of their lives, has died, or will die.
I'll save you guys 4:11 minutes, you would die. Also, water is not wet. Stay woke!
duy vu
Some day i"ll understand what english say without sub. :((, god bless me
The Enchanted Mango
Who else got really thirsty during this video?
Tim B .
Drink Alcohol 🍻🍺 Save Water 💦 ♻️
Every Thing
Who else feel thirsty after watching it ...
"and it even temporarily srhinks due to it's lack of water" -drinks 2 bottles of water -dies of overhydration
Soghi Tankoiko
This video sposored by all drink water company
Sick of drinking water? Eat Watermelon then~
ArBhi Amru
idiotic question : so.... could an survive underwater?
Huwetah Abdullahi
3:09 this is soo off topic but I'm gonna say it is that sarushima's hat
2.5 liters man thats tooo much to imagine
Mr Mickey 19
Best roast ever: You are 75% water.
Water is love. Water is life. Literally.
Me: *watches video * *runs to the kitchen and drinks water * 😂
2 Thicky Nikki Chickens
Wait a minute.... So if you don't drink water you can't breath? 🤔
*Reads title: What happens if you DON'T drink water?* *Me:* You'd die of dehydration.... 😞
Ramadan brought me here..
Lilliana Storm
How did he know I weighed 100 pounds and lived in a desert?!
1:03 I know it has sense, but when you think about it ... 😂
This me: dehydration can have major effects on your health: drinks lots of water overhydration can do the same: *regrets drinking water*
Good stuff, drink up ladies and gents!
Aishwarya kumar
I don't know what to do with this information. But oh well.
Fnajjte Takahashi
Thanks for this. I'm gonna die first due to stress before dehydration
Y Tho
this video makes me thirst "Gulp" oh well damn now I'm hungry
Lori Wolfcat
Yet, Michael from Vsauce is fine. Smart, energized, and full of life. And no water.
ZMations Animations
Water is a important element,because you can make JUICE!HEHEHEHEHE
Mishal Adam
what will happen if you didn't drink water ? *Die*
U’re Gae Sorry
well I guess I’ll just drink myself 🤷🏻‍♂️
Sanket Shah
Any video on cesures Or hammoerhadge
*drinks water
I should drink some water now
Take a shot of water each time the work water is said.
How would i die without drinking water? i prefer always drinking milk. I haven't drank waters since i was born. since 2008 from 2017.
fluffdoug :3
I haven’t drunk water in a month Am I ok? ( I’m gonna drink water right now)
LuLuSUPER star
When u drink too MUCH water. U Can pee for a LONG time.
Ketaki Rohatgi
I just love your informative video's
James Greydanus
Ugliest baby i have ever seen.
Happy Girl
hey you yes yes you have a nice day. who is drinking water and watching this video except me
vio galaxy
this helps a lot to me <3 you ted ed
Angela Olivas
After this i drank 8 bottles of water
Akram Khan
I too much drinking water 25 liter a day plzzz hilp me stop me water