TOP ROBOT FAIL COMPILATION 2018 Watch Part 2 here: /> I made a compilation of top robot fails 2018. Robots are in development for years. But they are not still perfect. So they create the fail attempts which look hilarious and funny. .......................................................... If you have copyright issues. send me email at [email protected] I will happily take the video down. ................................................................................................................ Credits: Simone Giertz. Watch her channel for more fun robots. /> The Baby - /> Original Channel- /> Hope You will like this funny video of robot fails. ................................................................................................................ If you like this video, Share this to your friends. ................................................................................................................. Subscribe here for more videos. /> Try not to laugh challenge Try not to laugh 100% #robotfails #funnyrobotfails

Fact Hunter
Part 2 is here <3 :
blackberry straw
4:40 the best part of the video
Abdullah Zaheer
4:27 when someone tries to motivate u for ur exams .....and u fail miserably
Don't steal meh potaties
4:43 Robot: JOHNNY JOHNNY BEEN BAD TODAY! Robot: **yeets Johnny Johnny to Australia**
Hey At 2:31 it worked😂😂😂😂
Choco_Chippy 321
9:15 me walking around without my glasses on!😂
Smile Dawg
0:52 omg her neck ah
Tomato Scout
1:42 “here’s your beer master wait no *MY BEER* “
Michaela Towns
2:58 when yo mom say eat all your veggies but you refuse
8:40 how did it light a salad on fire? What trickery is this?
Angel ASMR
*6:22** that's so cringe , embarrassing and hilarious at the same time lol xx*
Kathy Kathy
2:24 Where do I get one of these?
The SK Sisters
*Will smith got friendzoned by a robot😭*
dharmender thakur
6:20 can do perfect hand job 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
6:14 I've heard of muscle memory, *_BUT THIS IS RIDIIIIICULOUS_* * Cue laugh track 14 *
samira Life
Turn it blue if ur watching in April 2019 👇👇
Literally nobody is gonna talk about 1:25 ?
terrier animations
4:42 *what would you do if a child was in front of you*
Rhenmar Villena
its not fail its true XD 0:02
Keeping up With Kemkem
Robot: smacks the fake human with spoon* Me:this is why u have to test robots on a dummy
Nikos Georgakis
I remember a time where people made robots to help handicap people. Now they're just making the robots handicap.
1:14 rejected by a robot lol Friend Zone
4:00 Dude: {Pushes Box Away} Robot: Am I a Joke to you?
Cuka Beludo
I need that alarm
issamoon `
TJ Gacha
6:31 the host reaction XD look at his faceee XD
Jenna Burbar
4:49 me on the first day of school
-*#The Epic Lion#*-
Me: yay i got pepperoni pizza Baby sister: uh i want pepperoni pizza PLEASEEEE CRYINGGGG a DAD: give it to her Me: OK FINE JEEZ LOL 2:57
6:34 you know why it goes up and down Lol
Nathan Martin
1:30 Mom: SON WTF ARE YOU WATCHING Me: just robot porn Dad: thank god it’s not gay porn Mom: 💣🗡🔫⛏
Nico Buttacavoli
0:10 The Joker’s dream machine!!! 😅🤣😅
Fanglin Gao
The robot punches the baby’s face and give it the milk 🥛 😂😂
Choustin Y.
This shows that we still have to do some progress in technology
1:58 I was crying so hard LMFAO 😂 😂 😂
Dori TN
This is exactly how out world is gonna be after 30 years.Not kidding.
Zinx 19
Are just gonna put aside the fact that will smith tried to kiss a robot? Sry if there's any grammar mistakes
4:25 that dude will be the reason why robots take over
Itz Becca
1 like 1 less robot being made to do everything Yes i liked my own comment
RadioGaming Mark428
Dad:what are u doing Son:nothing beating my meat Dad:oh ok have fun Lol 6:20
Midnightdragon_ 105
I love how when the robots would make a mess and the people would be so casual about it 😂
2:58 *Ralph trying to make alice eat the rat*
Blueberry GamerTM
*Please don’t tell me stripper-bots are a thing.*
Xø Mearah
The first one y’all need to take her apart
Choustin Y.
0:11 the fact that she seems to not even pay attention makes this 100 times better
Soud Hussein
Detroit: Become Human be like 4:27
5:25 when its your first day of school and dont know which class you go to and then fall to your death
Shane Ryan
You see now robots can’t take over the world of their not working
Daru Tattoo
What's the song in the background? It makes the video even better lol
Aaliyah Walker
The robot who was trying to feed the white man head lmao😂😂😂😂😂
Tsaita gopta
2:58,6:13 it was Funtastic
5,000 Subs Without Any Videos
Spicy Nugget
The first one got me shook now I scared (•-•)
Sunita Hiremath
5:25..when you are confused about your life and then just give it up..; ))))
Krista Aquilina
0:13 I call it the make-up helper... 😂😂🤣🤣
danica patacsil
why all people are lazy,they need a million robot just for that😡
Ķįț_Ķäţžż ÝŢ
3:56 the Robot: me The box: everything good The man with a stick: life
sparky gacha plays GACHA
This is a try not to laugh so hard your mum or dad wakes up XD
XxPillowThePoxXx :3
7:13 when one of my friends almost get kicked in the nuts by the ball in soccer xD
Anshika Agarwal
I was sure Simone Giertz will there... Like if you know her......
6:34 that robot arm was on jack off mode
Alwayssubto Jake
The salad robot broke the salad and proceeded to set it on fire. I’m questioning its actual purpose.
4:42 😂 *Is that how you feed baby's?* Oh I do it in a other way.
Safyre Pliskaner
How does a SALAD catch on fire?
souji' '
In 1000 years robots will watch videos called: TOP HUMAN FAIL COMPILATION
Camii000wix Love
4:33 why you did this? >:c
Scarlett Jones
I need that hand that slaps me In the face every morning!
Carloa Sousa
im glad to see your tecnology humans you are so smart
Beautiful cat and unicorn Sparkles
On 4:40 it was just a fake baby👶🚫
Sophie Playz
4:48 *when ur parents are gone for a week*
NoName GachaGūrl
00:34 she didnt notice??? 0w0 (Jk)
Hack Bills
6:33 we can understand LOL😁😂
Katherine Müller
3:02 he’s yelling at the bot like a dog lmao
I need that alarm clock badly
Galaxy fluffy
1:25 *me: oh lordy what has the world created*
JaeAngelo Tylor
Kyra McLain
2:26 so that was the alarm clock my mom said I needed
- s a r a h b -
i'll never forget that girl pretending that any of these robots actually work
Voltix Gt
These robots work perfect!
Books Lover
9:15 this robot is a realistic imitation of a very drunk human :v
In the hand one where she gets smacked She looks like Elise Ecklund
bardock Sanchez
Minuto 3:04 Oswaldo Sánchez en la chivas 4:38 mis sobrinos dormirán antes de acabar el el biberón ahorrarán leche
Fat Dinosaur
Okay i will destroy humans Easy as that.
Yoongi Shinjou
I would be grateful to have the alarm clock one
Gacha storiez
1 like = 1 strand of hair for Sophia.
4:44 *d r i n k* *y o u r* *MAAAAAAALLLLLLK*
RBGuy17 17
8:35 he was still happy when he fall I think he likes to fall down
we have a lot a bugs to work out in robots
4:27 Why we still here? Just to suffer
• Night Of Wishes •
Anime Wolf Luna Wolf Link Girl
4:30 aww they r bullying the robot ☹️
angelsh Angel
i feel bad for how some pf these robots smack poeple in the face LOL
Mewth Pusheen
You can tell the robot at 0:42 is a human. It nodded and slightly moved its head to look at him. Robots would most likely just look in one way and not nod or anything tbh. Also, the fact you dont hear any robot noises when it moves also gives it away
PowerGamerGirl Cringe
30 subscriber challenge with no videos
4:25 how many of you felt pity for that robot?? Im so mad at humanity how mean
Psycho XØX
2:24 I need one of those please 😂😂😂
Ana -_-LOL
Kristen Kane
Gurpreet Sidhu
And they say robots will take over the world
Macy's world
7:15 me and yoga