Basic First Aid Tips : How to Treat a Heat Stroke

Treating a heat stroke properly can be done by getting the victim out of the heat, giving them water and cooling the person off as quickly as possible. Avoid serious heat exhaustion with advice from a professional paramedic in this free video on preventing or treating heat stroke. Expert: Jerome Chip Munna Contact: Bio: Jerome "Chip" Munna, Jr. is the chief of the Department of Public Safety in the village of Bald Head Island, North Carolina. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

Jay Igaboo
Excellent instructional technique- clear, concise and simple.
alex Cooper
I wanted to do if narcan could work on them if for example they pass out from heat exhaustion
Thank you, doctor.
I'm sorry, the EMT field needs to step up their technology. "Pack his groin with cold packs...." Come on man.....Most guys would rather die than wake up with ice on their crotch...... You need to use a Mister Cooler that will spray near freezing atomized water over the heat stroke/exhausted individual, rapidly dropping their core temperature.
I want certified in CPR but I took a class like 4 years ago and I have performed it twice last month
Really? What's it like?
Thomas Coyne Survival Schools
Excellent presentation
David Peter Barry
Thanks, great help.
Thank you very much for this information sir. I have really learnt something for my film, I'll let you know how it turns out.
@lostlilkid I don't know if it's life or death that she would care, but I do see some problems with it.
Anubhav Kumar Sippy
true...thanks doctor...
Light Dancing
This was a pointless video, as it ONLY deals with people who are unconscious. Never even mentions what to have them drink.
Johnny Lamadd
minimize weight loss and prevent heat stroke easily when your out in the heat by hydrating regularly including water. (yes it causes weight gain). it amazes me medical professionals lack common sense in treating can see excersizing the more weight you loose in one sitting the more thirsty and tired you get. get to a comfortably cool area, stay dry, hydrate and eat a meal as long as your bloodpressures normal. sitting in a cool area will normalize bloodpressure if its high along with mouthwashing and brushing your teeth regularly. stick to fluids when out in the heat will avoid nasea. eat when bloodpressure and bodytemsp are normal or + excersize will raise bloodpressure and bodytemps. a comfortably cool shower may also help after hydrating and eating to reduce heat stroke symptoms.
Johnny Lamadd
if a patient is severly exhausted water may not be enough to give them energy as it lacks nutritional content, if bloodpressure is normal or low salt, caffine may be needed along with some food in a cool comfortable area. cheers.
BreeezyBrie Pixie xxx
lol thanks yeah think it's some kind of heat intolerance , as get it a lot in sunny weather , but gonna just try and get a hisher suncream or something lol x
Corinna egan
I am a first aid-are even know I am a Kid
Sunita Vishwakarma
It's getting very hot in India. I didn't knew what to do first. Thanks. ☺️
Great video mate! Now I learned how to save the day when the time comes! Cheers
Charlie Irvin
My girl friend and i were on the Beach . as we were leaving i Felt very Faint and Passed out I Had heat stroke I give Eileen lot of praise Because she is a Nurse at the hospital and knew what to do during this time . she Called 911 and Ambulance came quickly I Had heat stroke and if she weren't with me I could of died
jack davis
can a heat stroke cause an enlarged heart? PLEASE let me know. thanks. 
I was at the phase where I stopped sweating and got dizzy
BreeezyBrie Pixie xxx
I'm concerned as I went out for long walk in sunny weather the other day and had some kinda reaction to it , was just heat cramps and nasuea to start with and now I have really wafm skin and have stopped sweating and feel extremely thirsty , exhausted and not with it and having a fluttery pulse , I've had a whole electrocyte water and lots of clesr water and cold showers and still feeling the same , any advice please? X
Raaj D
Remove the shoes and socks ....... may help too
der noman
can someone help me because i feel nauouse and i live in vegas and im litarly om my bra and underwear n i have a cold towl on the back of my neck but i cant sleep cause i get dizzy n nauouse help me please!!
Johnny Lamadd
dehydration is not caused by lack of water. laying someone down lowers bloodressure wich can be bad if its low and cause more exhaustion symptoms. prevent heat stroke easily by monitoring your weight for weight loss, weightloss causes dehydration symptoms not lack of water. move patient to a comfortably cool area and keep them dry and have them hydrate and eat idealy
May I know can these first-aid steps apply on old people or kids???
Stop the Philosophical Zombies
I had heat exhaustion last night after walking 7 miles in 90º+ temps. I was puking my guts out and couldn't cool off. I thought for sure I wasn't going to make it.