Megadeth In My Darkest Hour Reaction!!!

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I love Dave’s voice...can’t imagine someone else signing for Megadeth.
Marcus Reimann
This song is dedecated to Cliff Burton... Show him the respect... R.I.P. CLIFF
Shmick !
As far as early thrash goes, I think that Mustaine is the most important guitarist of all. He’s technically amazing, and he directly influenced the guys in Metallica and Slayer.
Daniel Santiago
Megadeth - A Tout le Monde.
Stan Rice
Don’t be mad at me but Dave’s a better singer than Jonathan Davis😃
Austin Gölcher
I love Dave's voice xD
That's like complaining about Lemmy's vocals on MotorHead songs. The beauty of music is that it could have ingredients of limitless styles. Not all singers in bands have to be operatic. Dave's vocals will never be listed as top ten in metal music yes. But they aren't bad. They fit the aggressive music he plays. Now if you don't like them day let's go into this knowing we won't like the vocals. But to start with let's go into this accepting they are bad is premature bias. I personally can't stand any vocals on any Metallica song after and justice for all. But I listen to every song the first time hoping the vocals are better. They haven't been yet. But I start with let's see.
He wrote this when Cliff died, it's about Dave's girlfriend, but when hearing of Cliff Burton's death, wrote this. After Megadeth's second album, "Peace Sells" that was the first of theirs on a major label, they would release this album, "So far... so good... so what?" The 8 song LP would start with a great instrumental, yet the album was nowhere near as great as "Peace Sells" which i think is the "ideological metal album. Mustaine was going through a rough time, as he was an equestrian enthusiast, but I feel that in the 80s, in a time with great heavy metal ballads - one's such as Metallica's, "Fade to Black" or Overkills', "The Years of Decay" ect ect - I think the best "Heavy Metal" ballad there is, by far, "In My Darkest Hour." Director Penelope Spheeris (spelling?) would make a documentary, "The Western Decline of Civilization 2 - The Metal Years" (Many make it as a point of reference for the death of Glam Rock hair bands) The film would make everyone look horrible except for Megadeth, IMO - who were in the last segment. A young Mustaine seems composed, witty, and sharp as Ellefson speaks on how they are anti- drugs (they both went to rehab soon after, or is this after Ellefson got out? Is Mustaine really sober? lol) Spheeris was so taken with the song she documented the recording of - "In My Darkest Hour." Mustaine exhales smoke before singing, "In my hour of need..." At that time with Glam on the outs, and heavier stuff being more popular this particular time these lyrics were very intimate and rare for metal. Most were trying to sound as tough as they can, have as many morbid outlooks as they can, as Megadeth does , yet on this track i like a lot of it. Some of the lines are easy, yet when you have quotables like, "All these years I thought I was wrong, Now I know it was you", and, "Time has a way of taking time," along with, "My whole life is work built on the past" by a band called "Megadeth" you can't go wrong. If you like lyrics, check out the song, "Static" by the band, "Barkmarket" ---- also, something by Dillinger Escape Plan yet it can only be from the album, "Calculating Infinity" - Peace
Daniel Santiago
Megadeth - Into The Lungs Of Hell ( instrumental)
Josh Grooves
Iced Earth - Dante's Inferno or A Question of Heaven
ireckon orwhatev
Addicted to chaos by megadeth has solid riffs and Dave sounds more like he does in this song. It seems to me Dave changes his voice to fit the vibe and darkness of a certain song. Part of his genius I guess.
Jordan González
Please react to Set the world on fire from Megadeth🤘
кристофер аллен
mustaine getting booted out of metallica was the best thing to ever happen to music!!!
Wait wtf Sori is really attractive..either way loving your reviews! Became one of my most viewed channels! Love ya <3
Ok first of all, thanks for giving Dave credit where credit is due! But you said you lost something when Dave was kicked out of Metallica! Please we as fans got Megadeth due to that! And it's wasn't cuz of the dog that he got the boot, it was his drinking and his anger and I'm unpredictable Behavior.
Dapper Dragon
Keep laughing at the haters. You guys are doing great. Easily one of my new favorite channels.
Ike Stephens - KE5WDP
Mustaine has more political, religious lyrics than Het. Also, his voice is better in the 90s when he really found his niche in relation to his voice. Songs like, Sweating Bullets, Symphony of Destruction, A Tout Le Monde, Trust....
Dave has a good mind. Srsly. He's not uninformed nor unopinionated. This song is sad. Poor Dave.
Ignatius J. Reilly
I love the first 5 Metallica albums, but Megadeth is just better.
Robert Newman
Mean tweet dude needs a pot brownie STAT.
kevin heath
I'm sure this song is a reference to many of his experiences.... he is quoted as talking about Cliff Burton while writing this. He was estranged for a time from his family over differences.... he struggled in many relationships... I'm sure it all was loaded into these lyrics.... It is worth noting that Dave focused equal energy into fixing his own outlook as he did writing about it.... He has been married to Pam for like almost 30 years... he has great, successful kids... he's a good man.... He's still a complete rebel but also the exact famous person who anyone would want as a neighbor.... which is manifestation of the Golden Rule... so, I love the guy. I'm a Dave Mustaine fan.
Gabriel Valles
Megadeth- Into The Lungs of Hell (Instrumental)
Jonathan Levac
do septicflesh - the vampire from Nazareth attempt 11
Please react to Megadeth - Blackmail the Universe !!
Markus Broich
Suicidal Tendencies "You can't bring me down"
Jimmy Chameleons
Excuse me, just a metalhead passing through.. Manowar- Dawn of Battle Loudness- Like Hell Testament- Practice What You Preach
guitar battles live
if you want a megadeth instrumental, you should do conquer or die from their latest album! poisonous shadows is another great one from the new album:)
Dave used to have good/decent vocals before he completely destroyed his voice/cords...btw if you wanna hear a great ass instrumental by them..Conquer or Die from the new album :)
To call Sori "fat" seems strange to me. I think, and I am sure Vin agrees, Sori is an adorable woman!
Raven Wood
Rest in peace Clifford Burton !! 😭 In Memory
I really appreciate your honesty and self reflection. Vin and Sori keeping it real in an era of fakes and facades.
This song was written right after Dave found out of the death of cliff burton....btw nonpoint the truth please bruah help me out
Kevin Salazar
When u did that honest review for Mayham,it must of been that particular person's darkest hour lol...PLEEEEEEEEEEASE do some Yngwie Malmsteen... preferably "Brothers" or "Arpeggios from Hell"
Ivaylo Iliev
Megadeth - I’ll Get Even Megadeth - Diadems Megadeth - Sin
9EvilHater9 OLD SKOOL
БълхатаНаКотката НаНикиБанков
Megadeth - Train Of Consequences Megadeth - Trust Megadeth - Diadems Megadeth - Lucretia
Jim Williams
Allegaeon “Proponent for Sentience III- The Extermination “ Two amazing lead guitarists and great lyrical content to react to.
David Machado
Iron Maiden - Rime Of The Ancient Mariner [Flight 666 DVD]
I really enjoyed your reaction to this song. Please do more Megadeth \m/
Darkice Metal Film
pls do Iron Maiden - Infinite Dreams live 1988 - - - -like it - - - -or : Caught Somewhere In Time - 1986 !
Shawn Burgess
Riverside - Conceving You
Michael Carter
Megadeth is fantastic live...typically. The version of Tornado of Souls(live) was a terrible performance and I haven't a clue why people recommended that. Some people can get a little goofy with their request sometimes. I'd check out some other live stuff from them. It's as if Dave couldn't hear himself, which isn't an uncommon problem and when it happens, most singers sound off at the very least. I will say that while no one says Dave is a great vocalist, they are perfect for the music. Having someone with a great voice(of any style) would sound all kinds of messed up. He's the only person that could front Megadeth.
Ivaylo Iliev
Deftones - You’ve Seen The Butcher
Jesse Ibarra
I agree that dave is a far better guitarist than both james and kirk,there's no question about it,but I'm glad he's not with Metallica.the reason I say that is that dave has his own style which works for him with megadeth and I don't think I would be listening to Metallica today just for the reason that I wouldn't want to be listening to thrash metal in 2019. It gets old. That's what dave brings. He shreds,which is bad ass but 30 plus years of the shredding doesn't do it for me. Shredding had it's time and to me it has come and gone. I love Metallica's early albums,they're awesome but I love how they have evolved and changed throughout the years. Don't get me wrong,Megadeth is badass,I love their work,I'm just not into shredding all the time. I also think that's why Metallica has had more success than Megadeth,cause they evolved. As far as Metallica's early work,I do give dave credit but the main guy bringing ideas to the band was cliff. They wrote their music around his bass. The rest of the band worked around what he brought. If you watch any documentary on Metallica and listen to James,Lars and Kirk,they all say Cliff was always experimenting with different ideas. Listening to other bands and genres. Not to take away from dave,he's a monster on guitar, but cliff was the talent Metallica really lost. With out him we probably wouldn't have Metallica's early work. Another thing,I don't think we really lost anything by not having dave in Metallica, from what I've read,he never recorded with the band. He was with Metallica but was kicked out before they made their first recording. Also the reason he didn't get inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame with Metallica, because they're rule is that you have to record with the band to get in. So it's been kirk the whole time. Now,yes kirk played alot of what dave wrote,but dave gets the credits in the albums where credit is due on his work. But I'm glad this happened cause we have 2 great metal bands instead of 1.
Janne Tarhanen
Megadeth - The Conjuring
Robert Jackson
This the best song put out by them. I remember listening to this and commiserating over lost love. This song is perfection.
Tommy Noell
please try "I thought i knew it All" from "youthanasia ,its So Good and so Underrated Megadeth stuff..
For the record; you're both hot (no homo). Love how deep you guys dive on the analysis. I am also a HUGE Metallica fan, and never listened to Megadeth. Just discovering them along with you guys. Keep it up, and thanks!
alper gültekin
I really feel and appreciate Dave's vocal. For real. There are beautiful voices and there are well-expressed emotions in the world. Some vocalists can do both at the same time, Dave might not have a beautiful sounding voice but he is singing all those songs with a very powerful expression of his emotions. I think he is unique as a good way. On the other hand, it's true that I would never suggest a person who has just started to listen to Megadeth to listen to his vocals on a live version. Not that I don't appreciate his vocals live, I do. But just like you wouldn't suggest someone to listen to behemoth if he/she is just into the metal area. Cause you know as soon as they hear those brutal vocals they will refuse to listen the rest of the song calling the song just noise. On live his high pitched vocals just pop so much distracting people from hearing other instruments. Love your work guys, just started digging into your videos and I really enjoy the talk you do about all the songs you react. You might be my favourite christians after Mustaine
Michael Williams
megadeth did do an instrumental!! It was called "Into The Lungs Of Hell". Also you should react to Set the world afire from the same album. Thank you for your consideration
ritosso 666
i love you sori you are beautifull,hi from Argentina
Singing skill isin't everything in's feel, aggression, attitude. I don't care if a vocalist is classically good or not as long as it sounds good
EJK Grafix
Just consider how many times Dave tossed out an idea or a riff cuz it sounded too much like what Metallica would do... and then think of how fkng creative his riffs are and how long hes been doing it. Thats impressive and yes deserves recognition. BTW this disc is well known a down time for him and the band as they were all messed up on hardcore drugs. we are lucky he didnt end up like so many thats what fueled his fire even more ... revamped his band and put out the massive FU to Metallica w Rust in Peace
Next Megadeth song - Good Mourning/Black Friday
pls react to INSOMNIUM - While We Sleep (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
Dixie Whiskey
Megadeth do have instrumentals. You should listen to Into the Lungs of Hell
Megadeth "Hook in Mouth" It's a bit dated, but I still jam it. \m/
Edgardo Maulen
Megadeth - Ashes your Mouth
alberto rivera
turisas-battle metal korpiklani-levian polka arkona-stenka no stenku
Nergal IsMurder
Not only His riff but the Solo man great stuff And This song "In My Darkest" its a Tribute To Cliff Burton when he learn That he died He pick his Guitar start crying and Wrote This Piece of Art 😍
Nah, man ... you can't have two alphas in a pack. The total is not always the sum of its parts, if people can't get along.
Chris J
Very interesting chat you two had after this reaction/review. I am glad you chose this Megadeth classic to listen to; I recommended it to you in the "Hangar 18" comments, so I am happy you gave this a spin. "In My Darkest Hour" is definitely one of the Top 10 songs Megadeth has ever done. A little bit of history: the music was inspired by the sorrow Dave Mustaine was feeling when he learned that his former bandmate in Metallica, Cliff Burton, had died. According to Mustaine (who was in the grips of drug addiction back then in 1986), when he heard the news of Cliff's death, he and his then-Megadeth bandmate Chris Poland drove downtown, bought a lot of heroin, and proceeded to get completely loaded. While under the influence of heroin and in tears over Cliff, Dave picked up a guitar and began playing. The result is the music for "In My Darkest Hour". The lyrics of "In My Darkest Hour" were not about Cliff, but rather were about the toxic relationship Dave had with is then-fiancee Diana Aragon. That relationship was extremely troubled, but as Dave once said, he got some amazing songs from it: "Last Rites/Loved To Death", "Wake Up Dead", "In My Darkest Hour", "Tornado Of Souls", and "This Was My Life". Keep up the reviews!
Abel Hernandez Infanzon
Good Mourning... Black Friday MEGADETH lml
Fernando Medeiros
best intrumental megadeth song: call of kthulu :) suggestion: poisonous shadows (2017 album)
Murrayis god
IRON MAIDEN Fear of the dark live at rio
Please react to Hook in Mouth from the same album !!!
Video clip much better, and this song devoted to the dead bassist Cliff Burton from Metallica
Listen the song "Reason to believe" from Arch enemy (Clean voice). Beautiful song!
Stephen Shepherd
This has been my go to song for 30 years whenever I have felt depressed. From my heinous childhood, the military, to losing my wife. Megadeth forever 🤘🤘🤘
Dave's vocals are fine, not the best, but very unique, and iconic for a great band. Mustaine was just too good. Just think about it, if he had never left Metallica, we would never have had this epic albim. (seriously my absolute favorite from Megadeth, every song on this freaking tape was epic)
If you want a Megadeth song with good vocals, check any song from the album Endgame (The Right to go Insane is a really good option), which is in my opinion the best Mustaine's vocal era.
Crooked Schemer
Into the lungs of Hell your instrumental. We gained with Dave getting the boots. Listen to more songs lyrics before assuming James is a better writer. Good job keep it up nice to see these reactions/ discussions. 👍
I hope we work out how to pull things through from parallel universes one day.. just so we can get the Megatallica songs where Dave stayed in the band and Cliff lived :)
first time i have seen u 2 was reacting to Her Ghost in the Fog. What i appreciate most is ur honest opinion in the songs and the great analizes on the lyrics. i suggest: Cradle of Filth - Bathory Aria Greetings from Germany
ishraque adil
conquer or die by megadeth(instrumental) please try to react this! love from Bangladesh 💜
Definitely one of my favorite songs by Megadeth. I kind of don't get the hate for Mustaines vocals...this is one is looking for clean perfectly sung vocals. I think his vocals are very appropriate to the style of music.
Michael Richards
Scar Symmetry - The Illusionist
King Diamond At The Graves
İf you wanna do another megadeth song the next should be Trust
mega herd
(day 11) Iron Maiden-Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Into the Lungs of Hell is an instrumental Megadeth song.
John O'Donnell
Just stumbled upon you 2. Christians? If so, I highly suggest doing some responses to Christian metal bands like Barren Cross, Saint, Holy Soldier, the Rez band, Becoming the Archetype, Sacred Warrior, 7th Angel, Vengeance, and so many others.
Barbara Crider
I LOVE DAVES VOCALS!!!! Megadeth would not feel as it should without Daves voice while he plays. dudes a GOD!
Michael LoRusso
Hey Vin not sure if u remember Lamours in Brooklyn the video for this song was shot there
INTO THE LUNGS OF HELL. first song I ever heard by them. Was totally hooked. Dave is very deep. Wrote it for Cliff. Megadeth 🤘
Nashid Mamoon
Wrong time not to do the vocals though xD. One of the best Megadeth songs with good vocals and brilliant lyrics. Also, I'm a hard Megadeth fan and I just love his vocals. Most fans to do because of how well his voice fits the music.
Such a Dream Theater sounding opening.
Pete Rock
FINALLY !!! ....the DOG KICKING incident corrected for millenials. I'm 44 and remember hearing about that in 4th grade LOL
Johnny Nonuts
Great tune. Lyrics still give me goosebumps.
Lucretia Ashes in Your Mouth Good Mourning/Black Friday
Chris Culp
Yes one of my favorite Megadeth songs!
Barış Karasakız
you should definitely have done in my darkest hour live '92.
Иван Чугуй
You definitely should listen to Megadeth - A tout le monde. Their most touching song, imho. (only original studio version from 1994 "Youthanasia" album!!)
Please do Discontinued by Death Angel.
Alvaro Mouat
Like in "the pot" you have to sing: Who are you to wave your finger? You must have been out your head!
I love Dave mustaines voice! Live or in the studio.
Andrey Andonov
Nice vid guys! Probably the best reaction channel on YT due to no song stops (thank you for that)! But plllleeeeeeeaaaasssseeee you need to do more Devin Townsend (Deadhead live, for starters). Cheers all the way from Bulgaria!
Jonathan Olszowka
I think you would appreciate the lyrics in "Washington is Next", "Blessed are the Dead", and "Never Walk Alone"
"In My Darkest Hour" was written by Mustaine shortly after the death of Metallica bassist Cliff Burton. This is my favourite song of Megadeth because Dave have an emotion of his voice. R.I.P. Cliff Burton!!!!! Love your channel! :)
Untold Stories in Pixels by Sahil Iyer
Megadeth A Tout Le Monde and Sweating bullets .. lyrically brilliant songs! Please review them