6/8 Pop Ballad Guitar Backing Track in E Minor / G Major

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DON'T KNOW WHAT TO PLAY? *KLICK HERE* We got a Pop Backing Track at 91 BPM. Chords are: ||:Emadd9 | Cadd9 | Gadd9 | Am7 :|| You can play this scales: E-minor Scale: />E-Minor Pentatonic: />Em-Blues-Pentatonic: /> If you have any Questions or a wish for the next backingtrack, just ask me on Facebook: /> Feel free to Subscribe for new Backing Tracks coming out soon!

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My biggest thanks to you, friend!!!
hell Rivers
thanks man great back track
Shailendra Nath
Beautiful my friend !
Michael Rozett
this is sincerely fun
Mikkjal Hvannastein
LOVE IT....gets me very creative. Liked and subscribed . Great sound, and really grooves. Thank you very much :)
Grampz stillkickin
Excellent Nice to play along with. Thank you Thank you
Moataz Gwaily
This sounds so pretty, i actually feel conspicuous jamming to it!