Lee Van Cleef - Holy Smoke (2016) (Full Album)

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The project Lee Van Cleef was born as a joke at the end of 2015 and is the result of long jam sessions between guitarist Marco Adamo, drummer Guido Minervini, and bassist Pietro La Tegola. From the city of Naples, this power-trio has just released their first album named 'Holy Smoke'. Influenced by bands like Earthless, Black Bombaim, and Harsh Toke (to name a few), "Holy Smoke" was recorded mixed and mastered in the Godfather studio of Naples. The artwork was done by Robin Gnista. Rooted in an engaging, enthusiastic and mesmerizing Heavy Psych, Lee Van Cleef dilates older, warm and radiant deserts of the planet Earth to the most remote, icy and foggy places of the Cosmos, the entrancing sound of 'Holy Smoke' has a deeply soothing effect. 40 minutes of pure and sacred fascination that dilates the consciential borders and gives off lucidity to the marrow of narcosis. A sacred evasion soul flying golden, soft and rolling dunes of a desert massaged by the solar breath, and stretching our perception of the space highways. Branching all vigilant stars, immortalized in a deep and dizzying stellar sky. Feel touched by ungoverned euphoria. Tremendously splendid riffs vomit truly magnetizing and stunning solos able to imprison us in a kaleidoscopic spiral of pleasure. Holy Smoke' is a truly exciting album to which I dedicate eternal devotion. Dare to face the incisive and paralyzing gaze of Lee Van Cleef in a dusty duel whose outcome is doomed: your body tumbled into inertia and Lee Van Cleef gun firmly wielded and still smolder. One of the most unique albums of 2016 is here, in the desert soul 'Holy Smoke'. I'm here to tell all who love psychedelic rock along the lines of Earthless, Harsh Toke and Heavy Blanket that Lee Van Cleef's outstanding album, Holy Smoke, is no joke. This band is up there with the big boys. This music is fucking amazing. 1. Heckle Yuppies - 0:00 2. Banshee - 7:22 3. Hell Malo - 20:38 4. Mahāna - 25:50 5. Towelie - 34:17 Support Lee Van Cleef by purchasing the album here /> /> /> Support the continued funding of this channel, become a Patreon /> Check out Stoned Meadow Of Doom 2 for more excellent full albums! - /> Stoned Meadow Of Doom Facebook Page /> Join the SMOD Nation Facebook Group!

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Male Signor Anderson
the description was clearly written while under acid effect
Nick Jones
I came for the band name. I stayed for the dusty cosmic jams. Everyone wins in the Stoned Meadow of Doom.
That is a top-shelf description even by stoner rock standards
Luke Smith
"You know I wanna be like Lee..."
Nicholas Teodoro
00:00 Heckle Yuppies 7:21 Banshee 20:39 Hell Malo 25:50 Mahãna 34:16 Towelie
As Lee Van Cleef once said: ``Being born with a beady-eyed sneer is the best thing that ever happened to me.''
felipe dandrea
They should be called Lee Van Reef, man!
Ty Died
It'll have you shaking your head with your mouth open on a red-eye flight to Denver and saying to the stranger seated next to you "fuuuuck this bus is fast man!"
Stormtrooper Elite
I think I may have just found the best band name ever
This has been the best 40+mins of my day. And i was already having a great day... 'add to cart'
The descriptions on your uploads are always awesome, and so is this album.
The art caught my attention. Clicked for the name. Listened to the whole thing for the instrumental goodness.
Tobias Boston
I didn't know Lee Van Cleef was still alive, let alone rocking out in a stoner band. Killer \m/
Dexter J
one of the best band names ever
andy schiller
I'd like to thank Webster's Thesaurus for helping write the description of this album...
It's 3:30am how the fuck am I supposed to sleep after whitnessing this epic noise for the first time.. oh well replay button and a dozen more bongs it is then.
I love the good the bad and the ugly, i love stoner, I love Lee Van Cleef
It's like The Machine! Pour that goodness all over me!
Jose Arandoz
there are FOUR idiots that did not like this!?! wow !! they must of a another reality. this LP rocks in every way
Fernando Nunes
that's brutal...
armağan canan
Man! This is my study music album for my thesis from now on!
Cypress Snowskater
lee van spleef
Snugins KOKOS
1. Heckle Yuppies - 0:00 2. Banshee - 7:21 3. Hell Malo - ? 4. Mahāna - 25:50 5. Towelie - 34:16
i've lost myself.. which day is today, where am i and who i am?
Quinton Aguilera
What would life be without this channel? Fantastic as usual, keep it up!
Michael D. Nicholson
Smoke some kush, sit back, let the music guide you.
Male Signor Anderson
jamm guaglio'!
Unmesh L.
I can hear an influence of Samsara Blues Experiment as well.
Gonzalo Morales Sánchez
Is it just me or the bass is slightly sharp? Nice album, tho. Five million stars description.
And I saw God.
johnny vælimæki
Modern spaghetti-western,starring Lee van Cleef! lol Supercool.
Keating Simons
I am in AWE!
Equalizing Distort
Yeah this is some really great stuff
Laying it on just slightly thick in the description there... But no shit, this album is great.
Who writes all those killer reviews? The dude has some absolutely brilliant lines haha. Deadset I love his/her love for music that just bleeds from those words. Passion. No substitute. Psychedelic reviews for Psychedelic tunes ;)
MONSTER opener! Beast of an Lp.
Earthless and Harsh Toke
Banshee.....oh ya!!! feeing it.
Simon Thrasheart
Unmesh L.
Holy smoke, indeed. Incredible stuff.
Scott Cavanagh
Just bought this on vinyl and have been listening to it over and over and over. Fantastic album!
Wolfgang L.
Ron Venerable
I'll have the House Salad with a tall glass of Lee Van Cleef. Cosmic.....
Stoner Dude
Kristjan Morgan
Psichedelia pura amorevole!
Listening to Samsara Blues Experiment this popped up as a recommendation and with wry smile I thought I'd give it a go... WOW! This ain't no joke!! This is top draw psych. Thanks for the up, I just hope I can purchase this future classic!
Ihsus Xristus
Stoned Meadow of Doom, awesome upload, as usual! Thanks, man.
Julian Mach
L. V. C. - Black Sabbathish aka pale shadow of B.S.
Mad Cady
First of all- i love actor Lee Van Cleef :) And i'm mesmerized from dis band nad album to. Tnx. I will buy that!
Why is this shiz not on iTunes!
Keating Simons
"Heckle Yuppies" reminds me of "Electric Funeral" by Black Sabbath.......................
Keating Simons
Does Stoned Meadow of Doom and The Bong Druid Of Mammoth Weed Mountain just pump this stuff out of their basement?? I've never heard of SO MUCH Rock being released within such a short amount of time.
Darin MacDougall
So good. Wish there were vocals, though. A good singer would turn it up to 11. Maybe not every song, but at least a few...? Either way, this band is fucking worthy!
Mike Canazero
💀💀What can I say that has not been said already.💀💀 This is a knock album with killer sounds. 🍺🍺☠🍺🍺
Pedro Lopes
Very good 😃 Really like the vibe of your sound 🤘
Mare Leahy
WICKED. The jokes on us and THANK you for your amazing humour! ROCKS!
Vorghan Rakham
the shaman's way...
Catherine Ruddick
Abadaba McYadadya
Матвей Кондаков
Or when would have thought that the Italians can sound so good.
Youri Lepointe
"this train'll stop at Tucumcari"
Nathan Gillmore
Wow, amazing stuff, thanks!
Jefferson de jesus rodrigues
agradeço deveras ao canal stoned meadow por ter proporcionado a chance de conhecer estes caras, descobrimento do ano, congratulations.....
colter robinson
actually amazing
Carl Tripodi
One of the best finds ever! Love this album, would love to download it in USD.
Trevorr DiMeo
This is friggin' awesome!
The description is almost catching up with Om's lyric standards. Insanely good.
my brain has pores now.
Finalmente del buon stoner psichedelico dall'Italia WTF
Ryan Mustain
Sick guitar work! I continue to come back to this album.
Gustavo D.G
Great music! ps: it's always good to mention the time lapse of which song, instead of just the name considering it's all instrumental. Nice description too !
Snugins KOKOS
5. Towelie - 34:17
Alex Cordero
This is good stuff!!
Cristian Fidanza
Great album and description, the two things is a most sinergy with the trip.
Allen Wiggill
I keep returning to this!
Ron Venerable
Godda see this band live. Cosmic grooves brother.
Martin B
My face just melted twice
Came for the Smoke.. Stayed for the Solos..
Dang this is good, great flow!
Oh love it!
floriana tursi
André MS
Black Sabbath??!!
Robert Cubinelli
Great psyched out riffs here. Outta sight arrangements too.
an -o- rag
Sweet Cleef
Evandro Sussekind
Bom pra caralho, tomar no cú.
Tijuana Cheetah
got me from the first seconds
Set playback speed to 1.5x for the real tempo
Bakema NL
Oh man I love a good joke.....this is a damn good one!
feels like im on a magic carpet floatin around my bedroom
Gregory Ward
Wow just realized you guys named yourself after one of my favorite actors, now I want to watch For A Few Dollars More.  Anyways this Album is Awesome!
Julien Intile
Jesus christ. What's up with the description? You're trying WAY too hard. Word salad, much?
Cristiano Salvati
37 guys can't play guitar
Bryan eduardo Orozco Cardenas
Man, thats good, chilling at work, while tripping hard and listening to this is just magic
Dewayne White
awesome sounds, awesome!
Dewayne White
the good,the bad and the ugly!
Lee Van Cleef ....good with six shooters and six strings.