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This is the ringtone from One missed calll if you'd like to scare your friends download here (for iphone) If you have any requests feel free to email me with the song name and artist at [email protected]

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I remember setting this as my ring tone to scare my friends, but all it did was scare me anytime my phone rang at night...
This woman can do blowjob to 3 men at one time
Shayna Pace
I'm now just realizing the eyes are mouths screaming.
Sewoon is life and Ongniel is science
The original Japanse ringtone is so much scarier lol. This is cute, it could pass as a children's song.
Lucy Warner
I have just noticed that that monsters eyes are two people screaming. you cam see the teeth and nose
daniel hershkovits
this ringtone still gives me chills
Brockton Lazarus
This movie creeped me out so much when I first saw it that i wouldn't use a phone for at least 3 days
Katie A.
When this movie first came out I had a family member who was totally freaked out by that so I saw that as an opportunity to prank them. I changed their name in my phone to "TIME TO DIE,*their name*) and made that their ringtone. then left my phone on their bed slightly hidden and waited for them to call me when I casual mentioned to another family member that I couldn't find my phone. (loud enough for the prankee to hear) I know. I know. I'm a terrible person. but they did get a laugh out of it after the initial freak out. and yes, they have gotten me back a million times over since then. *ahh. good times.
Not as creepy as the original Japanese version.
I honestly think this is a lot creepier than the Japanese tone. I don't think the Japanese one is creepy at all
I like horror movies! I can watch any horror movie at anytime of the night or day whatever lmao they are cool I like being scared of fictional things. :D
Coby Valenzuela
This didnt give me ptsd flashblacks like i thought it would from when i ehard it as a kid
That was crappy :(. The original Japanese ringtone is so freaking scary! The fact that it was a children's TV song made it complete. Because Mimiko was a child... Why can't America re-make a movie well...
Austin Lowder
notes are C E G B G A G over and over
That face tho
Radical Rabbit
i remember hearing this when i was like 7  i learned how it feels to have your heart bursting out of your chest
jum hitty
I just realized the eyes were open mouths.....after all these
With more distortion this would've been scarier
After watching this movie I set this as several of my friends ringtones without them knowing. It was so much fun to freak them and other people out
comer weasley
this ringtone is my fear :v
dogs dinner
i couldnt sleep at night when i kept hearing this in my head
Weak Japanese version better. Us version just sounds like a lame bulkware ringtone that comes auto on your new cell
Yasmine Abed
euuh..that's creepy tbh
Noah Shelly
I'm not going to sleep tonight
I know how to play this on the piano
Monica Gatica
That's my ringtone
Latte Simmer
I want to set this as my friends ringtone to scare her hahahahahahahahahahahah
Prueba Samnsung
D game just keep! Denni..
Nyny Hv
putting that iPhone at the end sure comforted me lol
meh channel
lul not scary xD listen to the original one (japanese) thats scary! btw, usa plz dont copy japan :3
the original is better imo, this one sounds like a train station announcement. whereas the other sorta felt like a creepy impending doom which someone is doing for a laugh
The cringe master -BTB-
ohhhhh I know who to play a prank on hehehe😼
clockwork 2001
I like it
Cameelah Carter
That shit still scary
love my own
this is my phone ringtone
Doctor Grandma
The hell is wrong with you people? This is way creepier than the Japanese version.
Lala Killjoy
Japanese version is creepier tbh.
Mr Snrub
Thats not my ringtone 😳
Japanese horror sucks...American horror is better. Actually, anything made in USA is better than crappy Japanese crap.
It's Me, Andrea!
I once heard this ringtone in a public restroom while I was taking a piss...
Lenny The Hopeless
I think it's cute...
Gavin Tryde
I set this as my ringtone once
Lullaby music 😊😊
@Trude174 okay, show me the mansion..
@Trude174 kk, when you wanna do this?
I'm older than some and younger than others and I haven't yet seen this movie. Am I one of the cool kids now? :D *crosses fingers*
this isnt even scary, everyone needs to grow the fuck up, its a fucking ringtone..
Urban Exploration Finland with Janne Flinck
asian version of this movie and ringing tone is much scarier, wonder why they changed the ringtone??
@Taughtskiiii yes cause seeing people say this is scary is sad, and pathetic..
tejinder pal singh Randhawa
is my ringtone !!!!
I played this on my cellphone in the grocery store. On full volume. Imagine the reactions LMAO.
Stadium ARTs
@mbe102 Ugh as in *shudder* lol
Stadium ARTs
@thaBoomDocta Show her the trailer so she can see it in context. Ugh...
John's Crafting Lab
Paranormal activity is scary? Sorry but i saw that movie,but i didn't knew it till i read your comment :P The decent is awesome movie tough.
yeah the movie wasnt scary at ALL. too slow. good movie tho. creepy ringtone.
James MarinaSirtisFan
From a scary film, that's why.
objectively speaking, this isn't a particularly frightening or sinister ringtone - but it just sounds incredibly unnatural ...
Felizia Stridh
love it
RPGs For Raccoons
@thaBoomDocta ask your gf to never, EVAR! call you again. you will hear this
gαвву lσνєѕ gσт7
my sister downloaded this ringtone it went off when she thought her phone was dead so it scared the pee outta her!
If you only see the Picture from nose to mouth, and imagine other kind of eyes, you get "Me gusta"
@popcornscience3 It's about one missed call! lol jk it's a lot like the ring except... nowhere near as good.
that is one fucked up movie
sampea CAML
I find this ringtone much more soothing than ordinary ringtones.
Arisa Yasaratne
this one is more creepier than the japanese one but i think the two ringtones are still quite good
Oh my god, I hate that picture, hate this ringtone but I've got to have it on my phone! Love this movie.
why does people scare toe this ringtone?it is juz a ringtone.........not a ghost.........
This is my ringtone
i want to have this as a ringtone then my friends will be all like WTF WHOS PHONE IS THAT!?!?!? >:]
This is my ringtone xD
@TheLovelovelove321 I have it as my ringtone. It's fun during the day, creepy at night when I'm almost asleep.
Robert the Robot
knowing her eyes were just mouths would have spared me a couple sleepless nights as a kid
Don Coqui
This is a must have
Jingkiftic Films
Of course! The Japanese do everything better. Even when they remake American movies. They remade Ghost (the Pat Swayze movie) and I was shocked that they did a better job. Then again, I shouldn't have been all that shocked. I mean, THEY'RE JAPANESE!!
Jingkiftic Films
That doesn't surprise me. There's alot of that going on. Even The Uninvited was a remake of a Korean movie called The Tale of Two Sisters. Same story, but the Korean one did it much better. And I liked the American one of that one, too, so that shows how much better the Korean one is.
Ahh, I remember when everyone in school had this ringtone..
r u serious
me 2
Ad Shield
This sounds a TINY bit like the nightmare on elm street theme
@CrystalAnimes roflmaoo righttt??? hahaha .thats exactly how i
antishadow faheem
i put this on my phone and wen it rang this song cu up i was oh shit its true then wen went to pick it up it said one missed call i looket at it and it was mum i was like thank the lord
Dominique Beilschmidt
if I get 5 likes I will play this in the middle of a test and yell, "THEY ARE COMING!"
Dominique Beilschmidt
@ZombieChimps actually i did!! It was Oct 23 My 7th period in my vet class!! someone apparently hated this move cause it scared her....she slapped me xDD
Eduardo Chacon
I like the music
it does not scare me o.o its cute xD
shndō's spot
sexy lips............................
Catarina Darcy Melendez
Thats Not My Ringtone.......
Shea McMahon
the movie isnt that scary,but the ring tone is just plain creepy
Wait, I don't get it. Was that supposed to be scary??
ok the iphone at the end scared me more then the weird pic lmao
The Iphone scared the fuck outta me. Ima have nightmares now
Jason Mercier
This is lame
Japanese one is better. IF the Americans kept it it would have had a effect.
i have this ringtone! scary!! I havo the grudge ringtone to! scary!! xD
thats not scary that was cute not to mention im a ginger. that sinister he steels that childrens souls but lucky for us gingers we aint gonna die!!!!
@FuckerRose put it as your ringtone now !
this is my ringtone for when i get calls lol
Not as good as the original Japanese version. :c