2015 / 2016 Mercedes Benz S550 4Matic Review DETAILED in 4K

If you want something spendier than a Lexus but aren't ready for a baby-Bentley or Roller, you have one option: the Mercedes S-Class. The S550 4Matic is exactly what I want out of a big luxury sedan. I want it to be big and bold but avoid brash by a hair. I want it to be impossibly quiet, perfectly smooth, insanely powerful, able to stop on a dime (OK so that part is a little lacking), handle like a sports coupé and get silent nods from the folks at the country club. You can get some of those things in the competition, but this big Merc succeeds at all of them in a way no other sedan does. Be sure to LIKE this video! Liking and subscribing help AOA get access to cars! More videos: />Alex's Favorite Cars: />The Best Cars, Trucks & SUVs: /> Want a free AoA sticker? Send a self-addressed stamped envelope (no stamp, no sticker) to: DykLaine, LLC Alex On Autos PO Box 573 Redwood Estates, CA 95044 AOA on Facebook: /> The Mountain Garden:

Nobody else that I'm aware of does such a comprehensive, yet concise and very informative, review of cars than this guy. If you're in the market to buy a new car and don't want the hassle of comparison shopping, just watch this guy. He's already done ALL the comparisons and number crunching for you, trust me. Always enjoyable to watch, even if you're not shopping for a new car.
the interior shames some private jets lol
I Finn
If I owned this particular car especially with that color interior I would make everyone including myself wear scrubs, medical booties shoe covers and microfiber white gloves.
Khushal Khan
Kudos to you Alex. I rarely comment on videos or frankly take much notice of American car reviewers or the American concensus on cars but you are very good at what you do. In particular your attention to detail, delivery of that knowledge and your ability to contextualise that info (this is key for the end user to be able to make sense of all the info you're throwing at them/the use of graphics being an excellent tool for this) are your key differentiators. Well done mate and keep up the good work.
This car used is really good tho you can get one for around 55k to 60k with a lot of options with only 25k miles
And I can hear the car mechanics watching this go, "Honey, we are sending the little one to Stanford after all!"
Candace Suarez
$235K is a bargain for the S65 AMG since it competes, and beats, Bentleys and Rolls Royce. Both $350K-500K.
Kip Amore
You came up with an interesting new metric; actual mpg vs manufacturers claim. Might be something to include with other vehicle reviews.
ig: itschrisschwarz
This car is just beautiful
Breon Bowser
was that a wolf?
Rolando Cedeno
This is the best review I have seen on a car. Excellent work!
Alex: you didn't cover the amazing tech on the S550: driver assist, lane and steering assist etc. It's time for some comparative reviews of the various technologies
Freethinking Влади́мир
A direct 1-1 comparison with the new 7-series is now a must, I feel.
In 5 years it will be less than 50k. I'd make sure I was driving this with warranty in tact because repairs will be costly.
17:01 Alex, wolf or dog?
Heh, ashtray and cigarette lighter. Just in case you weren't sure of the chinese/middle eastern target market by the twin turbo V12. Very nice review as always Alex!
Great review as always Alex. That's a lotto car😀. I will also second on you doing an review on the new Audi A8/a8l. The a8 is the I would buy if I had the money.
Joe Swanson
Well done video and review. Great analysis and comparisons. Keep up the good work.
Mario Dalla Riva
The car suits you, Alex! ?: where is all the excess weight on this vehicle? Construction? Cheers.
Great car. Great video. I especially like the format of the little video windows on the left of the main window. I can't wait for your review of the 2016 W213 next year.
samuel akaniro
Yup, I'm buying it 👏🏼
Are you going to review the current model of the Audi A8/A8L? Great video as allways!
Interesting cup in the cup holder. Late night booty call? Where did you go in that fine car?
17:00 I love the dog, and 19:42 the cadillac Platinum
As always great review on the super-luxury standard for all cars. Because of the amount of detail explained by Alex I can appreciate the amount of luxury built inside. Now I daydream of riding on soft leather, in a super quiet cabin with a smooth (air) ride!
Realtime Reviews
Can you review a 2016 hyundai santa fe XL (long wheel base) its a very underrated suv and i want to buy one but not without your review. Thanks
CK NorthPole
wow what a car! Beautiful area as well where you live.
Nitin Murali
Alex why have American models of Mercedes integrated the indicator lights on the side of the head lamp? Quite different from other countries.
Mr. Zee BZM
Serious substantive review; nothing like it
simply awesome, both the s class and your video
Santa Cruz
Great review as always!
Max K
you talk sense man. meaty. thx
Gayathri Karthik
Man you sound so mono-toned
Bro this is my dream car , and im a geek and to be honest i would feel overwhelmed by so much shit going on , inside this car is just too much shittt lol
Hey Alex, quick Question: would you say that this s class rides smoother and quieter than the Lexus Ls600hl? I know u mentioned that it was quiter than the LEXUS LS but I didn't know if u included the LS600hl. Thanks
...this was incredible. I am in the market for either a Rolls Royce Ghost, this S550, or the Audi A8L and this video helps with the research. Such fantastic detail!
Agent 008
BMW 750 all day any day
Tech Defender
Will you be getting an amg variant? Also will you be reviewing the face lifted Audi A7?
Andrew Braun
Alex, out of curiosity, which is your "favorite winding mountain highway"? In your videos you almost always show the same beautiful highway, but don't mention the name.
I prefer the looks of the previous S-Class. This new one doesn't look too distinctive from an average car. But the interior is amazing probably the best I've ever seen.
Виктор Шишков
This has to be the best review out there for the new S class However, I do have to disagree on the braking. A heavier car, is not necessarily going to stop worse than a lighter one, in general. According to reviews which actually measure the stopping distance, this one beats both the A8L and 760li
Great car but way too small to replace a Maybach S62.
Joe Sikathy
My opinion, this vehicle is majestic in black or dark blue color. Great review but the color of the car is not it.
Mike Loud
Do you have a link to your previous generation S class review?
How dare you to compare a Kia with a Mercedes? Shame on you...
Yanano Bere
Your reviews are just excellent! This is really is an exquisite car.
Nice video as always! Close up of the dash revealed the mis-matched door to dash alignment....Just like the Genesis! Promise not hating this car.
Ryan M
Almost smashed the white truck
Lance William
The best auto review I have ever seen .
Alex, Great review as usual. I have to say that you are one of the premier auto reviewers, if not the stand alone best. I have a 2005 E55 AMG that I bought new and I am thinking about replacing it. Two of my choices are the S550 and the Audi S8. Heavily loaded, they both are around $130K. The Audi would be the high performance option and the Merc would have the better interior. I am leaning toward the Audi. I would appreciate your thoughts on a comparison. Thanks.
I was hoping you'd have the magic ride control or what ever they call it
Uncle Ben
there is a reason why these cars resale is hitting rock bottom!!
Pmpbuh Pmpbuh
Excellent review as always, an ocean of information and comparisons, a real comprehensive coverage. I really appreciate the great work you are doing. I hope that some time in the near future you will have the capacity to break down the new 7 series from BMW the one with M Sport kit. Thank you so much indeed.
Le Dauphin de Bourbon
And another thing is - if everyone was to put a radar in his car, and other wave and magnetic emitters, infrared cameras etc - on a highway it would be like driving on that CERN laboratory in Switzerland.
The s600 is a 5.5l v12 not 6.0
Bad Drivers of Orange County, CA
I thought only the S-Class Coupe came with that three-spoke steering wheel. All other S-Class sedans I've ever seen have that two-spoke steering wheel.
Connor Olivardia
tooootally hit his head closing the trunk lol.
Was this S class equipped with the 'Magic Body Control'? Judging by the body movement of the vehicle it looks like it is.
Chiefaj 47
Most informative review I’ve ever seen
Is this lwb or short wheelbase?
Maverick M
Are all the buttons that look metal, metal?
patrick valencia
you should mention this interior costs additional 5k..otherwise the door panels and dash and seats have cheap vinyl throughout
The S-Class is the one car that would give the Tesla Model S P85D serious competition if I had to choose one or the other. The deciding factor for me is the interior. The S-Class is just SO luxuriously plush and refined, not to mention gorgeous. If the Model S had an interior that was remotely on par with the S-Class, it would be a no-brainer. Tesla really needs to step up their interior on the Model S. Until then, the S-Class gets my nod...but only by a smidgen.
Lloyd Derricoatte II
Alex, which car do you believe is better: 7 Series or S Class?
Nick Scott
This front end, especially the light accents, look like they belong on a jaguar, the car, too.
I thought goose neck hinges were used on trunks because gas struts are pricier. Why do most of the large luxury sedans use these hinges instead of struts if cost is not a factor? Better packaging? I always thought struts were vastly superior, so there must be a good reason.
That's absurd to include any Kia and Hyundai in a discussion of the S Class; they are not competitors to this car.
Great review. I find it very interesting that, as someone else has pointed out, it has the coupe's 3-spoke steering wheel :S It also has light (cashmere?) leather along the dash, doors, steering wheel, yet the seats are black leather. I've never seen another S-Class like this, and can't seem to option it like this at all, on the Mercedes website. What's the deal with this trim?
I watched your other reviews where you included the numbers for stoping distance and cabin noise! Why not with this one?
Review the current 7 series plz
C Chavis
Someone is driving mine right now. I only ask you handle with care and keep up the maintenance. I’ll get it in a few years for a fraction of what they paid for it.
I would have the executive seat package if i would buy an s class
Hi Alex! I had a new C-Klasse in Switzerland this summer vacation for a whole month...some notes: -The C had the brand new intelligent adaptive LED. this tech was amazing and it is a total shame we don't get it here in the US. If you go to Europe I would highly recommend renting a car with it to experience it. it's hard to go back - the S-class's headlights DRLs are the single LED Christmas light variety, whereas all new Mercedes are now using the light pipes. so in that respect its already behind
Alex, did you try any bluetooth audio streaming? I wonder how it is to stream from iPhone/iPad a service like iHeartRadio, or Pandora. I'd like to see track/artist titles and data transmitted to the screen.
what is the difference with the model s63 amg?
I believe this is the most expensive vehicle you've reviewed this year so far. What is the most pricey car you've reviewed? You've mentioned some mouth watering examples like the Flying Spur, but there aren't such reviews on your channel. CNET's Brian Cooley had reviewed some Bentleys and even a Bugatti Veyron. Since you're also an "Editor-at-Large" like him, why should he get all the fun?
thái nguyen
what a fantastic car but I prefer lexus and I'll choose ls-460l instead
I don't like the led lights in the interior that much
Alex, I wish you would've driven this car at night with the night vision feature on in the driver's instrument panel.
Baby Boy
I can't believe this car does not have wireless charging. The cables are a bad look..
The spec on this car is incredible. White paint, black seats, beige interior otherwise. Perfect.
At around 22:13, you have the S600 listed as the Maybach. The standard S600 doesn't come with the extended wheelbase does it? I thought the Maybach started about $30,000 higher than the standard S600. (Not being a troll, just read your status the other day about wanting people to correct you in your videos if we spot a mistake) :)
Huindai lol? :)
You didn't touch on any of the safety tech/semi-autonomous driving tech :(
Great detail video I like it I hope you have other vehicle details like this such as the Audi
now this i like...
Sam Mehta
Will a diesel S-Class ever come to America like in the previous generation?
17:01 Random dog sighting
Saluki bean counter
Alex, another great review.  However, it makes me crazy that you can't get remote start on any Mercedes.  I had a Grand Cherokee and several Tahoes with it.  I bought an ML350 thinking I could live without it, but went back to the GC.  Cold Illinois winters make this feature a must.  The Mercedes salesman gave me some lame reasons why M-B doesn't offer this feature, but it seems ludicrous to me that a $137K car doesn't have it.  By the way, I listened to the Burmester stereo in an S550 and it was awesome.  Also, the feel of the interior is unlike anything I have ever experienced.  It just exudes luxury and engineering.
ролс ройс фантом лучший
David Alas Quintanilla
this is better than any Lexus
Rye Shelton.
not a fan of the interior....the exterior is BORING....personally not a fan of those big heavy saloons.
Brandon Yen
Are the riches people needed a lot of power on this car ? Why do they built a luxury car with big horsebpower? They don't drive aggressively on the lux
Le Dauphin de Bourbon
Wonder who came out with the idea for leather dashboard. Buses have that, on their seats. Covering the dashborad like that doesn't make it a luxury feature. Another thing - to put a system like ESC where there were standardly the wipers controlls, and reserve the place of the good old style manual gear stick - for changing the tracks of music playlist, would be the top stupidest innovation in the world. And of course, noone opened a word about endurance and crash tests, which supposedly the brand was famous for.
Julien Michael
This car is seriously a Living Room on wheels lol, My gosh it looks so pretty. But who needs something like this? I mean i guess if you had the money why not? but like, i think this car is directed towards valet drivers/rich people.
Nick Scott
This is an amazing car.  Although not in the same league, I'd buy a Genesis first because I could afford it, and second because it reminds me of this car.
Alex, I have a quick suggestion. At around the 50 second mark you have a chart on the left with car models. It would be best IMO to leave some vertical room at the bottom of the list to account for the youtube play controls. Your A/A logo at the bottom right already accounts for this and slides up, so there is some precedent to this. Anyway just a small suggestion; keep up the good work.
Somebody's trippin' here , if I'm looking at this market I for DAMN sure ain't looking at a Kia , Hyundai, or Lexus . Don't review these cars at your income level, there are wealthy people and cars like this are for them .
Screw Kia900. It isn't in this category. It also makes no sense to spend 235K on a car that almost looks identical to its base price of 94K.
Jordan L
There's no need for review. This car is for at least millionaires that loves toys.