10 Marvel Heroes Who Had To Get Into Serious Shape For Their Roles

These MCU Superheroes Had To Workout Like Crazy For Their Roles Subscribe to our channel: /> When you’re watching superheroes kick butt on the big screen, it’s easy to forget that these are actual people. These actors have to undergo incredible physical changes to get them through shooting. It’s not just a case of running around the block every morning and drinking a protein shake; complete lifestyle overhauls are required. Diets need to be changed. Workouts need to be so intense that you’ll cry. Brie Larson had to push a 5,000-pound car for her role in Captain Marvel. From pumping iron in the gym to seriously restricting what you put in your mouth, these actors and actresses have gone above and beyond to deliver the goods. Join us as we take a look at 10 Marvel Heroes That Had to Get in Serious Shape for Their Roles (And How They Did It). We’ll fly past Chris Pratt and his bronzed six-pack, stop off at Zoe Saldana’s unusual schedule and land up somewhere around Chadwick Boseman’s secrecy.

Cameron Coleman
This guy is gonna be sad for Thor when he sees Endgame
Rolbinz Kerrl Cruz
chris hemsworth lmfao u need to watch endgame now
Warren Du
"Of all the Marvel characters, Thor has to be the most cut" Hmmm
Eya Castrodes
I can’t believe Nebula is the girl from Jumanji🤯
Have a lovely day!
Maciu Raikoso
U should do marvel villains as well LIKE IF U AGREE
Daamin MC
If you see thor in Endgame... Serious shape...🤣🤣🤣
Felicia. 4.7.
Tony stark is the relaxing role, i guess
Only People Who Watched Endgame Knows This Fatty
TheBest Is Us
I got a pringles ad during this
There is getting into shape. Then there is Chris Hemsworth in Endgame. My man.
What do u mean Thor was a “melting ice cream”
Thanos is purple. Thanos got 2 daughters. One is green. One is blue. All the family is different colors. Illuminati confirmed?
if i was getting paid Millions to play a superhero hell to play anything I would get into great shape too
Lucas H
Chris Hemsworth had to get in serious shape for endgame. He was crazy in shape. Was the most insane thing I've ever seen.
Jimmy Zhou
I love how marvel just destroyed this video by making fat thor
Oh yeah123 yeah
I think Chris Hemsworth transformation was the hardest...
Faithful is He
Thor's shape in Endgame is my fitness goals
We all missed Hugh Jackman as the wolverine.
Games Played Badly
Brie Larson's workout, obviously, didn't include squats.
Put it to 1.25x speed - much better
Actual Minion
My ego has dropped by 50% while watching this video
Shivani Prabhu
When we were sitting on the couch in our sweat pants eating Doritos, Evans was becoming a Dorito.
Marwel Gaming
Wanda:You retrieve everything from me Thanos: i dont even know who you are Wanda:You will Wanda gets more powerful every Marvel movie?
"Meh, that's easy" *Proceeds to eat bags of doritis*
*Hears Bulgarian Split Squat* "...What the heck are those?" *Flashbacks to Leg Day* _screams in wheelchair_ Edit: This is sad but also my most liked comment
Kabir Khan
Haugh jackmen Chris Evan Robert Downey Jr Chris Hemsworth Tom Holland Tom Hiddleston Scartlaet Johnson Sammual L Jackson Etc Everyone is the best
Ted Bates
Look at Chris Evans in the Fantastic four movies. He has always been in shape.
Captain America had to get very fit, but he got edited to be thin!
Yogi TV
thor is in good shape YEP TOTALLY IN SHAPE YAAP!!!
Angeles Villa
And I get tired after my 3rd sit up!!🤦🏻‍♀️😂
Just a Gamer/Memer
I feel bad for chris hemsworth, they needed chris to get in shape then eat alot
Alexis Lin
Chris Hemsworth's body is on point... Endgame Oops.
Reza Esfahani
Brie Larson needed a Butt-Double for *EndGame* and *Captain Marvel* . LMFAO!
maria cecilia aputi
"Do you know what course through my veins?" "Cheezewhiz?"
fok sid
Batista/Drax didn't need any workout at all. Lucky guy...
Theo K
Elizabeth Olsen first appeared as Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch in 2014's Captain America: The Winter Soldier (post-credits scene). She officially debuted in Age of Ultron!
jenlisa forever
If im gonna get millions to do it i'd eat dumbels or whatever they want me to do...
You folk realize that Thor's belly in Endgame is not real right?
xDmizex x
Cap needs to teach captain marvel how to do squats
Nishant Dubey
You are right about thor How much he got frustrated that he got famliy pack in endgame
Im sitting here eating pizza and watching this video.... Feels Bad
Ben Runyan
It’s not hard to push a car when it’s in neutral😂
Morgan Sundberg
Still it just proves what can happen if you work
Avery Morris
idk why but i hate brie larson. she just seems so full of her self because she plays the "strongest superhero" but she literally showed up like 3 times in endgame. i DO NOT want her leading the marvel phase 4 avengers AT ALLLL
thor is #1 now after endgame.......he need some SERIOUS workout
i LOVEEE everyone in mcu but not brie larson and idk why
top secret
Where is Hulk, isnt he the most massive Avenger🤔😂
But then Thor in Endgame😂😂😂
Audrey Llopart
Video: "Chris Hemsworth is the MOST CUT He is on an almost6 vegan diet!) LMAOOOOOOOOO!!! Endganme: Thor's Diet consists of Beer
Thor in End Game The Binger : Am I a joke to you?
Shiba - san
Oh, chris hemsworth is definitely in shape.. The shape of melted ice cream
scarlett is the best change my mind
Sumith Salluri
U know I may give it a shot if I was getting paid millions of dollars for it
Matt Sasse
Every sunday afternoon I'm working on the farm
Saumya 7280
Is anyone upset with what they made Thor as in endgame
Sarah Karimi
*talks about how he’s gonna be fit for the long haul* *is melted ice cream in endgame*
One Of The Pickle Guys
The Binger: Of all the Avengers Thor has to be the most cut. Me: Until Endgame that is
Gamer Messi NL
Thor wont schrink any time soon..... Endgame (thor a few years later): hold my beer!!
Ananya Choudhury
I didn't knew that Karen Gillan had to do so much training yeah the girl from dr who and jumanji
Nebula is my favorite..... just saying
brie larson isn't good at all i hate her change my mind plz
Alex Magdaleno
Captain Marvel trained with LAFD and I think thats beautiful
And here i am overweight for my age in my bed enyoing life watching very fit people I admire
Martha Weasel Bear
I can push a car 4 blocks an I'm not in shape
Every girl: *sees Chris hemsworth* *clicks*
Thor in endgame best shape of his life😉😉
Van Tae
Me, watching this: OKAY IMMA STARTING EATING RIGHT AND TRAINING FOR AT LEAST ONE HOUR A DAY. Me, a few moments later: *eating chocolate ice-cream and burger*
Lanathann 💕
Thor: All my hard work paid off! Thor in Endgame: Aw man. 😞
Josep Duran
Bah, Mark Ruffles is the most ripped of all! Hulk strongest one there is!
Ashik SJ
If u see endgame...Chris Hemsworth surely deserves the first place.
Indra Sakti Yacob
Did you forget Tom Holland?
Bruh my 13 year old can move a Jeep with the parking brake on
Ben Haz
You realize there are videos of 12 year olds pushing range rovers and other large cars it's not super hard especially with the right trye pressures
Jared Leto
if someone gave me millions of dolars too i would lovely work as hard as them :)
Isaac Leslie
Captain Marvel needs to do more squats
And now I want to workout and eat healthy at 2am
j p
Hugh Jackman?
man I need those guys to train me up, I'm struggling to stay in shape! :P
pushing a car is not as hard as you might think, its actually surprisingly easy.........just sayin oh and a jeep wrangler is not 5,000 pounds lmfao, its 3800, just slightly higher than the average 3400 pound car
Elizabeth Productions
Then... you see Thor in endgame 😶😶😶
Namrata Arora
In middle of this video a pop up add can of robert drowney Jr
Alexander Reid
chris hemsworth and chris evans could pretty much play any superhero character
Bronze Gamer
Rocket to Quill: your one sandwich away from fat. 😂😂
Zaira Jewel
At 7:20 I was just eating pizza 🍕 I feel bad now 😂
Im so Cool
woah captain marvel at 4:14 has those dots ;-;
Robjohn Aducal
Is this a personal attack or something.
Erik Escamilla
Im on that Huge JACK-man diet alright.
10,241 Subs no vids
If you want to eat a flower to get buff then eat flower shaped steroids.
Janella Laxamana
Black widow is like rosa diaz in Brooklyn nine nine
Thousand Pandas
Thor is totally cut in endgame
Johny LaL Gaming
4:35 this is what you came for
Luis Escalera
Endgame spoilers: I am inevitable
End Game Was the best! Thor tho.....
amna umar
wait,im stll like kinda confused cuz did hemsworth actually have to gain ALL the weight or just prosthetics/cgi or whatever its called?
Warfighter- Rango
Bro, it's not hard to push a car. Just take the hand brakes off and there
Blaze the ninja Gam3ing
Black panther and captain america were so fast🤣🤣🤣
Blaire_Sky s
Not Brie Larson she is too good the way she is!!!!🤣
when all about avengers team then there are hugh jackman....😊😊😊😊🤭🤭🤭🤭