Meat Loaf With Patti Russo- I'd Do Anything For Love(Full) (Live 1996)

VERY RARE ! Full version !!!

Arcturus Online Enterprise
Ya Patti Russo would sound great even if she was eating Chicken wings while she was singing
Patti that voice...holy god
DJ Wilson
It only worked well with Patti Russo.
Raphael Web
Saw this show at Radio of the loudest shows I've ever experienced, couldn't hear for three days after that.
Nobody worked harder for nor deserves stardom more than Meat Loaf. He had to persevere and struggle for ages to get a recording deal. Despite his stardom he remains down to Earth and a lovely man.
Zachary Holguin
She is bad ass
Marcelo Dangelo
Linda talentosa uma verdadeira diva!
NE One Here From
The king and queen of musical theatrics!
Lettie Kelly
He sux