Keyshia Cole - Playa Cardz Right ft. 2Pac (Official Video)

Check out the official music video for "Playa Cardz Right" by Keyshia Cole ft. 2Pac Best of Keyshia Cole: />Subscribe here: /> Music video by Keyshia Cole performing Playa Cardz Right. (C) 2008 Geffen Records #KeyshiaCole #PlayaCardzRight #Vevo #Pop #VevoOfficial

Queen Sparkle In Texas
I’m emotional still 2018🔥🔥🔥... hate he had no children. I swear I literally received sympathy cards, even at church by usher at brought over from those that knew how I felt. Shoutout to them❤️🤦🏽‍♀️ I love some Tupac.... Rest on with your mother🙏🏽 Never Can Be Duplicated 💯
Ashey Burr
Who's listening to this in 2018 other than me
Y’all gotta admit Keisha did her thing in this song, Tupac would of been so proud, Beautiful collaboration, this song runs so many chills through my body when I hear his voice
Enheritance Derrico
I miss 2pac voices <3 r.i.p to Afeni Shakur
lee miah
Tupac saved me with his music I was in a very dark place at one point of my life and he kept me going. Reminding me there always a way out always a better day God bless him and his mother R.I.P for every in my Hart
Kalil Ford
who here in 2018?
With no broken promises.... I know I’ll die alone ....👑🙏🏼😐😑😢Rest In Power my brother! You were the Chosen One !
Who keeps rewinding it to PACs verse???✋
Shasha Adams
Afeni Shakur spent the rest of her life protecting her son's legacy. She can finally rest now. Rest easy queen. #RIPAFENISHAKUR
She did a good job pickin this verse... the original beat didn’t bring out the significance in Pac’s verse like this..I see why Afeni approved this..🔥🔥🔥
Richard H
For those of us in our 40's and late 30's understood the power of Pac's music. Living in Atlanta at the time of his death brought the big city to a stop for one day. You will always be the greatest rapper. I can only imagine if he was living today how powerful and motivational he would be.
Kras 4
2Pac was a man beyond his time. What a great rapper he was. Thanks Keyshia for the collaboration, sounds great.
Shakeia Jones
I cry every time I see this video u feel his pain and hear it in his voice I love pac 😢😢😢😢😢😢
Erin Jackson
RIP to the greatest rapper of all time and his beautiful mother💙😇
Fatima Davis
I can still appreciate 2pac's courage and honesty even though I wasn't old enough to witness it when he was alive. These new school cats can't touch me the way 'pac does smh and i'm a 90's baby. Btw, Keyshia looks like an absolute lady in this video and sounds great.
Lau knowsbest
My gawd 2Pac's voice!!
I wanted to cry during the whole song!! So Emotional R.I.P Tupac & Afeni Shakur
Faizan ullah
Always WinninG
She did this cause you can hear the pain in his voice and hers so that's why I love this song
Kunta F
Who still crank this cut in 2018?!!🙌🏿
shantell revis
This song gives me chills ❤️ R.I.P Tupac
Shenyae Turner
I love how keyshia put Tupacs mother, his sister and the outlawz in the video. That was very respectful cause most artists wouldn't do that 💯
Danna Johnson
Tupac was the man when he was living and still is the man in death. FACTS
Kaliha Smith
Who jaming this 2017/2018
Angela Woodard
So smooth and still relevant Pac was b4 his time!
Eastside ChuccTaylor
Round of applause for this classic...its like 2pac is still with us. a timeless piece of Gold. 🙏😢
Kristopher Gerlach
I'm a 53 year old white boy who grew up on rock and roll, watched this one day on a fluke and I can not get enough Keyshia Cole......WOW...She is amazing, her voice so real.
Deep Thoughts & Upgrades
He is so fine, yet you can feel the pain and how tired he was in his voice...Almost like he felt hopeless and overwhelmed. Yet, he kept flowing in his talent. This song makes me want to cry...RIP
Bhanu Sharma
2018 !????
peter ngumi
Listenin in 2018 Tupac shakur my idol
Real*Eyez#Realize*Real#Liez #2004#
🔥🔥🔥Bow down to the KING OF RAP!!! The GOAT 👌👏🔥🔥🔥👌👏 West Side fo life...
John Warrior of Light White
Wow! I felt like God himself was speaking to me through this song..
Damn Pac so much passion when you spit....I feel u Pac....I feel u...
Devon Manigault
2pac was always a good and intelligent person i believe he would have lived if he left death row but love u pac R.I.P 😘😇🙏☝🙌
Gideon Spence
Take your time play your cards right don't rush be slow with it 💯 R.I.P Tupac! & Ms. Shakur
You feel Pac's pain in his lyrics its hard to explain. There is no rapper that you can feel like Tupac Shakur.
Steve Allende
The intensity and the feelings In Tupac’s songs will always be unmatched 💪🏽 rip Tupac Shakur
Shanice Almeida.
RIP Afeni Shakur.. God Bless, You have had to live without your son for years and now you are with him.. 🙏
Chatora Jones
PAC was so deep. I love his lyrics you can just feel whatever pain he put out in the song❤💔❤
Dewand Good Vibration Lowery
Will ALWAYS be my #1 Rapper...TUPAC FOREVER ✊🏾💪🏾💯
R.I.P Afeni, reunited with her son. ❤
Trinity Divine
Rest in heavenly peace PAC and happy birthday 🎈 (G)..6/16/1971
She's so pretty
This is a mother shucking HIT ... Classic ... Wheeeeeeww! I listened to this 9 times in a row! shitttn' Me< Try it? These two had a captivating chemistry and creative intuition, surely before it's time. Jesus Christ and a witness ... LOOK ... how she roll them hips in the video. That is helping sale the audio material as well! Trying to get my wife on THAT level. Jeeeshuss!
She reminds me of a younger Mary J
Tracy Hairston
Thumbs up to Pac's mom in the video!
michele davis
R.I.H Afeni and Pac.. Much love...
Nacko Mcqueen
first we lost the greastest rapper now we lost the greatest rapper mom 😔😔😔
Evander Deskin
Pac u inspire me brother thanks for living back then and making music that keep my soul upfloat 🙏
Roy Pearson
Black panther love ✊🏿
Bianca Heath
U miss Tupac so damn much
Sherina Robbins
Who still jamming too this song !!❤️
Phaze Killer
Rap died with PAC...
Artist Villanueva
Hes in a feature, but damn its his most profound verse
Thank God 4 2pac.
Malik King David
🕊rest in heaven Pac always on repeat
Derrick Simon
This song never get old kc pac killed it
Tilisha Hampton
I love 2pc so much.
christopher jenkins
Rest in peace to 2Pac & His Mother.👍✊👌👏
Phillip Hannah
Keisha Cole is so easy on the eyes and talented. I could watch her videos and listen to her music through the rest of my days.
Michael Castle
Keisha and Pac boy this the shit right here.They did the damn thang.CLASSIC.1 love 2pac miss you bro.
pac is in a league of his own... look how he blesses a song... powerful...
Tupac 4Life
Stacy H
my could you dislike this
shante Bryant
This my song right here? I love it Keyshia? Look at Ms. Afeni & Pac's sister. RIP to the GOAT 🙏 & his loving mother Afeni.
Letha A
First time hearing this... It's off the chain.... Gooooooooood... WOW. CAN'T GET ENOUGH.... listening over and over and over and over
Witknee Hix
I used to play this song non stop when I got the album!!!
Charles Johnson
Tupac...planted seeds of retribution... you can kill the message.. Not the rewind this shit 💯💪 🕴 to Pac beginning to rap.. Play the song over matter... Makeveli forever
Trent Wade
This song gets me in tears all the time RIP Afeni & Tupac
I miss Pac as if he's my brother! 😔💯
Alphonso Mixon
Pac will live forever thru the words he spat!!
Lau knowsbest
Been here since 2009 and still bumping this in 2017
Dante E
This shit is still banging in my car! Keyshia Cole and Mary J is the realest of them all! You can SEE and FEEL the pain and emotion they put in their music!
Mink Price
Gone to soon, but your life goes on in your music. I cry too
Vladmir RoOchett
2Pac the best Rapper of all time i miss 😔
Jamil means Beautiful
Be Patient...Play yo cards right...
Who is still jamming to this in 2018?
Ayplugwalk Blood talk
I might be late on this and I might be youngboy but 2pac is the best rapper of all times
Herman Faataualofa
Who’s still jammin to this in 2017
Miss Kanu
I miss Tupac music wish he was still alive Hip hop would not be dead 💀
Rican Lady
I love this song. no one can touch 2pac .. forever the best.
Joshua Jackson
Be patient take your time line is so real when wanting a relationship everyone has someone for everyone rather you believe it or not everything in life and people coming into life happens for a reason
Ary Bielawin
Epic. Classic. Timeless. Sublime.
J Miller
Everytime i hear this 2pac verse i get goosebumps all over🔥
Aniyah Wright
It will * NEVER* be another 2pac.Da greatest of all time!!
chenise Irwine
2pac with his fine self damn i wish i could've meant him n person damnnn all the greatest die first
Edward Russell
te moko o tapuhi
Now that's a rap drop, man I miss pacs creativity, rappers these days are only one way, but the bro was was all parts of hip hop, RIP tupac
Aissatou Ndiaye
rip 2pac sakure love u you are the légendaire of hip hop😢😢😢😢😢💔💔💔
Miss U PAC! 👌🎙😯 MAKAVELI home!!!!
Rest in peace Afeni Shakur and Tupac Shakur
Kaprice Johnson
I miss him tupac yes
Claudia Stricklin
Nobody has or can do it better love me some Tupac the song is on hit you can feel all his words and Keyshia always go hard
don't hate appreciate be happy with your own life.
Same legendary absolute number one King 2pac of course.
B .M
Somebody help i can't stop listening Mentality vision thought courage and balance all gathered in one man tupac. RIP
tike myson
damn keyshia cole is sexy. I want the old her back with that pretty lil gap she had in her teeth. This song is classic nonetheless.
Ashlynn lol
Pac is still living
Yung Swagg Flocka
R.I.P Pac & His Moma
Sophia Jones
if you slap this in 2017 like😎 RIP PAC
Louis Rose
Damm this bring back a lot of memories