JABBAWOCKEEZ at the NBA Finals 2017

JABBAWOCKEEZ perform at the 2017 NBA Finals Championship Game halftime show - featuring the Golden State Warriors vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Oracle Arena, Oakland, CA. Huge thanks to Bay Area Legend and Veteran E-40. Shot + Edited by @CHRISTIANFGY

But when I try to dance like this, people think I'm having a seizure
arkJ7 _
4:14 the most quickest and cleanest dab
Connor Kelley
Idk why i always think this. But if we get invaded by aliens, i hope they at least watch this and appreciate us in some way
The Last Survior
2:35 that beat though
Евгений Волк
JABBAWOCKEEZ at the NBA Finals 2017 - это мой самый любимый видос в мире ребята вы классные я за вас болею РЕСПЕКТ ВАМ И УДАЧИ ПО ЖИЗНИ ))))))МЫ С ВАМИ
Reppin the 215
Dude with the white mask killed it!
1:08 how the guy on the left subtly showed camera guy where to move
Daniel Dias
The crowd volume was lowered
*1:30** SONG NAME???*
That was extremely wicked. They were like 'dancing harmony'. Synchronized without fault like a Swiss chronometer- like a Rolex or something. The white masks and gloves helped to define each dude (assuming they're all dudes, no offense to all those equally capable ladies out there) in the group and helped to separate them from each other. It made it way easier to track their movements and emphasized just how smooth and accurate they really are. You know that a performer is good - i mean a master of their art - when they make some super- hard, technical shit look simple and easy to do. Here you have to multiply it by 6 and then harmonize it perfectly. Dramatic with a point. Just wicked
Pro Player
2018 Anyone?....
infinity channel
Song at 1:28 Jabbawockeez - Jabbawock
Hengky Maulana
2019 😍😘😂?
Por favor quien me puede dar los nombres de las canciones gracias 😎😎
Nancho78 Backing
6:25 the guy taking a selfie on the left 😂
The guy with the white mask and orange and black outfit is incredible.
naruturd9000 uzukackiokulor
Cant wait to see what they do in 2019 👀👀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Евгений Волк
пацаны вы суперские ))))))))))))
*** Deadly023***
Wow full like😍😍😍❤❤
Wadu Hek
2018 dec?
Rodney Hu Jr
Half the crowd was LIT and into it, the other half was just rich people who had seats to the finals game and have no idea how hard the jabbawockeez really go. SMH.
Cedric Ragot
alwi viking 1933
This beautiful
Riske Setiyowati
Ruben Cruz
Ростик Лысенко
Track List: 1 - E-40 - Do Ya Head Like This 2- Maybe their new track (idk) 3- Great Dane - Invite Only 4- Scenario - A Tribe Called Quest
Sick asf that basketball set at 2:40
unicórnio vi 2018
Muitos bom Muleke bagulho malandro 😁🎉🎉🎉🎉
Maria Fagundez
Muy bueno 👏
Sachin G
0:27 - Do ya head like this by E40 2:30 - Invite only by Great Dane 3:30- Scenario by Tribe called Quest
Alem Sangtam
I'd like to get this music
Bruno Augusto Gomes
What shoes is this??
Club De La Batalla
Me encanta sus videos vengan a mi país Argentina por favor
Sergio Dutca
(-.(-.(-.-)(-.-).-).-) Jabbawockeez
Sirdeep Flora
I feel like slapping everyone in the crowd. This was one of their best performances I've seen
יהב פיומי
קליפ חזק
Candy Bryan garth
Es el grupo mejor que yo ha visto
Numero 1
Royal Mind
When the crowd doesn't know how blessed they are to watch a legendary crew dance
ridik permata
unicórnio vi 2018
PArcas negócio ta loco tiozão parada top véi show maluco^-*
Cristopher Martinez
wow so esay to dance
Tiểu Hắc TV
It's like they are not humans.
Drasko Jovic
Michael Scott
July 2018 anyone?! THE GOATS
Caio Santos
Muy bueno...
Robert Damaw
amazing very good
The cameramen are the MVP!!!
Nanta Gunawan
My favorit dance 😍😍
Emil pujols
Demonio son los mejores
“JBWKZ 3muskeez nba” 1:30
6:37 - 6:41
Kurt Bryan
5:16 when the gang's all drunk and goin' home.
Lexa 21043
Чет ниочем, зал не раскачали даже
Ball Is Real
The best :)
100k Subs No Vids
Original 300k this one 33 mill.
Naizel Sanchez
jabbawckeez is my favorite dance crew ever:😇😇
Reppin the 215
Cameraman back at it again with the dope shots!
Hobbyloses Kind
Whats the song from 1:26 - 2:20?
Chhiring Official
5:55 Awkward Handshake Montage.
sex machine
I went to the NBA finals just to watch them
am shark
wits neme is music
wasuh sea
as boring as the finals smh
1:27 song plz
Алексей Кривоносов
Ничего шуже невидел
the crowd didnt derseve them smh
David Minda
Wau ♡
People Are Ridiculous
What's the name of the song while they are leaving the court
Tell HA'Raam I had to the base the ° felted forgotten icant let our colosossiementscolums cry & not tink I do not care about them trut is I'll go home now ok
Valentin Piña
2 0 1 8 ?
Hi my name is jeff Cool
Give that camera man a cookie
Богдан Крапива
Amazing. Best
Clyde Binoya
2:35 was coolest part🔥🔥
PUBG Mobile
Raditia Riandi31
Im from indonesia dude,and im very love this group😍😍
Can We Get To 100 Subs Without A Vid ?
Where’s the crowd at? They are completely dead!!!
Jesus Espinoza
Song of the 4 31
steven williams
These guys are sicc. Seen them live 2 years ago😀
aijabs lsyhss
sep 2018??🗣❤
Niken Aulia
James Watson
Damn I respect tight eyez, les twins, waydhi, etc but this was straight savage. Any dance crews routine would get destroyed against this choreography. Insane
Marc Yin
come on,,,
kevo meekis
Kinda looked like shaq at 2:40 when he was with the jabba crew lol anyone else see it :))))
Canal Do Gui Martins
Mike the divine
they dance like robots
Brandon Flores
Track List: 1 - E-40 - Do Ya Head Like This 2- Maybe their new track (idk) 3- Great Dane - Invite Only 4- Scenario - A Tribe Called Quest
Ze Hisch
ישראל גשר
Rahul Raj
Dmitrious Bazhanov
There is still no track reveal from 1:26 - 2:20? :c
Salim N
Still Americas Best Dance Crew.
Pro Gaming
(-.(-.(-.-)(-.-).-).-) JabbawockeeZ
junior jv
watching jabbawockeez performance, it my favourite hip-hop dancers
4:14 The best
ดนตรีต้นคลิปแม่งคุ้นๆ. ไอสัส
Jessie Z
yo give that camera man a medal 😂