EARTH - 100 years later (Documentary)

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EARTH - 100 years later from now - documentary This is video is created in accordance with US laws. To subscribe />Follow me on G+ : />Like us on FaceBook: /> The problems addressed in this documentary include current climate change, overpopulation, and misuse of energy resources. It's an idea that most of us would rather not face -- that within the next century, life as we know it could come to an end. Our civilization could crumble, leaving only traces of modern human existence behind. It seems outlandish, extreme -- even impossible. But according to cutting edge scientific research, it is a very real possibility. And unless we make drastic changes now, it could very well happen. But no one can predict the future, so how do we address the possibilities that lie ahead? /> />VdcqbPc3XYY

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where is danny black
hows watching this 2117???
akshay kk
hope YouTube still around when Im a 100 yrs
10:35 the wall saved us, trump was right!
Gas prices actually plummeted.
Matthew Segreto
Why does this documentary not talk about better tech.. They make it sound like we are hati or something the inventors of nothing
Jensen Alcock
I'm actually so scared now, I'm going to be alive for all this, well most of it.
gary manwell camilleri
this film is true but only if things then are as they are now but what theyre forgetting is that as problems start happening we will start finding solutions its what we humans do thanks to our evolving brains.
Liam White
Humanity can make it, we all have to get along and put money into researching and building ships for exploring space
Xpert Drifteam
thats what the illumunati keep telling us in movies
Vibs Loves the World
Aviation Teen
This thing summed up in 10 seconds: We're all gonna die. You're welcome
Mike V
This is why I prep.
prience raj
Time is short. Not everyone thinking about nature. Everyone busy in there own life. Hope everyone stop and think about our nature for a bit.....
Kenny Rogers
go to Wyoming go to Montana these people are evil the land has plenty to offer the Earth can handle at least 20 billion no problem these people are Eugenics they want to kill you wake up
Kaijin Is The Greatest !!!
Sooner it will be war, now is the competition Of colonising to other planet....
So basically they're predicting a bunch of movie plots will become reality within 100 years, that's cool....
Drunkend Zombie
My favorite part was the commercials every 5 minutes
Joel Harris
As new challenges test us, we find a way.
When the shit hits the fan.. we wont be around to witness it...
Gueldener Larry
very interesting and important topic
Funny Pets
We should be living on mars in the year 2100
Boston Sportsfan
Lol fear morngorers. You can really tell this was produced by lying libtards
This video is a great motivation
Of course u had to mess up with the Voices, ITS 2 EARLY
Lucky 7Luc
Alle 3 min. Werbung, ist der denn komplett geldgeil?
Behnam Karimpour Fard
at least nature survives for animals.
Charlie Bravo
If all the ice melted the sea levels would actually lower and O2 levels would rise 😂
Lee Holcombe
first comment?!?!?!
Jordan Carter
Real Shit. People need to heed these warnings...
Ayşe Ay
ıt is a really good video congrats
Max Soon
3rd comment oiiiii
saleh fouka
we were beginnig to understand but the clock was running out, the next will be worst
Jeanmarl Joseph
Funny how people think saying "cutting edge" makes their argument more viable.
Sebastien Thai
This is quite realistic, if we don't take action against climate change, this will happen
Raul Powell Jr
well if people stop reproducing themselves for no reason maybe this planet won't be too populated. some people keeps getting more than 5 kids and sometimes they don't even make enough money to feed them and pay for all the expenses. like before bringing a child make sure you are 100% ready or protect yourself plain and simple. 🤷‍♂️ I'm just saying
Markus Muhs
When the oil price spiked in 2015, I knew it was the beginning of the end... :(
Ban Sin Of Greed
this video is right
Colin Steadland
THIS IS LITERALLY A WORD FOR WORD PLAGIARIZE OF Earth: 2100 take this shit down i hope youtube deletes it
Colin Steadland
wow such a good video did you make it yourself?
samoa ji
U guys were wrong about 2016 why should I believe anything ur saying
City of Niles
Fear-mongering? Nonsense! People don't have enough to worry about so they worry about things they can't change.
I'm writing a story about a city 100 years in the future...this was pretty inspiring :)
Nazilatun Nimah
Kristers Krūka
Humans are like a viral infection, using Earth's resources, polluting and multiplying like rodents, and being completely ignorant of the consequences. Why did we ever even evolve, should have remained as tree hugging monkeys and the world would be a far better place. :P Of course our ability to find solutions is admirable, but with a population this massive, you can't really make a change, it's physically and figuratively impossible.
Michael Scott
it took me 6 minutes in, to realize I was watching a defunct campaign ad for the seltzer man Bernie Sanders
Great Motor Show
kimmie a
the Earth is on a cool down mood we are going into the next ice age
Terps_Football _90
I'm scared...
For some reason my phone doesn't play the ads HA
Death Angel
Lucy got deported stories over.
Sara Petersen
ok, i try to understand - we are going to run out of resources so no more global warming, right?
Orwellian propaganda
I am scare
Dario Sala
nice feauture (not)
I can see extreme draconian measures having to be taken to control people.
YungBoiKyds ;
im scared,idk why.
YungBoiKyds ;
why would ppl cut down trees
This is not helping my depression. At all. And I'm going to live to see this though D:
i don't agree with everything but i definitely agree with this whole idea- even stephen hawking says we need to relocate to mars in the next 100 years.
It’s not gonna change much maybe a war or more technology but nothing much
Who's watching this in 2105 and still alive?
Thor Johansen
welp i live in las vagas so uhhhhh. ima move to canada then.
Avatar Raptor
i actualy told myself i wont be watching these types of videos. except when their about space and the universe
Nino Blarrow
Splatoon is going to exist.
If none of us want this to be our future then we gotta stop and we need to fix the problems that’s wrong we have to start somewhere and we better do it before. It’s late!
Ryan Friedman
Some of the oldest people living by 2117 could quite possibly be my peers who would be around 116 - 117 years old
Akerly Dystic
When was this even made?