Football This Is My Life HD 720p|by Ruslan Khaliullin

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IN MY BRAIN Football-99% DONT KNOW-1%
ArsenalHajduk JuventusSplit
Keep calm and love football <3 <3
who the fuck says its a slavery?
Jonny E
Please go watch my freekick videos in my channel! comment, rate, subscribe!
Nicholas Pasutto
i wasn't insulting the video, i was insulting the music. it does not suit the video, if you're gonna do an inspirational video, at least use inspirational music
Nicholas Pasutto
horrible song for such an amazing video.
I think that La Liga is the better/stronger league, apart from Madrid and Barcelona, look at the other teams like Valencia, Atl. Madrid, Seville, Villareal, Bilbao, all of them have done very well in the Europa league. I haven't seen teams like Spurs, Everton, Aston Villa do well in the Europa League/UEFA cup. La Liga's strength is the technically superior players. But of course everyone has his/her opinion. We can watch what we like !! Football is the winner here !!
This is My Life !
Joao Almeida
football-THE GAME OF LIFE!!!!
@ronaldo5894 Premier League (Barclays) is better, but the odd player in La Liga (Messi,Ronaldo) is more entertaining to watch. But as a whole league i'd say Barclays
well here's a question to my fellow football fans, which league do you think is better? La Liga or Premier League?
CelestiaL GR
R.I.P Basketball :D
3:00 Žilina...fuck yeah!
@gerrard17823 ....And millions of people sad! I love football but you forget that when a team win,another lose. Another thing is if you mean practice it....that's greatful! ♥
Jonathan Tapia
wats thus song called by the way greatvideo :)
Arshavinvlad Crank
Some say that football is an art, others think that football is a crap, different people that football is a slavery, some say that football is a 'religion'. I say that football is a sport that makes millions of people happy!
kamil didi
Hahaha i was at that Sunderland game when Fabregas scored that fluke !
Philip GSXR
1:23 unbelievable!
Big papa
@amine787 HHAAHA, thats such an awesome goal! Thanks!
@sk8dc9586 here is the explanation watch?v=iWZ9be28C_E
Big papa
Is it just me or did that guy at :38 try passing to a team mate when he was in the box on an open goal???
Mirza Merdanovic
who did that trick at 1:15 ?? lmaoo
Marcos Paulo
music name?
Amazing video, it should definitely get more views, I won't be surprised if it reaches 500 000 views. Well done mate !
Fermin Banderin
te falta poner mas del barsa tio !
wow respect wonderful video !