One missed call ringtone + download

This is the ringtone from One missed calll if you'd like to scare your friends download here (for iphone) If you have any requests feel free to email me with the song name and artist at [email protected]com

I remember setting this as my ring tone to scare my friends, but all it did was scare me anytime my phone rang at night...
Shayna Pace
I'm now just realizing the eyes are mouths screaming.
Brockton Lazarus
This movie creeped me out so much when I first saw it that i wouldn't use a phone for at least 3 days
Blake Hunter
Who’s in 2018 listening to this? Me and my girlfriend where watching this movie yesterday and it scared the shit outta her😂
daniel hershkovits
this ringtone still gives me chills
Austin Lowder
notes are C E G B G A G over and over
I honestly think this is a lot creepier than the Japanese tone. I don't think the Japanese one is creepy at all
It's Me, Andrea!
I once heard this ringtone in a public restroom while I was taking a piss...
Lucy Warner
I have just noticed that that monsters eyes are two people screaming. you cam see the teeth and nose
Sewoon is life and Ongniel is science
The original Japanse ringtone is so much scarier lol. This is cute, it could pass as a children's song.
Coby Valenzuela
This didnt give me ptsd flashblacks like i thought it would from when i ehard it as a kid
Katie A.
When this movie first came out I had a family member who was totally freaked out by that so I saw that as an opportunity to prank them. I changed their name in my phone to "TIME TO DIE,*their name*) and made that their ringtone. then left my phone on their bed slightly hidden and waited for them to call me when I casual mentioned to another family member that I couldn't find my phone. (loud enough for the prankee to hear) I know. I know. I'm a terrible person. but they did get a laugh out of it after the initial freak out. and yes, they have gotten me back a million times over since then. *ahh. good times.
I like horror movies! I can watch any horror movie at anytime of the night or day whatever lmao they are cool I like being scared of fictional things. :D
Ultra Gamer
This sounds like a bed time song
Monica Gatica
That's my ringtone
Brian Rene
*me gets a call with this ringtone and answers* Me: New phone,Who dis
Pill Bug
i remember hearing this when i was like 7  i learned how it feels to have your heart bursting out of your chest
Lenny The Hopeless
I think it's cute...
jum hitty
I just realized the eyes were open mouths.....after all these
dogs dinner
i couldnt sleep at night when i kept hearing this in my head
Nyny Hv
putting that iPhone at the end sure comforted me lol
Prueba Samnsung
D game just keep! Denni..
After watching this movie I set this as several of my friends ringtones without them knowing. It was so much fun to freak them and other people out
comer weasley
this ringtone is my fear :v
Weak Japanese version better. Us version just sounds like a lame bulkware ringtone that comes auto on your new cell
Lala Acosta
This is my current ringtone! (y)
the original is better imo, this one sounds like a train station announcement. whereas the other sorta felt like a creepy impending doom which someone is doing for a laugh
That face tho
The funniest moment is
I want to change it to my ringtone but don't want to poop my pants everytime someone calls me
Mickey Sato
I think the Japanese version sounds more horrifying.
Ash Beatte
Put the speed at 0.25 it's horrifying
Devin Quinn
the end of this is not the proper ringtone
With more distortion this would've been scarier
Wiggyy x
This is my ringtone to my phone haha
iaint sorry
yup interesting how who ever created the tune managed to make it creepy somehow
Weston Reisch
this is the ringtone for my phone...literally! :O
That'll be my ringtone. Fancy that on a tram full of people when someone calls :p
Courtney Kendall
That's where I watch all of my movies..(:
watch the original of "the ring" o.0
kayne smale
Katie u r a psycho u r a obsessed with it and u r scared of it i do not get u at all
Skull Face
lets all take a moment to enjoy the fact that the eyes are mouths / noses.
stories for the worms.
Not yet Wade....keep dreaming...
Douglas Cano
(cont'd) The Americans fucked up the remake because: A.) They were trying to recreate the success of The Ring, a remake of another Asian horror movie, though that one was a straight up genre flick. B.) The people behind One Missed Call decided that not only were they gonna make another generic boring Japanese remake without much effort, but also take the premise poe-faced serious. I'm so shocked it has a 0% on RottenTomatoes.
Douglas Cano
What people don't seem to get about the original Japanese "One Missed Call" (which is titled Chakushin Ari) is that it really isn't a straight up horror movie - it's intended to be a dark parody of ridiculous horrors movies with silly premises to them. Like having a haunted cellphone kill people off. Doesn't anyone see how goofy that sounds when you say it like that?
Well conclusion is , asians are better in everything they do . Thank god for the rare times americans make a decent remake.
Jingkiftic Films
That doesn't surprise me. There's alot of that going on. Even The Uninvited was a remake of a Korean movie called The Tale of Two Sisters. Same story, but the Korean one did it much better. And I liked the American one of that one, too, so that shows how much better the Korean one is.
its cute :D
Just saying though , One missed call is a japanese movie re-made by the americans.
i watched one missed call when i was eight :o
Emma Lester
Help someone! Me and my friend are on the phone and down the phone we hear music like this
Benjy .K
Awesome thank you
Jingkiftic Films
Of course! The Japanese do everything better. Even when they remake American movies. They remade Ghost (the Pat Swayze movie) and I was shocked that they did a better job. Then again, I shouldn't have been all that shocked. I mean, THEY'RE JAPANESE!!
One awesome movie ^^
Grim Hatter
Where do i find this!! please do tell
Aww wade
Wade lol
Rian Fitzmaurice Condron
we love you wade<3
In Wades mouth!
Rebecca Bjorklund
oh jeez wade x) you're always cool in my book
nick meza
Your a cool kid now wade
Whats with the eye mouth?
I'm older than some and younger than others and I haven't yet seen this movie. Am I one of the cool kids now? :D *crosses fingers*
Gerard Way
O_o im 12 and i watched the movie, I've also watched Ju-On (The Grudge), The Tooth Fairy (Which is a very gory movie), The slit mouth woman, Body 19, and more! Im big on asian horror movies. English movies suck. This one and the Tooth Fairy apperently didnt though xD
Gerard Way
The most beautiful song ever ^-^
charles gonzales
Don't do it man my brother dead now true story
I take that back
Dat face is cute
Meh... dat face... .-.
Im playing this on my phone after I watch the movie with my friends
dan laesu
WTF inside the school
Silvana Luna
Oh, you are so cool... not!
Azmy Helloween
Japanese version is much more scarier than the American version...
When i was a kid. like 6 or 7 this ringtone scared the fuck out of me
Kolby Lester
Shut it oR I kILl Ur SoUl!
monica martinez
hahahaha lmfao so true
Ghosth Dahh
Shut it loser both are good
The US version sucks. So did the movie. The original One Missed Call, and the ringtone is much better, and creepier than the ice cream truck melody.
That was crappy :(. The original Japanese ringtone is so freaking scary! The fact that it was a children's TV song made it complete. Because Mimiko was a child... Why can't America re-make a movie well...
Lola Gubler
The fact that this beautiful melody, psychopaths desires awakened in me.
there was a third one? Sweet, now i need to look it up.
karim barbary
The only scary thing about the movie is the poster
Ethan Wolfcat
There are 3 movies. Chakushin Ari Chakushin Ari 2 Chakushin Ari Final
Not as creepy as the original Japanese version.
Ethan Wolfcat
The original japanese version is more freakier to my opinion. As well as the movie. This one sounds like an ice cream truck. Again, my opinion. I suggest to give watch to the original japanese movie. You will like it =)
i wont see one missed call but i can't see cuz very frightening i look really coward;D
Bitch please, I didn't even need phones anyways *Burns all devices*
Doctor Grandma
The hell is wrong with you people? This is way creepier than the Japanese version.
Mina Kontinen
This creeps me up
Last time i played this prank it was on a girl with whom i watched the film earlier on.We had a sleepover at friend's house and i did the prank while she went asleep.I had to convince her for 20 minutes that she wouldn't die.
me so much
this music scared
This woman can do blowjob to 3 men at one time
Princess PuppyCat
I love the ringtone I have it as mine my friends screams every time XDD
george aka Angrycheese
Me: 0:17 this isn't scary at all 0:18 HOLY FUCKING SHIT
The Fisher Project
I really liked this film. it was so well done.
Piotr Karpowicz
another badass
Eduardo Chacon
I like the music