Toxicity - System Of A Down - Drum Cover

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App Maniac
finally a drummer girl who does not show off......
Shlomo Yosef Shekelbergzuckerowiczgoldmannsteinberg
Hannah Banana
Good morning except to the 1.1k people who disliked this video
Andrea Prieto
Waooo si que eres una pro te felicitó la música es lo mejor yo tocó la guitarra y canto ahora quiero aprendér a tocar la batería sigue así éxitos 👼🙏❤
charlotte sjarlot
what the fack girl... YOU ARE AMAZING!!! really WOUW!
You need some Suga For your salty ass
Okay but can we please talk about how she spun that one drum stick in the air for a split second at 3:53
Edgleuson Ramalho
Quando vc terminou........segurou o prato.. Foi tão emocionante......que se vc aceitasse, iria do Brasil....para te dar um Bjo.... Showwee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vault 69
1.3k ppl wish they could play the drums
John Watson
The 1.3 people probably don't know what "cover" means and expected the music video
Enrique Greilich
3:53 ❤🤘🖤
This one is a great one great song and ton of drum work you kick ass!
Mariano Vivarés
Para que después no vengan a decir que las mujeres no pueden hacer rock y menos tocar la bateria. Una masa!
I'm on a marathon thru your channel & can't seem to be able to find my way out....I love your talent, so mesmerizing 😍
Михаил По
Нормально, но такое чувство что послушал трек под твоё видео.
Im calling a drum teacher RIGHT now!!
Giovanny Corrales mora
Para esos bastardos que dan pulgar abajo ni flauta tocan felicidades tienes un talento increíble 🤘🏻
Alejandro Molina
Alv una mujer alfa tocas bien chingón la batería
Welington Cunha cunha
Incrível, simplesmente muito bom parabéns. Virei seu fã.
Daniel Guaraná
Do caralho! Meu like eh seu! Parabéns!! 🇧🇷👏👏👏
Joey Foral
You should do a suggestions Drum Cover by SOAD
christian alvarado barzola
alv pense que era hombre xdxd :'v
Max Power
Hi I would like to see you play "Good time bad time" of the led zeppelin
Lucas Mizael
Parabéns!! Toca de mais slk 👏👏 Tem algum BR por aqui?
Great job!!! It looks like you’re beating those drums as if they owe you money. ?.?
Корвин Далас
Очень не плохо , молодец)
matt bell
any chance you have a wav recording just of the drums available for DL??
Alexys Britez
Excelent performance. :') I like your stile. <3 salute from Paraguay...
Condesa Obscuria
Me gustó muchísimo, cuando veo bandas me encanta ver los solos de batería o guitarra 🎸 sobre todo buenos rifs. Eres seca me encantó 😉 _From Chile_ 🇨🇱
jeed lapidario
The intro of the song is like a Filipino song entitled "THE ORDER TAKER" By "Parokya Ni Edgar" .. Check it out .. :D
Stew Bacca
I remember when I learned this. You nailed it. Subbed.
Diego Teixeira
I'm brasilian... This great performances! Congratulations!!!
dj i-one
Kristina on the drum Tina s on the guitar Lauren babic vocals Thats it
Screaming Birb
This channel has every drum cover I look for
Nice Clean Drumming good job
great cover, would you mind covering some Daughters? :)
Patricio Montenegro Vera
She is really are the best...✌️
Miguel Matias
Love you ❤ fan from Argentina!! 🇦🇷🇦🇷
El Kaputto
Unbelievable good.Big Respect. Don't forget the Rammstein-Song ;-)
Oozz Kansas
i really enjoy it...thank you for your passion which you share with us!
kevin marinho
Reptilia pleaseeee
Alvarez Alvarez
Ok... I'm definitely in love! Eres genial!
Roberto Vinícius França Severino
Toca muito parabéns....✌️😎
Jim Frans
Yes, i enjoyed it a lot! Thanks!
António Machado
É uma maravilha, ouvir música com este toque diferente. Força continua. Fantástico.
jeraldine ayala
Finally so happy now all we need is chop suey by System of the down P.S. your dog is really cute😄🐶
Meliodas sama
Please do a cover of sleepwalking by bring me the horizon
awesome, great job girl ;)
Holy crap that was awesome. Nice bit of showboating at the end with the little stick toss 👌🏻
Colonel BG
Demn!! I love when I come back from work to grab the sticks and provide my self whit some "Electricity". My favorite track!
kazuo rda
thats... different from what i know and it sounds a bit cooler
Nicholas Tyler
I LOVE the stick flip at the last rip!
el secuaz
so good !!!
Mother of God! Super talented! keep going.
DIAL 911
Do jesus of seburbia by green day next
Lockwoodj wolf
this is so good for my mind
Shaun Whelan
your technique is very smooth, got a sub here! Love the song choice as well. Are you a fan of tool?
Eduardo Abatti
Faz parecer fácil, toca muito!!
C. Fazz
You have style, love when you do rolls and half your face sort of kinks upwards and that it looks like you want to tear drums apart, love it.
Renegade Wa
Wow that was very tight and very clean.....................not the typical arms flailing all over the place like a great number of female drummers. That was VERY well done!!
billy nuqui
the drum rolls are insane, and you pulled through <3
jay evangelista
This is my favorate music thanks a lot ....absolutely nice entry
tarro Hiruzen
Request avenged sevenfold
Luke Banta
Yesssssss thank you plzz do more System of a Down
marsmello marsmello
Que maneiro cara. Toca muito
Acoustic Outlaw
WOW! Liked, subscribed, fallen in love =O
r2B 26
Request Can you play starset-satellite?,Thank you
Lucas Chacon
That snare sounds lit 👌
Love the arms but what else would be not to love, and love the song. Great vid!!!! A real display of talent, key word, "breathe."
Marlon Escander
yiiiiiiihhhaaaaaa...ya! I enjoy of my favorite and you damn killed the drum haha..
Thomas Leach
Excellent and talented. Great work
Adam Ramos
Ya do any Rammstein covers?
Little Drummer Channel
Great playing Kristina! Nice work on your sound too! Cheers!!
KEVIN 0101
at last! Something good that YouTube recommends
Alucard Alucard
I came here only to see your beautiful smiling face 😍😍😍.....
Dani J Yaraure L
You are spectacular, I like how you master the drums I hope to see more cover of known artists and that you win in a musical band. from Venezuela greetings
Can you try 'technical difficulties'?
crystal jorge
hi..every time I watch I inspired to learn more about drums...❤❤❤
Redneck Rampage
John Dolmayan would be proud! Great job!
Sir.Isaac 》
❤í love you, amazing!!
andrea 80
Sei bravissima!!! Hai talento, passione e studi molto.. Si vede! 👍👍👍
sergio sollosky
Me encantó como tocas!!! Sos asombrosa! You are amazing!!!! I ❤ you
Could you Please try A little piece of heaven by avenged sevenfold🤘🏻
johany steelandt
Je suis fan tu sais vraiment super bien joué quel talent tu es trop fort🤘💪💪💪💪
J.Mario González
You will laugh about this, but... I probably double your age and I just got my first drum set!. Lol! hope I don't break a limb during next months! Haha! Just stoped by to say that your covers are great and you are truly an inspiration for this grumpy old dude... keep up the great work! ;)
I am Dez Shena drumes ah Hannah Thiago v ery kkk
Tházila Ximenes
You're 10, I can not see this video !!! 👏👏👏
WHAT THE HECK WITH THAT STICK FLIP oh my god!!! Your videos are one of my biggest motivators, and I'm so glad you posted today! This is amazing!
Mádson Notent
😱👏👏👏 toca muito /Brasil
Kafeel Ahamed Kidwai
Love her skills! Pretty hardcore🖤
Benjamin Vicente Alejandro Martínez Mol
Amazing job! You should try to play Chop suey!
Ori Flancio
System of a Down B.O.Y.B
Natalia Pattarone
I think I'm in love <3 you're amazing!
Karel B. Solares Soler
Excelente interpretación,sin tantas acrobacias y serena has hecho algo sumamente increíble y me ha gustado mucho,mis saludos y respetos
Muhamad Sobirin
wow mantap bos cantik😀😊 aq ajah ngak bisa kyk kamu 😀😊👍👍
Agu Müller
Me encanta la rompes genia 🙌👏👏 manda saludos en el proximo video 😉
Kinara Air
The best drum cover and song...i really like it this band thank's from for cover ...hi from indonesia
Tiago Amado
I love you but I also want to curse you! Hahaha Regards from Brazil!
Fernand Frederick
Toxicity - System Of A Down ( j'adore )