Hope Meets Banter World Cup | Group G Analysis - Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England

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World Cup

CFC 007
Hazard > KDB it is not up for debate, just watch both of them play for Belgium and you'll ask yourself why the comparison even exists.Hazard outpeforms kdb heavily for belgium.have hope doesnt watch them,it's clear.
Adnane Khirchi
Morocco and Tunisia play the best football in Africa right now
Every Monday
Belgium are gonna score a lot of goals in the group but they don’t know how to defend (Martinez). Hazard will easily be their best player and Lukaku will bang goals, Kdb looks shoddy for Belgium I feel for him because he doesn’t fit the system. I expect them to be in the quarters and face Brazil. England will be much better to watch than in previous times. Lingard will be their best player and Loftus cheek will be the unexpected star for them.
CFC 007
Panama to finish higher than England xD
CFC 007
Why is this still asked I just don’t understand. Just watch KDB when he doesn’t have 689 passing options and complete freedom. And if anyone wants to say the system doesn’t suit KDB for Belgium well tough shit cause Hazard has played LB for half his career.
rcarl 415
I actually like this England team better than the "Golden Generation". Clearly not as talented or skilled but Better vibe about them (despite bogus English press)
Tunisia style is more tactical and physical they defend very good they play like italy they dont usely have the same talent level like Algeria and morocco but tactically they are solid
Tapiwa Muza
1) England 2) Belgium 3) Tunisia 4) Panama
CFC 007
Hazard is belgiums best player by faaaar.Everyone in their squad says the same,and in their country.Have hope has some shit opinions.Hazard was belgiums best player at the euro's.And has been great in every game they have played.
Rickey Rincones
I lost it when HH said "Clerence, clerence"!!.... 😂😂😂
This is the best one so far, yal three had drifty on the ropes ,my mans just patriotic
Hamzah Hussain
Morocco will cause the biggest upset in history in their group. Just watch
Mikkel Nielsen
lol, thats not racism thats political correctness, and a footballer who wanted attention
Major Hank
You lot are really out here saying Sterling is England’s main man lol. Sterling (23 years old) Country: 2 goals in 38 games Club: 49 goals in 192 games (31 in 97 for City) Kane (24 years old) Country: 13 goals in 24 games Club: 122 in 206 (108 in 150 for Spurs) Go figure. Only England could have a striker like Kane & not think he’s the key to success. Get the best out of Kane & England can do damage. Simple.
Gilbert Walker
Don’t sleep on Maguire, he’s over 6 foot, good with ball at his feet, positionally decent, good in the air and in the tackle and relatively mistake free for someone so young.
Nao Reece
Tunisia vs Panama, wrestlemania hell in the cell match confirmed. 👍🏻
Jacques Nolte-Nel
have you not seen lukaku play for belgium, he’s their all time top scorer at only 24 or something
Severus Rogue
Boy that was hard to watch. Lukaku, a "cheerleader"? Excuse me, but he's the best Belgian scorer in history and he's still young. He's not a top-scorer? Man, he scored 13 goals in the last 9 games. He's going to score against your team and I'm going to enjoy that very much.
Clifford Agyekum
Hope did you watch hazard play today? the guy is fire.
Circle 25
hmm i can't imagine sterling doing anything at the world cup. then again miracles do happen..
Riahi MouradjhKipp
you expect to be england and belgium in the next stage....let's wait and see....we tunisian know you well but you dont know us...you think we are easy , you are wrong and we hope you stay thinking like that ...you will see what "harissa" is, google "harrisa" to know it before you eat it
Peter Peterson
Sterling has had some undue criticism but it's not racism. Almost half of the squad is black or biracial and they don't get much stick. That said, I want Rashford to start over Raheem.
I think England are gonna top the group purely because it's gonna take a game or 2 for Belgium to really feel themselves out. They'll get better as the group progresses but it won't be enough for first. But Belgium will go farther than England afterwards.
4 clueless idiots
Kaveesh Birju
I'm from Trinidad and Tobago and I remember that🤔😐😒
Gilbert Walker
Joe Cole and Hargreaves were my favourite players as kid for England, the older you get the more you see the English mentality destroys good footballers.
اسامة .،،،،
Tunisia is the best africain team Yeah England on paper is better But trust Tunisia is tactically much better than England Tunisia 🇹🇳 will surprise all
Giovani Pablo
It's coming home 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
hazard only flopped at world cup 2014. since then he;s been by far belgium's star man. in euro 2016, he was the best player and top assister
Harry Kane
England to win world cup
1. England 2. Belgium 3. Tunisia 4. Panama
Giovani Pablo
Drifty is right mertens isn't elite
Come on you England! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Ngozi Cooper
tunisia will top their group.
Devo with the jokes
JD 1
Southgate May bring it home
Positive Comment
It's coming home.
Who's trap house is that?
Jonathan Duru
football banter show tunisia is not a decent tournament team they haven't won a game since 1978
CFC 007
Shit analysis.Very shit.Hazard is belgiums best ever player and everyone in belgium says he's their best player.Much better captain than kompany ever was.they have improved since he's the captain.
North London
The freshie in the shades is jarrin Harry Kane didn't steal a goal and u man saying sterling had a better year than Harry is enough I'm out the guy is spurs main man these time sterling just scores and misses tap ins in the best team the league has seeen in years
Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day HH will put some respect on Lukaku's name.
Wasn't Romario injured in 2002?
aladin salah
Shut up idiot you don’t know nothing about football