I'm On Vacation! "What About Bob?"

Do you think Dr. Leo Marvin needs a vacation?

Nick Taylor
So funny! "I'm on Vacation!!!!!"
Steph V.D.
"You should've never let him sleep in your pajamas, Leo." "D'oh!" LOL!
"I'm ONNNNNNNVACATIONNN!" .......said that yesterday, heh.
Richard Dreyfuss must've burst a few blood vessels doing that movie.
'The man is human crazy glue!' Haha.
Greg Eddinger
The man is genius
Harry Caray
I love seeing Bob in the background while Dr. Marvin is loosing it.
Dantey Davila
Cuando quiero reírme no importa si estoy enojado miro esta escena
Kevin Barton
Makes me think Pee Wee Herman can make Richard Dreyfuss outrageously mad. They should use Pee Wee Herman instead of Bill Murray so Pee Wee might get a great movie award.