Alice Cooper - Pain - Live Paris 2017

Alice Cooper @ L'Olympia, Paris 07/12/2017

Courtney Harrison
Amazing song. And ugh I just love this whole band ❤ They are all amazing players.
One of his best songs ever!
Shawn Fairholm
Too bad wasn’t in the set when he came through Vancouver last this song!!!
Tom P
Bill M
One of the many things I love about Alice Cooper shows is that he always plays at least one song that makes me go, "Holy crap! I can't believe he's playing THAT song! I would NEVER have expected him to play that in a million years!" I wish other rock bands would do the same, instead of doing the same set list year after year. I know you have to play the hits for the people who are only casual fans, but tossing in even just one deep track can make the die-hard fans so happy.