Aussi HEAT Stroke!! 01.15.14

DON'T WATCH this video. LISTEN to it. LISTEN to what the commentators have to say about the sweltering HEAT that tennis players are forced to endure while the Australian Open tournament has a retractable ROOF with AIR CONDITIONING! Does this make any SENSE to you? Martina: "This is getting very dangerous. Does someone have to DIE before they CLOSE THE ROOF?" #TennisPlayerNeglect The rights to this video belong Tennis Channel and Australian Open. I am not profiting from this video, or any of my tv videos. The purpose of this particular video is to make an important point: TENNIS PLAYERS' HEALTH SHOULD BE THE NUMBER ONE CONCERN TO ALL TOURNAMENTS!! NOT RULES!! NOT MONEY!! NOT ANYTHING!!

Helen Ivanic
The tournament officials needs to realize that the Australian Open is held during the hottest season (summer). People are not designed to endure the summer season while playing tennis, are they nuts.
Rob P.
If it's 110 degrees, officials need to postpone the damn match. Humans are not meant to be walking around in 110 degrees let alone sprinting, it really doesn't even matter how good of shape you are in, that amount of heat will make anyone incredibly ill very quickly.
uknow who
Tradition is overrated. And tennis is quite susceptible to this Particular illness.
Kobe Donnellan
Australian weather 😂
Ice cold water and air circulation..
Jhay Jayme
Wasy to solve put roofs
Josh B
do you have  full coverage of this day by tennis channel? I'd be interested in watching full coverage and seeing what else happens.
Annette Elliott
Shut up Sharapova!