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This is the ringtone from One missed calll if you'd like to scare your friends download here (for iphone) If you have any requests feel free to email me with the song name and artist at [email protected]

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I remember setting this as my ring tone to scare my friends, but all it did was scare me anytime my phone rang at night...
This woman can do blowjob to 3 men at one time
Shayna Pace
I'm now just realizing the eyes are mouths screaming.
Sewoon is life and Ongniel is science
The original Japanse ringtone is so much scarier lol. This is cute, it could pass as a children's song.
Brockton Lazarus
This movie creeped me out so much when I first saw it that i wouldn't use a phone for at least 3 days
I honestly think this is a lot creepier than the Japanese tone. I don't think the Japanese one is creepy at all
It's Me, Andrea!
I once heard this ringtone in a public restroom while I was taking a piss...
daniel hershkovits
this ringtone still gives me chills
Lucy Warner
I have just noticed that that monsters eyes are two people screaming. you cam see the teeth and nose
Not as creepy as the original Japanese version.
I like horror movies! I can watch any horror movie at anytime of the night or day whatever lmao they are cool I like being scared of fictional things. :D
Coby Valenzuela
This didnt give me ptsd flashblacks like i thought it would from when i ehard it as a kid
Katie A.
When this movie first came out I had a family member who was totally freaked out by that so I saw that as an opportunity to prank them. I changed their name in my phone to "TIME TO DIE,*their name*) and made that their ringtone. then left my phone on their bed slightly hidden and waited for them to call me when I casual mentioned to another family member that I couldn't find my phone. (loud enough for the prankee to hear) I know. I know. I'm a terrible person. but they did get a laugh out of it after the initial freak out. and yes, they have gotten me back a million times over since then. *ahh. good times.
Austin Lowder
notes are C E G B G A G over and over
That was crappy :(. The original Japanese ringtone is so freaking scary! The fact that it was a children's TV song made it complete. Because Mimiko was a child... Why can't America re-make a movie well...
jum hitty
I just realized the eyes were open mouths.....after all these
Lenny The Hopeless
I think it's cute...
After watching this movie I set this as several of my friends ringtones without them knowing. It was so much fun to freak them and other people out
i remember hearing this when i was like 7  i learned how it feels to have your heart bursting out of your chest
Doctor Grandma
The hell is wrong with you people? This is way creepier than the Japanese version.
dogs dinner
i couldnt sleep at night when i kept hearing this in my head
Prueba Samnsung
D game just keep! Denni..
Nyny Hv
putting that iPhone at the end sure comforted me lol
Mr Snrub
Thats not my ringtone 😳
Weak Japanese version better. Us version just sounds like a lame bulkware ringtone that comes auto on your new cell
Cyan Fortnite
I'm not going to sleep tonight
Monica Gatica
That's my ringtone
I know how to play this on the piano
That face tho
the original is better imo, this one sounds like a train station announcement. whereas the other sorta felt like a creepy impending doom which someone is doing for a laugh
Latte Simmer
I want to set this as my friends ringtone to scare her hahahahahahahahahahahah
Gavin Tryde
I set this as my ringtone once
The cringe master -BTB-
ohhhhh I know who to play a prank on hehehe😼
love my own
this is my phone ringtone
Cameelah Carter
That shit still scary
comer weasley
this ringtone is my fear :v
Lullaby music 😊😊
With more distortion this would've been scarier
clockwork 2001
I like it
Yasmine Abed
euuh..that's creepy tbh
meh channel
lul not scary xD listen to the original one (japanese) thats scary! btw, usa plz dont copy japan :3
Lala Killjoy
Japanese version is creepier tbh.
Jay Lawrence
I remember I bought this movie on dvd when I was I think 17, and all of my friends were scared of just the cover alone! Also I left it out in the living room one time and Mom told me to put it away cus of the cover XD
Pál Péter Ballabás
Helló.a hangot le szeretném menteni csengőhangnak!!!vki tudna segíteni?
This is the most funniest thing ever. Since i was a kid i got scared of my phone to make that ringtone
Suicidal Forest
this version sucks ass. the japanese version and movie as well are 10 billion times better. well you cant even compare it to each other.
Gregor The Brave
this is not creepy at all.Japanese version is better
I'm Chloe
i heard something similar and for a second i thought it was this and i panicked
Robert the Robot
knowing her eyes were just mouths would have spared me a couple sleepless nights as a kid
Denis Memetovic
Mama Mia ist das gruselig wow 😯😯😯
The funniest moment is
I want to change it to my ringtone but don't want to poop my pants everytime someone calls me
west side
I down this song to my phone,,, but I can't found it.. I want to scare my brother but now , Im scared!!!
Devin Quinn
the end of this is not the proper ringtone
Mickey Sato
I think the Japanese version sounds more horrifying.
Making this my own ringtone lol
If I replied then you are either smart or stupid
Lol this isn’t scary. The Japanese ringtone is scarier than this.
How is this scary?
Martha Becerra
Muy chebre la pelicula
Erick Sigler
That tune is a nightmare I even have the movie it's my nightmare.
I don't get why everyone is saying this is creepy what
Lillian Spain
omg my mom and my sisters watched this and my mom downloaded the ringtone and left her phone in my sisters room grabbed my dad's phone and called it they ran up stairs freaking out😂😂
Weston Reisch
this is the ringtone for my phone...literally! :O
iaint sorry
yup interesting how who ever created the tune managed to make it creepy somehow
Did somebody else see that the eyes are mouths
Joseph McBroseph
Just realized that his eyes are actually mouths 0_0
Lala Acosta
This is my current ringtone! (y)
David Blair-edgin
yall stuip i notixed that fist time i sall it
objectively speaking, this isn't a particularly frightening or sinister ringtone - but it just sounds incredibly unnatural ...
Wuncler Laufenbum Cornelius Ulysses Albrecht LVX
The poster alone used to scare me when I was a kid...HA! I watch the movie now whenever I'm in a bad mood. That face is unintentionally side splitting.
Ahh, I remember when everyone in school had this ringtone..
Guys help me, I want my ringtone to be like the one missed call ringtone, but Idk how..
MK Hamsi
Today i went to a new school i talked with the teacher and after the talk i heard the ringtone but i dont knew where it came from
Atom Smasher
The Japanese one is way creepier.
Xmaster Jedi
Everytime I think about it it's not scary then when I actually hear it it creeps me out. Oh yeah, and I pranked my mom with it
mira sd
tres beau film je l ai vu il y a des années et je Vais utiliser ça comme sonnerie 😁
Valree Lysaght
Love this ringtone.
Olja Veljkovic
My cousin had it for ringtine and someone called hin at 2 AM and started screaming Because of him i shit my self
Wiggyy x
This is my ringtone to my phone haha
hassoun hashem
nice music
Jay Legue
Horror movies are the best yahh
Mitchell Ramage
I would so get this on Itunes If I had a Iphone
fail, i don't hear de little percusion
Ash Beatte
Put the speed at 0.25 it's horrifying
Ella Bieling
this ringtone gave me the shots when I was younger OML and I have found it on my kill me I have no self control WHY DID I LOOK FOR THIS
This lips though
Selena gray vlogs
I use this to scare my friend and she hates and scared of this song
Rebel Alliance
This us my ringtone whenever my parents call.
Bet C
Alice Thompson
I love the one miss call.
Shazeda Hussain
Japan us better
Zuleyka Valentin
I hear this and i think of ice cream..
Katrina Causer
Omg I was in class and my phone was ringing this tune ahaha everyone was like dafuq?
Wyne Chloe Bayquen
cute ringtone...
Solomon Darden
how would you play a prank with this
Prueba Samnsung
Descarga el puto ringtone.. D.A.I.M
Paige Clark
Sup Kitty Paul1
sampea CAML
I find this ringtone much more soothing than ordinary ringtones.
That face is scaring me pls
Franky Palos