Sodoma's Ghost (Il fantasma di Sodoma) - Lucio Fulci [Full Movie Eng]

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Director: Lucio Fulci Writers: Lucio Fulci (story), Lucio Fulci (screenplay) Stars: Claudio Aliotti, Maria Concetta Salieri, Robert Egon Horror, durata 85 min. - Italia 1988 Six teenagers are terrorized in an isolated villa by ghosts of Nazis killed during World War II by an air raid while participating in an orgy.

Dilcia Perez
K desastre
Adrian Verrua
Hi guys!, how are you?, i need know the name of this movie, please any can help me? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I REMEMBER ONLY THIS INFO ABOUT THE MOVIE -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I remember that a man enters a place that is made of wood inside, clad in wood inside and looking for the camera and from behind it falls someone dressed in death with a scythe, is like a murderer but it does not kill him, it's like he scares him and he touches him and he gets scared. Another part of the movie that I remember, is that of two men in a convertible car and the one in the passenger seat was blond, I think, with wavy hair and was eating Snacks or something similar, he would toss them up with his hand and catch them with his mouth. Another part of the movie is that those two friends, the one who drove the car after a while long and crosses it with the car and wavy hair as if it were in an army of People on horses and with old clothes, as if it were from the 16th century, something like that. Another part of the film is to get to the kitchen and the kitchen of the house because they were chasing a woman or a phantom sonambulo and escape, I think it was through the kitchen windows and running through the grass, and I think he had a refrigerator next to the window. That's all I remember, son flashes that I had left of the movie, I saw it in the house of my neighbors there 1996, and for me the film of the 80's or early 90's