Louis Armstrong - 09 - I Ain't Got Nobody

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From the album "Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None of My Jelly Roll" 1964 Ripped from vinyl

Tom Guard
Frank Gallagher brought me here.
Only Juan
my depression brought me here
Jaime Martinez
Shameless brought me here
Fiona's laundry brought me here
Karol Glez
Louis Armstrong brought me here
Im Yu
Armstrong had a knack for playing unexpected notes that immediately became the unavoidably best choices, with phrasing that was so free that it seemed to ignore the bar-lines, yet never was anything less than totally in the pocket, and sophistication that he made accessible to all ears.
Lucifer El Diablo
good tune to sit back and sip a whisky to after a hard day
Oceanic AJ
honestly who dislikes any of Louis Armstrong's music??
julius charles
Shameless Brought Me Here.....I Ain't Got NoBody Baby 🎶🎵🎵
Mhnnd The Lazy
my girlfriend brought me here
Southcidal Music
When are they going to do a movie about this man? I'm talking about on the level of 'Ray' with Jamie Foxx.
Robin Paul
GOOD GOD......almost everybody's here cos of SHAMELESS including me.....This song has a great attraction towards it for some reason...!!!
Max Holland
I love the scene in Young Frankenstein where Igor pretends to be the head of a dead person and then bursts out singing this.
Atakan Arisoy
Shameless s7e8 bring me here.
Ryan Karuna
Now I ain't got nobody babe And there's nobody, cares for me I'm so sad and lonely baby Won't someone take a chance with me? I'll sing love songs all the time If you'll tell me baby, babe that you'll be mine Now I ain't got nobody, babe And there's nobody, cares for me
Joanna Cielatkowska
shameless for the win :) so much love for Louis!
The only thing possibly unlikable about this is that he only sings for about 35% of the time!
Abdullah Alnamlah
Shameless Ep08 yes i am the new generation
Etta your Wendall is home..........
Donald Wilburn
Белка Пушистая
shameless :) ooh glad that I found this song!!!
Brandon L
LIFE brought me here!
Boogaloo Shrimp
Reminds me of something that should be in a Fallout game
Onur Can Yıldırım
We are all frank <3
Same here, shameless forever
j.j johns
Bartending brought me here
Louis Armstrong - musical legend. RIP, glad shameless could help keep your music alive for the new generations.
Jake Hale
depression brought me here :D
Louis Prima’s version is better
Chrystian Kennedy
I ain't got nobody :( haha classic >< LOVE IT ALL!
Frank brought me here
Abraham Lincoln
Louis Armstrong's genius brought me here.....you knuckleheads
Nina Nunez
As good as a show Shameless is, it's even better than it's putting so many on to the good ole stuff.
so why wasn't this in fallout new vegas?
David Alexander
David lee Roth brought me here because "I'm just a Gigilo" :)
Bill Frank
Im here because of the louis armstrong and only louis armstrong
Ella Medhurst
You sold me the Laundromat, remember?
Charles Ar Kanjo
very good!! the best forever
cocowan doco
Frank Gallaghers army
0 0
I don’t know why but this make me think about Woody Allen 😱😂
Shawn Thompson
2018 🤙🏾
Bert sanchez
I wish I could have met Louie. Love your style Mr. Armstrong.
Richard Starkey
My pops had this on vinyl. Used to love listening as a kid. Love the clarinet playing on this track.
Yves Jeanpierre
Old but beautiful song Many thanks
Darcy Brummett
I heard David Lee Roth's version first.
C Little
lol... it brought me here too
Jossu Marañon
Que melodía tan.... Relajante y triste,Me hizo llorar jajajaja
myriam toscano
Este es uno de los dos temas que escucharía Lucas antes de morir, según Cortázar.
Jocelyn Richardson
Now this is real music
Love it!
Alley Star
I was laying so comfortably in bed, but these notes just woke something in me that needed to get up and move my bones. That unexplainable feeling that brings all the beautiful emotions. I just replayed this song song a couple times, all while dancing in my room like no one was watching. I left the 21st century and went back into the 20’s, because it felt so...right. I will admit, I was not sufficiently exposed to his music before, but I defiantly am now. His voice is blame. It is the sound he makes with his chords that compliment the instrumentals so perfectly. To an extent that all issues go aside and you just want to dance however you dance, and be happy. I thank him for his gift.
Liseli Çevirmen
i just realized that i aint got nobody. i dont have mother, father, brother, sister, freind, etc. i just dont have anybody im all alone
1 tane türk çıksın be
Ильягу Нагдимаев
Тут походу никто случайно не наткнулся, всё с Бесстыжих приебались!!!
Nicolas Zanardo
Originally coming from Louis Prima, with his song called Just a Gigolo
Eric Clapton
Hay sikecem shameless'ınızı
Jamie Pirie
I feel like I’m walking through Disneyland , maybe the Mickey town or grizzly peak. This music era and style makes me feel nostalgic asf
Yaroslav Tomashevich
Lonely life and depression brought me here ... I ain’t got nobody
David Allsopp
my theme song
onion 2187
A picture from ww2 of a bunch of skulls piled up with a sign saying I ain't got no body brought me here
I came here from a skeleton Halloween prop that was running out of batteries.
Frank Gallagher has great taste
ulysse beyonce king tiger
For my father rip daddy ......😁
Francisco Jimenez
I wish I could play trumpet like him
little jo
I can’t hear my stereo in the kitchen is what brought me here 😳😂
Lisa Shannon
This man sings beautiful, I can go to sleep dreaming about this song.
Mirmico Time
My social Suicide brought my home
Shanty Sweets
The love of jazz brought me here 🤗💃🏾
Malachi Born
David lee Roth’s version brought me here
Misti brought me here
Daniela Álvarez
Shameless brought me here!🎷
Omar Taresh
My grandfather brought me here
The voice in my head brought me here. {You are welcome!!!} Oh hush already.
Mad Dog And Glory brought me here!!
Jac In The Box
It makes me sad seeing African Americans music back in the old days because it reminds me of how they were treated back then..
such an amazing classic i love it
Carolina Gasolina
This song delivers me
Канал DGamer
Шэймлесс ибать
Pinxe Mapaxe
Rayuela de Julio Cortázar me trajo aqui.
SJ 26
Shameless and the fact that I just listened to David Lee Roth from Van Halen singing the cover. Used to love this song in the 80s. My dumb butt never knew it was originally Louis Armstrong! Lol!
Charles Mendias
David Lee Roth brought me here. David has good taste.
Don Funk
Warum komm ich nur auf Ain`t nobody?
Justyna .Goździewska
Great music brought me here!
treshie jsj
good taste in music brought me here wow
Nebalon Trebule
Young Frankenstein brought me here
Naranja Glaseada
Julio Cortázar brought me here
matt brennan
Young Frankenstein brought me here
Ralph Reinert
I've never heard of Shameless. I just like Satchmo.
Late night YouTube surfing brought me here x
A singing skull brought me here
toni seddio
Shameless brought me here too! What a great song to end the episode with! Louis Armstrong is still the best!
Jason Mendoza
Im Ecstatic to see theses comments since I literally just watched the episode and came here!
Shiukou Osu
Frank Gallagher and wendy
Heard this on mine craft
Kim Petrisha
yep, Shameless, me too. first I thought it was Lou Rawls? I remember my mom listening to Louie. Live this song!
David lee roth brought me here.. Marion harris first recorfed this song...
Kronk der Honk
my love for 30s music brought me here
spencer williams
Spencer Williams