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aditya saran
This AMV was so good that i just have to watch one piece now
RIP Whitebeard, he died like a warrior. Standing on his two feet, never bowing, never admitting defeat. 
Brendan Horn
The very beginning of this AMV gave me a thought, all of the admirals have some form of eye covering, sleep mask, hat brim, sunglasses, and now we have a new admiral who intentionally blinded himself. Is there a hidden meaning to this, like the admirals refuse to see how the world really is and what the world government is actually doing and have blinded themselves to how evil and unjust everything is?
SPOILERS!!! I like how OP is very simple, but can still be quite deep. Example: the battle at Marineford started for a simple reason (Whitebeard wanted to save his "son"), but it quickly turned into political symbolism (new era, etc...). To the average person in the OP universe, the original reason for the battle was pushed to the background. It was now generally a war between the Marine and Pirates overall, not "just" a rescue mission. Also, most soldiers in the battle ended up simply fighting for fighting's sake. Only a few people (high ranking Marine and Whitebeard officers + Ruffy) fought with determination. The average joes *had* to continue fighting, once it started, simply to survive. They didn't really have another reason, as they were pushed into it by the higher-ups. There were good and bad people on both sides of the conflict and neither side really wanted the fight, but neither would back down either. As such, it wasn't really a conflict of good VS evil on the grand scale. The consequences were ambiguous too: on one hand, the marine won and the general population was happy and safe, on the other hand, Whitebeards territory was messed up and the pirate world unbalanced, leading to chaos. In the end, Shanks had to step in, because the entire debacle was really utterly pointless. This reminds me of how comparatively "minor" things get escalated beyond measure in RL (Ukraine, Afghanistan, Palestine, WWI etc...)
Armando Guzman
Every time I watch this I get chills of epicness XD
Norm Lord
When shanks says the war is over, the war better be over...
Chris Newman
The first time I even heard of One Piece was on 4kids. I gave up on it fast. Picked it up again two years ago and have not regretted it. It's my favorite Anime right next to FMA: Brotherhood. Love this series.
Space Lion
Started watching One Piece a couple of months ago and I just finished Marineford arc. All I have to say is that this part made One Piece the greatest -or one of the greatest- Shônen ever (and I've seen quite a few ) All hail Shiro Hige !!
Renny thomas
"The story is just beginning"
Jan Vlček
OP never seen, AMV still make goosebumps... editor know about his work
I must begin to watch One Piece!
Prophet X
One of the best arcs ever....period.
Siberia romAnoV
Boom lay Boom lay Boom :-)) Cool amv :-D
I have never watched One Piece, but I think I will now... and I officially love this song. XD
Akainu must die...
Lue Her
Lol i almost thought the guy at the end was the guy from fail tail- the class S guy
One of the best anime fight seriously :O
Jason Miller
Best One Piece AMV...
IchigoManga !!
LIKE SI bienes por parte de Gold NAKAMA
AntaresHeart07 (Closed Sub New Channel)
dopo questa, il canale bestamvofalltime mi è scaduto.... :D
Jean-Pierre Nicol
Daumen hoch für dich   ich bin echt überweltig wie gut du das hin bekommen hast
Lord Vayne
The anime of One Piece is so disgusting...
Just  wanted to say that this amv is what made me go back and re watch one piece XD. For the longest time i thought it was a childish show but it really grew on me and I love it and just finished ep 600 yesterday. 
Now to rewatch One Piece from episode 1
deep divyam
still cant get enough of this awesome amv 😄
Apolo 115
Los que vengan por gold sigan presente
DJ Kirito
*This is truly an AMV that represents One Piece in every aspect*
Jacob Cooley
They say the marines won this war, but thats not true, really, they lost the whole world.
shefoo Arafat
Everything for the new generation of pirates
Joshua Gilbert
This is Awesome I also didnt care for One Piece's animation at first but after i started reading it i got used to its unique style i loved the story and man this is one of the best amvs ever. Anyone who wants to watch i would reccomend starting when the quality of the animation changed and became more crisp i think its after the group gets seperated for three years
Max Man
this video should get more views bcuz ever since i doubted one piece is the day i regreted it I LOVE IT
Nariman Abdullayev
only because of this video I'm assured that One Piece is great and I'll check it out. Until this time I was indecisive whether to watch or not
AbranBrgas xd
Gold nakama :v/
Kizan Zero
Dang I'll have to admit that no matter how many times, i watch this video i cant stop watching it. It makes me feel like watching One Piece every single time.
this is like 100 times when i say this words... This is the best anime i ever seen One Piece forever....:P
Hercados P.
watching this amv makes me want to rewatch this arc!!! even tho i have already watched it more than 3 times...
Candy Trash
Ahehehehehece!!!!!!! WHY DID YOU DIED? WÄÄÄHHHH *crying a endless sea of tears* AAACCCCEEEEEEEEEEE!
Shuravyd D. Zahuantitla s.
I'm like
New World AMVz
Shinedown + One Piece= Epicness !
I like how some of those guys are the same size as boats xD
Faustine gaudry
Shanks At this moment I really hated you !!!!! COULDN' T YOU ARRIVE SOONER ??!
This video made me start watching One Piece, this was kind of the push i needed to watch one piece, now im obsessed, i thank you, alot!
TheSilencexDead ~ Media Designer ~
I make AMV´s too :)
Lafitte 21
EPICO!!!!! este video deberia star en los oscar :v
Cherry Official
one piece is one of the bestest anime i ever seen.....😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Xul'gehn Dravein
Tнё шaу щє lїvє ои тнї₴ plaиєт оf оцґ₴ ї$ цp то тнё їпdїvїdцal ₴тaпdїпg adjacєит то отнєя₴. Шнёи тнєу моvє шё all моvё тощaґd a gґёaтєя щояld. A₴ a ґacё щїтн MAИУ faцlт$, щё ₴ноцld яёalїzё тнaт шє caииот dо aиутнїпg ву оця$єlvё₴. Щє пёёd тнё нёlp оf оця fёllощ мaи aиd шомaп aпd cнїld. Fоя єvёґуоиє ї$ cоипєcтєd їп a щaу тнaт оиlу тнё Щaтcнёя₴ caп ₴єє. Шнєтнёґ щё lїкє їт оя пот ї$ цp то ц₴. Bцт щнєяє dо щє gо шнёи тнёяє ї$ по щнєґё єl₴є то gо? Dо шє jц₴т dїё оff? Оя dо щё gо тнё ёжтґa ₴тєp то fїиd a пёш Ьєgїппїпg? -Rin Goa Like if you think this makes sense. Share with others to make it known!
Sheyshya Remady
onepiece= freaking awesome epic anime evver
Marcos Mora
way too good, is this one from a One Piece movie? coz is epic!
Anime Memes
This was the best fight in one piece
the whole war in one amv, amazing
Incognito Matus
que pedazo más epica de la historia del anime bien one piece gran vídeo amigo
Vladimir Ivan
I don't think I've watched another AMV that more perfectly fits this particular ARC. I'm not sure how many actually follow the deeper meaning of One Piece, it's on par with Stanley Kubrick as far as symbolism goes; It's a life equation wrapped in a kid show paper. This war wasn't about winning or about losing, at it's core it wasn't even about marines vs pirates. It was about men consciously and determinedly playing their role on each side of the ever opposing forces that constitute our universe. The key to understanding this as nothing more than a picture of our universe is understanding that the artist' view revolves around pirates, which are by definition free men, meaning, they don't abide by the good and bad rules because they know they're constructs of the current force that governs the world, I.E. World Government. This is the first point of one piece, understanding there's no good or bad. Put that in the middle of our emotions and you get a war of chances without any actual goal, other than personal view. There's no winners in this battle, just a continuation of this game we play. Some of us chose to question it all our lives, some of us chose to play it with all our might ;). I.E. "I'm on the frontline".
Chuckel bot
Got a long way to go I'm on episode 142 -.- this spoiled a lot!! Lol well it's my fault for Watching it -.-
jorge caicedo
Llore Con Este Amv!! Esta Increible
That's it I'm watching one piece because of this
Ian Lim
too much porn is bad for health guys
Alan Ondarza
Creo que acabo de ver lo mas epico de toda mi vida
Jiyeon Song
I HATE YOU                                 (cry my eyes out in the corner)(sniff)and i thought i got over ace's death (breaks into a wail)DAMN IT ONE PIECE YOU GAVE ME MY FIRST HEART BREAK
Comeback is real
so cool !!! good job !!!
Water Turtle
Its ... ok. Tha AMVs from DnManumont are much better ... all of his AMVs
Sarah Kathe
awesome editing! I love it a little too much since I watch it at least once a day and the song itself is on repeat when I'm working on my classes
King Kehmi
I haven't heard this song in years!!
siv guvaag
never watched one piece anima,just read some of the manga-up to volume 65 i think,but i am starting to watch now...
ain't my problem
i just stop watching this video wtf... more then 30times in just 1 day...
Vanm H
Davis Ho
I can't really get the fact that I may or may not saw whitebeards butt
this amv gave me chills
One of the best AMV's I've ever had the privilege of watching!!
Hueki Yuuki
This is the AMV that made me watch One Piece and good god I don't regret one bit whhhhooohooo
Platix Gameur
Waow!! Fantastic! Like us!!
Catkill katya
This amv it's EPIC
Ace and Shanks are the only reasons I pay OP any mind. Though I don't really care for OP overall, Ace's death was still just as devastating and on that fact alone I can say that OP is a splendid anime and I don't mind the fans that tend to overhype it.
lol i dont even like one piece lol hate me if you like but this amv is great
Fallout boy076
So sad 😞
Kenji Nakanishi
Music Name: Shinedown - Diamond Eyes
What name this anime?
One Piece aka The Worst Anime Ever
Pholion Agoning
Ah, This video brings back old good memories!
Marvin Ramirez Matta
This is by far the best anime I have ever seen comparing to the top 10
SABO IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, too excited had to say it somewhere.
Zeifer Blade
this is freaking amazing!
Firdaus Baharrudin
Wow you squeezed the entire Great War arc into a 5 minute Anime Music Video? Dang you're amazing as always!
Pickle W.
this amv was absolutely ...just ... there are no words to describe how beautiful this video is its like beautiful and sad at the same time yet so awesome T^T it matches up with these scenes perfectly. i tip my hat to you my good amv artist xD
The art for OP isn't the greatest, but this arc in its entirety was one of the most epic out of all the anime I have watched,  Just so many powerhouses going at it all at once.
Jeff Li
I've never watched one piece so lemme get this straight. They're all trying to save that fire guy but in the end he dies anyways? Wow...
Just Stop
"SENGOKU! ONE PIECE.....DOES EXIST!" what a good way to go down, whitebeard.
I can't get enough of this epicness! Reminds me of why One Piece is such an amazing work.
sher chotkan
the trill u feel after 0:30, when u hear that...BEHOLD THE DEFANITION OF EPICNESS!!
Best Amv ever
They said that the last one piece arc is gonna be a war so big, that it will make the saving Ace war look like an important filler. ._.
Well , if shanks was so strong , that everybody was afraid on him... Wtf why didn´t he cut akainu in every part of his body >.< But yeah , the time will come when Luffy will beat akainu so hard ... Oh yeah , and blackbeard , i hope so , should die so unhumanity ....>.<
Spoiler Jhon Cena kills ace
Kenny Quiñonez
el mejor anime q e vistoooo
Am i the only one who pressed replay?
Lukas van Rooyen
great one piece amv