2Pac feat. Sierra Deaton - Little Do You Know - Remix - 2017 - {NodaMixMusic}

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M Kefayati
I was playing this while I was driving, and at a red light I noticed someone honking, I looked to my right side, and told my girlfriend to put the window down...and there asking where did you get the song!! lol I told them go to youtube and look for little do you know by NodaMixMusic!  the literally went on their phones and found it and played it while people behind us are like going nuts because light had turned green I guess for a while! anyhow, VERY BEAUTIFUL!  IT IS MIXED TO PERFECTION!  Subbed!
I don't know for you guys, but every time when I feel that I'm done, and when I feel I can't go farther, 2pac lyrics bring me back, stronger, much stronger...
Vinayak Bansal
I came for 2pac I stayed for 2pac I left for more 2pac's music I came back cause the remix is best
omg i love this!! i can't stop listening to it and start studying for my exam.
من عربي موجود بعد❤❤❤
Nishant Chettri
I have listened this song more than 💯 time... Every morning... Every night
amyrul_ fikri
Lamsibek zac
2pac he stay the best respect from moroccan bro
Egy RoxtaR
2pac the best forever
Craig Bratty
Well.... Brilliant is all i can say.. 👍 THUG LIFE
Khalfan Kanaan
soooo underated views!!!! must have millions !!!!
Mohamed Khattabi
Rσвєrτ ღ
R.I.P 2Pac ™
King Sami
I lovee this song. There is another which is also a feat with a women. Super fucking amazing but I can't remember its name 😭😭
Harshwardhan singh
Rest in peace... PAC...no way we'll forget u
Achim Gabriel
Romaniaa ❤💛💙
123 Mütze
nice nice the hook ;) 2pac is legend never forget
Dominika Baloghova
OMG!...I❤ this song!!!! Very good! 🔝🔝🔝
Liked and subbed this is amazing can't wait for more bro 🙏🏼👌🏼
Aleks Kartalov
2 pack will be always in our hearts .. ❤
Dragon Warrior
RIP 2Pac. You will be missed forever. #heroesdieyoung
Ruata 4 Cabin
When listening to Tupac the greatest rapper that ever set foot on this earth, it make me realised Jay Z, Kayne West and other current commercial rapper how LITTLE DID THAT THEY KNOW to make true art like Tupac Shakur..!
Here in 2019 for 2pac. RESPECT from Romania!
Jack Jacky
the time is 5:00 PM me : iam gonna listen to some of 2pac remixes the time is 1:00 AM
Paper Works
Amazing job as always, 2pac <3. Would love to see your music on Spotify, thumbs up if you agree!
Ashot Vanikyan
Круто ))))
صخر الشريوفي
ClerkinMan 420
This is So good,subbed as soon as I heard this,keep it up 🤙🏻
Tobias Müller
best mix i ve heard in a loooong long time. thanks
Jonathan Frial
2pac the legend.. all time best rapper.. rest well brother.. u will never be forgotten..
Forsuh Neris
From Dubai January 2019 if u love 2 pac join me celebrate 🎉
😎best tune of 2017 by far subbed keep it up pal
kennedy sande
Who is watching in 2018 if so like😜
afrizal ari bowo
came for sound. hopefully anyone wrote the lyric hehe
rodrigo lopes
Anyone know that girl's name? Asking for a friend...
Angel Gulley
I will Always Love you xoxoxo You You Changed the World in so many ways R.I.P
nük nük
efsane olmuş be - TÜRK görememek üzdü beni 😥
what a beautiful vocal..and this photo seriously made me boob-lover again
thumbs up broo
someone please slap me in the back of the head because my eyes are stuck on the picture of beautiful milk containers...😨
Rim Djeghdjegh
amazing job ♡♡ hello from algeria
Simply Shannon
Oli Lacey
One of my favourites, just don't get tired of it.
Hans fr
raps with little voice like that are always so good <3
Farhan Cade
2pac beats always raise up my mood*love from Somalia
Abdullah AlBasha
This song holds so much memories, I used to play it and talk to my lover on my way to university 💕
This is so good! Repeated this like a million times it's that good. Just Subscribed.
Alexander Lee
Diana Melison
yaya-Aqibi/ ذا دفجين
مات تو باك و بقي جيشه ☹💔
Adele Mchale
Love this song❤️ .got it as my ringtone 😊
Torben Vandenhende
just 1 word.. AMAZING!
europe stream news
Respect from Tunisia <3 tupac will always stay alive in our hearts
This one though 👌 perfect to blaze and have one of them deep moments 🍁🍁🍁
Nirvana Yang
Just subscribed. This is pretty neat man. Keep up the great work homie.
Nina nguyen
Legend never die!!!
iiPubzHD 1
What's the original song called, good mix by the way I subbed 😄😄👌
Ricardo Del Barrio
I know you're doing a lot for me, thank you. I love you
Shiiiiiit I got chills 👊 Keep up Bro
Master Mind
The good always get killed. Just like my brother Bob. God bless you Pac, in the afterlife
joseph jaward
R I P Legend.....But still living......Beautiful mix...
Diana Melison,you are welcome.
One of the best remixes I've heard yet
mohammed Shaheen
love from the middle East
César Lourenço
in love buddy . Keep up (y)
mary s
Press like not for the videos picture but for the music-song
Musaib Shaikh
I loved this one... little do u know
Enas Alaa
2pac 🔊🎧🎶🎤 2019 and forever
Fazelo Almubarak
if i say ur a legend, its not even close enough tupac the voice from heaven that can never die The saint of music
richard alvarado
nice Remix
Harshwardhan singh
PAC 😍....rest in peace brother
One time 2Pac Always 2Pac R.I.P 2Pac 😭😢❤
Harshwardhan singh
2pac always in our hearts ❤️
Victor Herrera
Leandro Silva
sou do Brasil mas curto de mais hip hop internacional 👊✊2pac
Sheldon Toth
Best remix yet
Eries \GraffitiKush/ Regarde
The Music Souls. 2k19 Iz Tupac’s Alive! 👆🏼😇🙏🏻
Eva Grissom
heard the neighbors playing this I found it omg 😭
LT sombra RT
حملتها يا صفوان 3:
ooo i find this channel today and its really good. keep your awesome work bro, we support u. 👍😎
علي هزازي Hzazi
2. Pac
Faladau Ovidiu
lyrics pls ....!!!! :)
mohammed bazara
came for the song
The remix is indeed brilliant, amazing job. I am a big fan of 2pac also, but I would love to hear an Eminem verse insted, I think Eminem and this beatifull vocal would create a masterpiece!
Sanjay Karki
great mix...justice for 2pac!!!
talbi mohamed el hadi
Joseph Baldwin
a true legend +10 d-_-b forever
yash Singh
Still listening and loving it more in Feb 2018
lil L 'lisa d-j davies - jones
michael murphy
2pac your the king , better than Elvis,a living prophet ,
Endsly Martinus
Paper Works
RIP Pac 😓
moon shine
Fernando Becerra
One of my favorite songs I heard from a friend when she was doing a video for Facebook and since than I haven't stop listening to it
omar hejazi
i swear this is great remix man gw
Mr. Stano
Omg ❤ this is soo good 😎 Thank you for this😊
Bogdan Kocoń
mistrzostwo w pyte mix
CB Media9
2pac is a figure who no one will forget, rip to the legend
CNS - Unboxing
beautifull, 2pac forever...