Alice in Chains - Sonisphere Festival 2010 [TV Special] HD

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01.08.10 Knebworth House, Stevenage, England video is owned I-Concerts Television 00:20 . Check My Brain 04:20 . Interview 04:46 . Them Bones 07:30 . Rain When I Die 13:04 . Interview 13:25 . Your Decision 18:03 . Acid Bubble 24:36 . Interview 25:39 . Would?. Line Up Jerry Cantrell Sean Kinney Mike Inez William DuVall RIP Layne Staley

Justin Mays
that bass tone is mean as hell sounding! AIC rules!!
King Kenny
Love this band....with Layne....with William ❤️🤟🎸
Acid Bubble is a masterpiece
Right Fuckinh
Damn dude. Mikes bass tone is brutal. Must have a pretty gnarly fuzz pedal on it.
Texas Turner
They sound great. Duvall kills it !
Ultim4te guitarist
05:36 you're welcome.
Todd Andrews
Love these guys seen them 3times
Elias Figueroa
Alice rules!!!
Dr Mantis Toboggan
I dont know if it was the small venue but Mike's bass at the Oklahoma concert shook my balls more than a usual show. Maybe he turned it up to 11.
Johnny Knight
Nice bass!
ctp Mark
Friggin excellent show!!
Eddie Muniz
Do they have their own sound man or do they hire one for each city!
Oscar Picon
Will on Acid Bubble, wow.
K.o. Games
Muito foda!!
Adam Turner
Still cant take to wils voice,(seems so up his ass) Great performance all around tho. New album in august.
Chris Tinacan
Is William gettin' into MetalZone? Oh, sounds crap...
Diego Dls
Qisiera saber qe musica es la del intro del video por favor! Gracias
williams performance seems phoney baloney to me.
Patrick C. McEvoy
So glad that they kept it going... Lots of great bands have suffered the loss of an irreplaceable member, yet continued with a replacement ,lesser though they may be, because even a lesser version of Alice is still a damn site better than most bands now.
Chewang Sherpa
And hence it's good to see AIC "moves on".No traumas😎..and no mental pressures like "Check my brains😎"
Renato Guns2014
uaua que banda pesada