Megadeth - In My Darkest Hour - Live - Rude Awakening

Megadeth live, from the 2002 live DVD "Rude Awakening" Setlist: - Dread and the Fugitive Mind - Wake Up Dead - In My Darkest Hour - She-Wolf - Reckoning Day - Devil's Island - Burning Bridges - Hangar 18 - Return to Hangar - Hook in Mouth - 1000 Times Goodbye - Mechanix - Tornado of Souls - Ashes in Your Mouth - Sweating Bullets - Trust - Symphony of Destruction - Peace Sells - Holy Wars... the Punishment Due

John C
Dave Mustaine wrote most of this song in just one sitting after learning that bass player Cliff Burton had died in a tour bus accident while traveling with Metallica on their Master of Puppets tour. While he was a member of Metallica from 1981-1983, Mustaine became good friends with Burton; he fondly recalls driving to practice, listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd, and smoking pot with him. Mustaine says that when he heard the news, he headed straight to downtown Los Angeles, where he bought heroin. He began crying, and through the tears came up with "In My Darkest Hour." Burton's death was the inspiration for this song, but the lyrics are not directly about him, as the song is about remaining true to your friends and being there in their time of need. Mustaine didn't get a lot of support from his family, and also felt betrayed by Metallica when they kicked him out of the band.
Rambo P. Brown
i felt uncomfortable watching dave plays in my darkest hour without a double neck
Dave Mustaine - greatest of all time
Jesse Mellor
I'm just gonna say it. I love Al Pitrelli
Dean Latusek
Awesome song and production on one of the greatest Metal DVD's ever made.
I love this riff!
Rambo P. Brown
i felt uncomfortable watching dave plays in my darkest hour without a double neck
Ved More
no mustaine, no party (!!!!)
Megadeth is the Best !!!!!
Kal Man
4:-10 onwards that riff and mustaine head banging sickkkkkkkkkk metal
Daniel Carneiro
Please God, set me on my way!
Alisson Lordi
Felipe Huenchuman
en el minuto 2:13 la voz de mustaine se escucha rara
I guess this song sums up my life. ;/
Faizal 801006
pitrelli..the best guitarist megadeth
MiSaNTrop0 86
!!! yeah!!!
It's true
sven carlson
her flesh would be more than a dream, zipp
Sagar Pathak
Hahaha bitch!
Ioodame shullet
Dave is the best ,suck Metallica
Gianna Filicia
Metallica is Dave Mustaine's gay little brother.