Louis Armstrong - 09 - I Ain't Got Nobody

From the album "Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None of My Jelly Roll" 1964 Ripped from vinyl

Tom Guard
Frank Gallagher brought me here.
Only Juan
my depression brought me here
Jaime Martinez
Shameless brought me here
Karol Glez
Louis Armstrong brought me here
Fiona's laundry brought me here
Im Yu
Armstrong had a knack for playing unexpected notes that immediately became the unavoidably best choices, with phrasing that was so free that it seemed to ignore the bar-lines, yet never was anything less than totally in the pocket, and sophistication that he made accessible to all ears.
Alex Kiss
good tune to sit back and sip a whisky to after a hard day
Etta your Wendall is home..........
Oceanic AJ
honestly who dislikes any of Louis Armstrong's music??
julius charles
Shameless Brought Me Here.....I Ain't Got NoBody Baby 🎶🎵🎵
Joanna Cielatkowska
shameless for the win :) so much love for Louis!
Max Holland
I love the scene in Young Frankenstein where Igor pretends to be the head of a dead person and then bursts out singing this.
Ryan Karuna
Now I ain't got nobody babe And there's nobody, cares for me I'm so sad and lonely baby Won't someone take a chance with me? I'll sing love songs all the time If you'll tell me baby, babe that you'll be mine Now I ain't got nobody, babe And there's nobody, cares for me
Mhnnd The Lazy
my girlfriend brought me here
The only thing possibly unlikable about this is that he only sings for about 35% of the time!
Atakan Arisoy
Shameless s7e8 bring me here.
Donald Wilburn
Brandon L
LIFE brought me here!
Robin Paul
GOOD GOD......almost everybody's here cos of SHAMELESS including me.....This song has a great attraction towards it for some reason...!!!
Белка Пушистая
shameless :) ooh glad that I found this song!!!
Southcidal Music
When are they going to do a movie about this man? I'm talking about on the level of 'Ray' with Jamie Foxx.
j.j johns
Bartending brought me here
Onur Can Yıldırım
We are all frank <3
Chrystian Kennedy
I ain't got nobody :( haha classic >< LOVE IT ALL!
David Alexander
David lee Roth brought me here because "I'm just a Gigilo" :)
Frank brought me here
Louis Armstrong - musical legend. RIP, glad shameless could help keep your music alive for the new generations.
Richie Rich
My pops had this on vinyl. Used to love listening as a kid. Love the clarinet playing on this track.
Yves Jeanpierre
Old but beautiful song Many thanks
Ella Medhurst
You sold me the Laundromat, remember?
Abdullah Alnamlah
Shameless Ep08 yes i am the new generation
Jake Hale
depression brought me here :D
yuki n' magic
Endgame flashbacks :')
Tolga Kınaytürk
Shameless still here... 😍
0 0
I don’t know why but this make me think about Woody Allen 😱😂
Bert sanchez
I wish I could have met Louie. Love your style Mr. Armstrong.
Abraham Lincoln
Louis Armstrong's genius brought me here.....you knuckleheads
Eric Lee
The master at work. Never get tired of hearing this. What a great musician and band too. They play together so easily
Shawn Thompson
2018 🤙🏾
Heard this on mine craft
Jossu Marañon
Que melodía tan.... Relajante y triste,Me hizo llorar jajajaja
myriam toscano
Este es uno de los dos temas que escucharía Lucas antes de morir, según Cortázar.
ch1 Il
Faith brought me here , cuz I needed to hear this song right now !
Darcy Brummett
I heard David Lee Roth's version first.
matt brennan
Young Frankenstein brought me here
Charles Mendias
David Lee Roth brought me here. David has good taste.
Abraham Refaat
shamlees brought me here....glad i found it
Cecilia Rivera
I do like this version by Satchmo :)
Crashus Maximus
Igor from Young Frankenstein brought me here. Yatititaahtatitittahhhh.
Liseli Çevirmen
i just realized that i aint got nobody. i dont have mother, father, brother, sister, freind, etc. i just dont have anybody im all alone
Alex Mocanu
Shameless here 2017!
makimaki papura
Louis Armstrong brought me here
Nebalon Trebule
Young Frankenstein brought me here
kate Granados
bella!!!! *-* ♡♥♡
A singing skull brought me here
the soundtrack of my life
pod prikritie
This is just fantastic.
Pssht! This guy totally ripped off David Lee Roth! ;)
Joseph Landrut
Great Song
this is really amazing. mm mmm mmmmm mmmm gooooooooood :D like drinking some hot chicken noodle when you've got yourself a cold
Miss you Dad
Happy Valentines day
classic :)
In my opinion it's impossible to compare modern music with Satchmo. Satchmo is a class of it's own. If I hear this music my whole body is flooded by positive feelings. Modern music was made to hit the mainstream. I think Satchmo made music to express his feelings. We also have such musicians today. As I first heard for example Adele "Rolling in the deep" it hit me same. But who the hell is Justin Bieber? ;-)
Kevin Cannon
To that 14 year old girl u have very good choice in mucis this is music along with rat pack and a long list of others i am 31 year old force recon scout sniper i see there are still old school as u well young men and woman as yourself being based right my i say orah to u and simmer fi too your parents
pablo lags
que genio de la música contemporánea !! Es inigualable ...un maestro de los maestros. Sachtmo cada vez toca mejor. Un saludo a todos
Missy Stella
I'm a 14 year old girl and I listen to THIS. Not Justin Bieber.
Χρήστος Θεοδωρόπουλος
Δέν υπάρχει....
Channing Doyle
Tem vários. Louis canta e toca trompete, mas tambem ouves trombone saxofone piano etc
David Lee Roth Van Halen version is more to my liking.
nice socks sachamo!
Agustín Palazuelos
how can anyone dislike this? i don't want to live on this planet anymore!!
Lite Finocchiaro
I love that it says "ripped" from vinyl. It involves so much work, it's more like the song ripped the uploader... Thanks, uploader!
kathleen pimm
nothing like listening to the vinyl. He was a master of the blues. Love listening to his masterful voice. It (his Voice) just flows naturally.
Sebastian Bühler
where and from who is this real fantastic version that rocks like the hell? please, im in need of this d*** song!!!!
this song fits perfectly if it was in fallout 3 xD Beautiful times, beautiful real music
So so good!!!
Louis first version of this was recorded in 1929
@h0n3ybe3 No, I ain't got nobody was just a sort of standard, written by Spencer Williams, Dare Peyton and Roger Graham. See the Mills brothers version, for an even older and cooler version. Marrion Harris recorded it already in the '10's I believe..
Real musician to say the least, Louis Armstrong was born to make music.
Harry Watnik
as close to perfect as I can ascertain-
I just Love this version!!
just beautiful...
Jocelyn Richardson
Now this is real music
Karmen Jazbec
oh lous yor tromret made me timid and calm
Stole Jovanovski
Enjoy stay away from your refrigerator pharmacy and tell the DR to grow another tree free
I discovered it with shamless :))
Cleopatra Mason
Love this song <3
Kronk der Honk
my love for 30s music brought me here
chris manning
Fallout apocalypse brought me here.
Anthony Herrera
Who was here before shameless like
The voice in my head brought me here. {You are welcome!!!} Oh hush already.
James Walker-Sherriff
louis is just about the greatest performer there could ever be
Frank Gallagher has great taste
David lee roth brought me here.. Marion harris first recorfed this song...
treshie jsj
good taste in music brought me here wow