Tokan - Teil einer vulnerablen Gruppe (2018) (New Full Album)

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Teil einer vulnerablen Gruppe is the new debut full length album from Tokan. Tokan is heavy stoner rock from Vienna, Austria. In their debut album "Teil einer vulnerablen Gruppe” (Part of a Vulnerable Group), heavy stoner rock trio Tokan combines scaled-down sounds with its harder passages, creating a unique hybrid style. Powerful, honest and aggressive, yet sensitive: Tokan's "Teil einer vulnerablen Gruppe” maintains a catchy balance between its heavy and minimalist sounds. Hailing from Carinthia, Sascha Müller (bass), Mario Baumgartner (guitar) and Daniel Müller (drums) are veterans of Vienna’s music scene, having long been active in local bands. Their musical paths crossed many times before Tokan ultimately emerged from these encounters. Now, they are finally releasing their elaborately-produced album through the new Austrian label, Echotunes. The album pairs hard riffs with soulful melodies and embeds them in atmospheric stoner rock sounds. The outcome is a new kind of sound that moves beyond the confines of standard desert rock. Sparsely-placed vocals serve as an additional instrumental layer, providing climatic and spine-tingling moments. This debut album's seven tracks are designed to stand out on their own while simultaneously forming something of a concept album when played together. Therefore, seven independent music videos drawing on different styles are also in the works. "Teil einer vulnerablen Gruppe” showcases the classic features of a carefully developed debut album, reflecting the time and collective creativity contributed by Tokan’s three experienced members. 1. Nuevo 2. Liar 3. The You & Me 4. Vulnerable Gruppe 5. Massve 6. 2:1 7. Someone Else Support Tokan by purchasing the album here /> /> Support the continued funding of this channel, become a Patreon /> Check out Stoned Meadow Of Doom 2 for more excellent full albums! - /> Stoned Meadow Of Doom Facebook Page /> Join the SMOD Nation Facebook Group!

Anthony Neworld
Nuevo 0:00 Liar 3:28 The You & Me 6:44 Vulnerable Gruppe 10:09 Massve 14:44 2:1 17:32 Someone Else 21:54
Austin Wattler
It’s Freaking Awesome
Secrets of Lost Empires
It's got more than a little prog mixed in there...always a good thing 🤘
José cito
Ésto es muy bueno!!!! ♥
Anthony Neworld
Keep it up guys! Songs definitely have a soul. I'm not much fan of a voсals but other stuff is really good.
Enrico Mazzone
2 tracks sounds almost kyuss ( guitar at least )
Enrico Mazzone
yes.. the whole album is Kyuss 2.0 .. lovely !
echt geil
Awesome album!
Eric Bauer
nett :)
Nico Justin
Leck Fett das knallt gut
Phil Jehmineh
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