A Dirty Carnival (South Korea) ending, "Old and wise" by Alan Parsons Project

A Dirty Carnival (2006), the very final (karaoke) sequence, "Old and Wise" by Alan Parsons Project

Fabiola Santiago
Gives me goosebumps the ending and listen to that beautiful touching song. What an excellent movie, it was brilliantly done! the song was absolutely perfect for the ending!
Omio Rahman
moral : never be pals with a movie director
Fabiola Santiago
What a good great film! So real, honestly I go back watch this ending scene with this song and I get goosebumps! It's so raw, hard, deeply sad and very emotional!
One of the most beautifully disturbing endings ever
Jin Goo was no Chingoo.    
el chino
This is the classic of gangster movie !!! pure realism ..One of the best
looser ninja
Morals : You are replaceable !
nice spoiler
such an underrated film. seamless action sequences and dripping with subtext
Kudos to the director for discovering such an apt english song for the movie.
Jeremy Wong
Same here, Byung-doo is such a likable character and the acting is so good
Juste magnifique ! faut le voir ce film !
Thanks for uploading this :)
An amazing movie!
yxobel gonzalez
Strong song, huh? :-)
Un des meilleurs film coréens du genre qui se termine en apothéose avec cette chanson
Elka Jordanova
My heart hurts every time I see this scene...I'm gone cry... Powerful movie!
Neeraj Nair
"Hey Min-Ho....Make something with a real Gangster spirit".
Arthur Prado •
This song reminds me of Oldboy
Julia Я
Il film è fantastico, la canzone finale è geniale
Man eating world that reality makes me sick but how can i deny that, only sand of time will keep your memories...RIP whoever risked life fight for survive and I will fight to that moment till the end of my misery. Great movie. I don't think anyone in this world will go to heavens luxury, we all have sits in hell the greedy, agony what we fought for like a "just a dream of spring"
Old And Wise   智者老矣   The Alan Parsons Project   Written by Eric Woolfson and Alan Parsons   Lead Vocal: Colin Blunstone   As far as my eyes can see..   在我的視線所及   There are shadows approaching me..   陰影不斷向我逼近   And to those I left behind   覆蓋了我遺留的痕迹   I wanted you to know   我曾要你知道   You've always shared my deepest thoughts   你一直分享著我最深的思緒   You follow where I go   你跟隨著我的足迹   And oh,   Oh   When I'm old and wise   智者老矣   Bitter words mean little to me   殘酷的言語對我已毫無意義   Autumn winds will blow right through me   秋風將會吹透我的身體   And someday   某一天   In the mist of time   在這時間的霧翳   When they asked me if I knew you   當他們問我是否認識你   I'd smile and say you were a friend of mine   我會微笑著訴說我們曾經的友誼   And the sadness would be lifted from my eyes   眼中已消散了悲淒   Oh when I'm old and wise   Oh 智者老矣   As far as my eyes can see..   在我的視線所及   There are shadows surrounding me..   陰影在我四周密無縫隙   And to those I leave behind   覆蓋我遺留的痕迹   I want you all to know   我要你知道   You've always shared my darkest hours   你一直分享著我最陰暗的記憶   I'll miss you when I go   我會思念你,當我離去   And oh,   Oh   When I'm old and wise   智者老矣   Heavy words that tossed and blew me   沈重的話語折磨我的心緒   Like autumn winds will blow right through me   就像秋風吹透我的身體   And someday,   某一天   In the mists of time   在這時間的霧翳   When they ask you if you knew me   當他們問你是否認識我   Remember that you were a friend of mine   不要忘記我們曾經的友誼   As the final curtain falls before my eyes   當最後的幕布垂落我的眼底   Oh when I'm old and wise   Oh 智者老矣   As far as my eyes can see...   在我的視線所及
cou rendo
What a mess stupid ending !