Eva 01 Berserk (EPIC MOMENT)

Audio Jap , sub esp. Recorte del capitulo 19 de Neon Genesis Evangelion, en el que el Eva 01 entra en modo berserk.


I remember watching this scene, when I was just 12 years old, and thinking: "That is the weirdest shit I've seen in my life". As an adult now, I still think that.
Japanese voice acting with Spanish subtitles and English comments
eva 01s berserk mode is literally just "dont talk to me or my son ever again"
wow shinji's mom is hot
Sir Moustachington The III
Because using highly unstable giant biomechanoids piloted by teenagers with mental disorders is totally a good idea.
It’s no wonder Shinji had such a hard time at school. Kid #1 : “My mom’s a cop!” Kid #2: “Oh yeah? Well my mom’s a doctor!!” Shinji: “My mom ate an Angel and became God.”
NebulaCosmos X
Makes Titan Eren look pathetic.
Jeez, i love how isntead of giving it some generic roar, they gave it that howl, it sounds so errily human, so wonderfully creepy.
Second Ascension
rebuild's rage mode awakening is really something to behold, but nothing compares to the way the evangelion was expressed in this version. the way it moved, the sounds it made, and the expressiveness of it's nature were so much more, natural. the way she stops to look up from Zeruel at the end was especially reminiscent of a large mammal in nature, spooked from it's kill. the difference of this from rebuild was the difference of Alien from Predator. while the predator is far more advanced and flashy, the alien is infamous and far more primal.
Passenger 1234
"With the Eva-01 cornered, the Angel Zeruel attempts to break into its plug and destroy the core but all of a sudden, the wild Eva-01 reactivates and savages the Angel Zeruel. Like a maddened beast, the Eva-01 rises back up and howls like a rabid monster. It manifests its AT-Field and slams Zeruel, causing it most grievous wounds. Closing in on the now weak and vulnerable extraterrestrial, the Eva-01 looks it in the eye before devouring its new nourishment, settling the hunt."Brought to you by National Evagraphics.
Sara D. Baggerly
This scene is even more haunting when you think about the fact that the Evas are living creatures who are technically human.
I bet S² organ tastes like apocalyptic chicken.
シンジ 「動け動け動け動け動け動け!」 初号機 「動くからうるさいわ!」 シンジ 「(´・ω・`)」
このシーンかなりアレやけど個人的に初号機がまばたきしてるのが可愛いと思う同士おる? 使徒って不味そう(小波感)
ns sa
ユイ「息子に良くも殴ってくれたわねえ」(#^ω^)ピキピキ ユイ「にしても美味しそうね、、、食べましょうか」 ドゴンドゴン ゼルエル「これはあかん」 ユイ「頂きまーす」 ゼルエル(\(^o^)/) 見せられマッセーーン ユイ「なぜか力が溢れてくるわ」 3秒ご ブチッバン←拘束具が弾けた音 ユイ「あ、、、、、、やっちゃった」 ユイ「すいませんネルフの皆さん」
"Commander Ikari, how will we explain this to SEELE?" "Ah, yes. We're fucking fired Fuyutski."
Devy-Kun 1.0
"This is what you get for messing with my son".
TikO LoRd
0:00 until 0:18 me trying to turn on my old pc
ヱヴァンゲリヲン 破でシンクロ率400%が無くなって 落ち込んだ人👍
I love this scene because of how primal and primitive the Evangelion is during its Beast mode. The Rebuilds version of this scene does not compare at all.
I literally can't stop watching this scene. It's so chilling. The Eva acts like such an animal here, something that is purely instinctual, and can't be controlled. It's so different from anything we've seen before, and having everybody look on in horror as they see the monster they've created is great. The music also sells this moment too, being grandiose and large but also has a hint of creepiness to it as well. I just love this scene, and I can't wait to watch it in the movies.
0:35 I feel like 01 is trying to tell the angel like "Nigga you fucked up"
Meme Man
1:19 Me when the Pizza Rolls are done
Abi Mael
Por qué hay mas gringos que hispanohablantes si esto está subtitulado en español :'v
go home EVA your drunk lol
Sergio Ramos
WakaGame_mobile HIGHspecz!!!!
mother knows best (^-^)
Imagine being 9 years old watching this series everyday than one day this happens, holy shit
EVA unit 01 did "dont talk to me or my son ever again" before it was cool
12048462 Clhoe
Shinji, why can't you be more like your mom? She is so beast.
AE 86
By eating the angel, EVA01 obtained the power of the fruit of life, plus it is a clone of Lilith holding the power of knowledge, so now it has become a god. However, I am always wondering who is behind this move, Shinji, his mom or the mindless clone of Lilith?
食事中に見たから…… 食欲上がって来た(*≧∀≦*)
Mr. Birdasaur
1:06 to 1:11 is the best sound that ever came from any speaker
Daniel Martinez
Japanese animation is divided into before Evangelion and after Evangelion
Leo 130
El modo berserk del Eva 01 siempre sera una delicia verlo
Giant, cybernetically enhanced humanoid roams the forest in search of its prey? Ah, nature channel~
*me throughout watching this show* "Boy, I am sure excited to watch giant robots fighting aliens" *episodes up to this scene later* "Oh..."
Kurt Rozentaun
I've got nightmares after i saw this first time o_o
動け動けよ! やっべ動いちゃった
動きが生々しい… 野生動物みたい
Ronald Cooper
I still prefer this version to the new movie version.
There is a startling amount of similarities between Eva and Aot both involve children suffering whilst fighting giant monsters that pose a law threat to humanity, the main character is angsty and angry, uses a giant form that can go absolutely goddamn savage and has the influence of a real person within it, both have asshole fathers in some regard, and there is a sort of one sided relationship going on at some pint or another. Obviously Eva takes most of these and escalates them to 12 whilst attack on Titan tends to keep it at a nice cool 7.
Vicho LovesTurtles
And this is how they blew their budget
After seeing this scene, it feels like attack on titan was based on Evangelion(me being the dumbass just realized this)But with giving an "ideal" character who is "more badass" than shinji according to numerous viewers. Yet both become part of something they don't want to be. Eren did not want to become a Titan and Shinji didn't want to become an Eva Pilot. Chill I just watched this anime like 1 week ago.
Gianlu C
Una pregunta,ta rico el angel?
Lord Valdomero
Best milf
Elijah Gillespie
As someone who hasn't seen this anime, this shit is spook as all hell.
V. S. Cosplay
Zeruel: *poke poke poke poke poke* Yui: STOP. POKING. ME.
Afro Senshi
that aint no mecha last i checked mecha derived from "mechanical" and last i checked "mechanical" things don't have guts and fleshy limbs and blood.
Username Unknown
I used to watch this on adult swim when it first aired. I was like 8 years old. Didn't understand it too well so I recently rewatched it and OOOHHMYGOOOD too good. So dark yet so brilliant. It's so fucked up but that's what made me stay through the entire series
james lebau
esta serie es muy rara pero buena la animacion!
The animation is so awesome. love how animalistic they show the Eva unit to be in this. and the howling is so haunting. The music so epic..
Tabris Armisael
Porque puro comentario en inglés si los subtítulos están en español alv
Lord of Art
We already got hints of EVA's bio-mechanical nature before, but nothing was as much 'in the face' as this scene (That is why I find it so memorable). It made me wonder what Adam and Lillith where like at the dawn of time. Did they interact with humanity at decent, civilized terms or were they as beast-like as EVA-01 shows here?
Junko Oba
BNR34CuEMアフターバーナー スバルインプレッサWRC2001ラリー・オブ・グレートブリテン BNR34CuEMステッパー、BNR34CuEMテラショック、BNR34CuEMアイアンハイド、、BNR34CuEMバンブルビー、BNR34CuEMスコーン、BNR34CuEMサンダーフーフ BNR34CuEMブローン 鶴岡伊都 栗原良 ダッジ・ネオン エヴァンゲリオンRT初号機アップル紫電はドラゴ モデューロ NSX CONCEPT-GTとエヴァンゲリオンRT初号機アップル紫電 GT300クラス Cars Tokai Dream28 レーシングカー 2号車 エヴァンゲリオンRT初号機アップル紫電 高橋 一穂 加藤 寛規 伝説の伊戸ディセプティコン初代強襲員 スプレマシーマーダー カスタム スプレマシーマーダー紫電ダイノボットは首都高番長にはっきりさせて行く為!wwwwwwww それは命令だ!wwwwwまずい食べられてしまうからだよ!wwwwww
エヴァンゲリヲン覚醒 パイロット→碇シンジ 第14使徒敗北。(10使徒) 第14使徒補食。 使徒と一体になり、 本当の「覚醒」になる。 その姿は「エヴァンゲリヲン初号機」ではなく…… エヴァの「本当の姿」。 梗塞部を自ら外し、 まさに…「エヴァンゲリヲン初号機本当の覚醒」である。 最初の青い魂は覚醒への 「道」である。 シンクロ率400%を越えてる、詰まりは、 「エヴァンゲリヲン初号機と一心同体」。 エヴァンゲリヲン初号機の「コア」は、 碇シンジのお母さん。 「碇結衣」 自ら実験の試し人?になり 初号機と一心同体になった。 それもゼーレ・碇ゲンドウの計画なのであろう。 最後にエヴァンゲリヲンでは無くなった初号機。 あれは、 「人造人間エヴァンゲリヲン」 本当の姿。 (「本当の姿」を結構使ってすみません💦)
Marcin Pasternacki
That scene when Eva walks on all-four like some kind of ape (not to mention ape-like sounds it makes) was pretty disturbing (like anything wasn't disturbing in this anime, but that's another thing). If you don't know that Eva is a living organism, it looks like Shinji has lost his human mind and rendered to more primitive, animal-like state. If you do - Shinji is inside a wild, aggressive animal he has no control over. Either way, it looks pretty bad. Bonus points if you know that chimps, our closest relatives, are pretty agressive and they do kill and eat other primates...
Cristian Villegas
no entiendo, esta en japones, con subtitulos al español, hay comentarios en ingles
christian t.a.
despues de esta escena nunca volvi a ser el mismo :v
日本の人でまだ見てる人 いるかな(´・ω・`)
oq You Dont Know Jack po
still wondering about this episode, i cant really fit this one in because later this "primaly part" of eva´s never show this way again. I mean why is it "primial" its shinjis mom. Is the point in this all human are in its "true from" primial? I have no problem with any part else :/
とっとこ〜走るよ *エヴァたろ〜*
Jose Juan Rivera Reyes
Don't talk to me or my son ever again.
Geoff Hoppe
It's been fourteen years and it's 12:22 AM and I still get chills. #sorrynotsorry
A1 Kairo kairo
wth why it sound like a drunk gorilla wtf unit 01
And then Unit 01 tackles the Main Command and stares at Gendo "Dear, I see that my son is mentally unstable, in excruciating pain, most likely traumatized and that I'm a giant robot, let's have a talk shall we?"
Antoni Grabowski
I wonder what shinji felt when he was in there....
"angry mom noises"
Cannibalism at its finest
most brilliant animation ever made
Big Papa Pussi Puff the Magic Daddy
0:27 literally every mother that finds the parents of the child that bullies their children.
so many details in this scene make it so amazing, i mean, when the eva blinks at 1:37, showing it is alive, when it acted like an ape before jumping on its pray and letting itself loose... it's just amazing
That scream at the end sounds like a gorilla with down syndrome lol
わしゃ わしゃ
ミサト、エヴァが四つん這いで動くところ Gを見たような顔するなよw
Aaron Landry
This scene still makes me cry a little.
This version is much better than rebuild.
The Irish Elite
Great scene and all, but is it just me or does Eva 1's screams sound so freakin stupid that it makes you laugh in a moment meant to be taken seriously?
Amse Dzaferovic
Guys, both Versions of a berserk Eva unit 01 are great in their own ways. While the rebuild Version has that epic god like mode the original Version had that creepy and unsettling kind of feeling. I think that is why most people prefer the original Version more, since it is scarier because of how human Eva Unit 01 looks even though it isnt a human at all. The god like Mode is epic too in rebuild but sometimes a little too over dramatic than it should be. Dont understand me wrong, i love both Versions very much. But i kind of like the original Version a little bit better too. I mean it is truly scarier that the Unit 01 acts so much on a primal instinct to protect Shinji (because it is Shinjis moms soul that makes the Unit 01 going into berserk mode) and to destroy the angel by devouring it. The original Version has that uncanny Vally kind of feeling since the Evas have so many atributes that looks so human, like when Unit 01 regenerates its arm it is nothig more but a giant human arm, espacially Unit 01 since it was created from Lillith and not from Adam like the other Evas. And instincts are very hard to control, even we humans still act on our instincts in most situations and no matter how much time has gone the instinct will never disappear not matter how much we want to have order in our body and mind. Please just look what you like better instead of bickering on what Version is better. I just hope i didnt offend anyone.
Wild Child
This scene kicked ass! It was great, correction, is great!
Howard Johnson
This is obscenely higher quality, in every single possible way, when compared to the completely trash rebuild movies. Hell, the rebuilds don't even stand on their own, they are pure avant-garde-grade garbage. Cheap CG and nonsensical plot for days, clearly worth tens-of-millions of dollars.
Boy did i miss that howl in the rebuilds, such a shame they didn't use it- it really showed eva as a primordial power not to be fucked with
2:10 カメラ目線やめろ