OZORA Festival 2015 (Official Video)

The official OZORA Festival video from 2015. O----- CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ------O rules for watching: 1. switch to 720p or 1080p 2. full screen 3. turn up the volume!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEB: />FACEBOOK: />--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRACKLIST ------------------- 00:00 Merkaba “Solar Ohm” /written and produced by Yaygon Lamagaia, released by Merkaba Music in 2012/ 04:05 [De]composer - Etude Simple II "Aleksej" (Master Margherita Remix) /mixed by, producer, remix – Master Margherita, written by Agostino Maria Ticino, Carlo Marchionni, Moreno Antognini/ 06:16 Future Frequency "Transmission" /written & produced by Leon Kane and Joe Markendale, released on Nano Records in 2015/ 08:34 Martian Arts & Psykick "Ashvem Beats (432Hz 12-Tet)” /written and produced by Nectarios Meidanis & Jonas Kersten, released by TIP Records in 2015/ 10:50 1200 Micrograms “Shiva’s India” (Outsiders Remix) /written & produced by Raja Ram, David Christman, Shajahan Matkin, Bansi Quinteros, remixed by Haim Lev & Guy Malka, released on Tip Records in 2015/ 14:50 Benji Vaughan “Everything In Colour” /written & produced by Benji Vaughan, released on Twisted Records in 2013/ 20:16 Ott. "Harwell Dekatron” /written & produced by Ott, released on Ottsonic Music in 2015/ 21:48 Kalya Scintilla “Ver La Luz” /written & produced by Kalya Scintilla, spanish spoken word & directed by Eve Olution, released on Merkaba Music in 2014/ 25:33 Novelty Engine “WobbleGum” /written & produced by Ajja S.F. Leu, vocals by Cedric Myton and R.Zee Jackson, Unreleased/ 27:33 Dust “Mantra” /written & produced by Andrea Lunghi, released on Digital Om Productions in 2015/ 29:04 Ajja & Jovis “Dopaque” /written & produced by Ajja S.F. Leu and Jovis Burk, released on Digital Om Productions in 2015/ 31:16 Fagin’s Reject “The Filth Element” /written & produced by Phil Getty, released on Wild Things Records in 2014/ 33:33 Bwoy De Bhajan “Mubar Camel Liquor” /written & produced by Soren Thygesen, released on Shanti Planti in 2014/ 38:38 Nanoplex "Double Drop" /written & produced by Ben Coda and Chris Williams, released on Liquidtek in 2013/ 42:55 The Overlords "God’s Eye On Goa" (Ticon Remix) /written & produced by Christian Johansson & Rune Bendixen, remixed by Filip Mardberg & Fredrik Gilenholt, released on Iboga Records in 2015/ 45:04 Loud & Burn in Noise "A Real Good Time" /written and produced by Eitan Reiter, Kobi Toledano and Gustavo Manfroni, released on Nano Records in 2015/ 47:49 Eat Static "Odious Odium" /written & produced by Merv Pepler and Steve Everitt, released on Mesmobeat in 2015/ 50:35 Gaudi "Spiritual Orphans" /written & produced by Gaudi, guitar by Michele Vicentini, vocals by Greg Sams, released on Wakyo Records in 2013/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- film by Pumpui produced by O.Z.O.R.A. Festival Dániel Zimányi, Árpád Zimányi producer Attila Nikléczy concept Erik Kocsis in collaboration with SoulSafari Collective Serhan Meewisse, Rene Huwae, Taner Akyuz camera Krisztián Pamuki, Pawel Wieloch, Attila Nikléczy, György Reznik, Dániel Kotócz, ‎Ákos Plesznivy, János Horváth, Erik Kocsis, Attila Bohács, Péter Busák, Balázs Horváth aerial footage Magyar Gergely, Veress József Pawel Wieloch Stefan RE:SORB SoulSafari additional footage Ferko Port, Andrea Port / independent reality films Sam Angeli / Sam Point Ben Kirschenbaum FOTOKRU (Sergej Semibratov, Milan Lazarevic, Uroš Šterbenk) Shlomi Yehezkel, Angel IS editing Erik Kocsis, Krisztián Pamuki, Ádám Bedzsula music selection Csaba Gyócsos (Dj Tsubi) colorist Bence Kabán animation Zsolt Rostás logo design Gábor Tóth (Henzi) visual footage Global Illumination shiva edit Zsuzso Koszti special thanks to the whole Ozora crew and the Zimányi family (Dániel, Árpád, Dániel Jr., Erzsébet, Andrea)

=======O.Z.O.R.A======= The herd of sheep passing through the festival The steep forest tunnel with balls of colorful light all around you The starry sky above The trinkets of light spinning and moving in the crowd, balls of fire, sparks of colored light, lasers, the bonfire burning away, the tower poking over the treeline The crickets at night The maze cut out of the corn field The live bands The hard prog psy drops The purple laser scanning into the sky The shrine on top of the hill Frisbees being thrown in the evening The people walking around with misters spraying people The fire department spraying the crowd The sunsets The dragons mouth you walk inside which takes you to a bridge The loop station beatboxer The dog joining in a game of badminton The merry go round on the hill overlooking the main stage The jugglers The beautiful mornings The atmosphere in the evenings Two crowds cheering at each other from opposite sides of the valley The amazing camps some people set up People doing dog howls to each other at night Everyone, everywhere smoking weed The mud pit and people riding bikes into it The empty dancefloor during break time The smell of incense
Delas Psytrance
The best festival in the world.
Eugen G.
Thank you pumpui for great film as always.
Matyas Berenyi
The only reason I did not buy my tickets after watching this is because I already have it :)
((((((((((OZORA 2016)))))))))
Finaly, I've been waiting for so long for this! Awesome vid. See you there soon! One love. <3
I am in love with this festival...i am in love with this culture..!!!OZORA is trully paradise...!!
Always Dark
one day i will make my dream come true and finally go to OZORA!!
Nicolas Bonilla
I am from Chile, first time here in Europe. I roll all this video, I cant wait for go to Ozora, I love u guys.
The best psyfestival i´ve ever been to. So much positiv energy all around there, wonderfull people and so many things to discover. Simply Paradise :D
marco cevat
I Cant wait to See you guys again! Love you All ❤️
Stef Webster
Love & Light to each & every person that's made OZORA the truly special featival that it's been over the years. I love you all. Om Namah Shivayah. ~N.A.M.A.S.T.E~
Eva Greiner
Thanks for this amazing piece of art !! Had the best time in 2015 and i'm counting the days until august !! Love to all the happy people out there who where part of this and will be in 2016 :) <3
Gábor Juhász
Goa Gil's happiness to everyone.
Okay that mainstage looked absolutely amazing at night... See you again real soon beautifull people ! <3 ( 31:10 thats the best time lapse ive ever seen )
Barna Mocsári
Amazing just as always :) I can't wait to be there again :D Keep up everyone! We halfway there! :)
8:27 you can learn a lot from what they are doing! IM MEAN ALOT
Leopar Inthewalls
I miss it so muuuuuuuuuuch! Can't wait for Summer<3 This OZORA will be AMAZING <3
Simouss Power
7:08 Valton Security at its best. :)
this video is so brilliant. love it. all the smiling people <3 love it love it love it
Absolutely magical !
Yury Amen
Make love, not war! Вам всем только добра, любви, солнца над головой и позитива по жизни! 😊✌✌✌
Lukas Jansen
what is that dub on 18:00 it's fucking awesome
Alexandra Néger
167 days to go!!! <3
Dojno Faber
it was truly a mesmerising journey/experience being there, cant wait to be back in heaven
Been waiting for this one!!! Great!! :)
Nora Hope
cant wait to be there again this year ! *.*
Can't wait until Ozora 2016 *-* You are amazing people. <3 Namaste.
Originz SP
Thank you so much for this amazing experience we will all remember all our lives <3 Long Live OZORA <3
Heading to Ozora tonight !!!!!!
legit (Y) :)
Drop The Flûte
De me souvenir et de revoir tout ça, ça me redonne des frissons bordel haha ...
The Vagabond Soul
Magnificent Place with Wonderful People and Magical Sounds! Much Love <3 Peace :D
yeeeey :D
Kálmán Süttő
Világszinvonalú fesztivál <3
Attila Forró
Az éjszakai fények kicsit lehetnének jobbak! Amúgy hibátlan! OZORA!!! <3
Mark Ziadeh
I HAVE to go to OZORA after seeing this. Absolutely amazing.
Just discovered this festival.. and damn, 2016 isn't possible for me anymore - but I will definitely visit this awesome event next year! <3
The most wonderful place to be in the World, see you in August c:
olish xesh
Thx for video. There is a Paradise on Earth, where you can be with all people in Peace and Harmony ! Ozora
Ozora 2016 see you on the right sound :)
i can't wait to be there again. <3 one of the most beautiful festivals on earth :)
Vladimir Lettrich
The firefighters deserve sign on the turck "rainbow mudd maker"
Chris Nico
ZAJEBISTY materiał :-) many thx fellas ...
thumb up if you were there :) OZORA
Vijin Vijayan
One of the best videos I have ever seen :)
Stephanie Osef
A great one... Thanks Pumpui <3 And see you in the mud ;)
Amann 1987
Nice Vid! I've enjoyed every second! Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪
Konstantine Muradov
It's not just a great place, it's definitely W O N D E R P L A C E .
Germfried Weber
EPIC VIDEOmix ... like a BLOCK BUSTER !!!
samir krazini
Best week of my life so far. Going this yr too <3
Bucket list wish!!!! Greetings from VENEZUELA <3 Much Love!
can't wait for August to see these beautiful souls again ❤️ Namaste ॐ
Thx you ! Amazing video! :)
NIa Marco
Name of the track played by zion train @ 18.09
István Arany
Az AranyPercek stábja ott lesz jövőre !!! ;)
Femior TravelFoodNature
Ozora = Paradies planet!! <3 Track on 4:09????? <3
Tibor Galambos
Nice work, good music very good video cut! Nice aftermovie. This year we will be there!!!
Augusto Lozada 131
@7:06 the security guard is like: "I've got the best job ever!!" hahaha
Leylou Bacteri
Thanks for your work, it's so powerful to feel this vibes again, een in the middle of the winter in Babylone, thanks for the capture of those smiling faces and free dances! And yeah the music is well apointed!!
Germandan CEACHEI
May, 2019 and stay loving this video🙏
Per's Party Archives
Looking forward to going back in a few years when my kid is a bit older :)
Ulises Sobrino
Super edition, thanks for your work is so beautifull and creative. Thanks for share like this your work.
Lucas Vander-Bartlett
My music will one day be played at Ozora, one day soon.
Shadi Enbashi
░O░Z░O░R░A░ ░2░0░1░6░ 🅷🅰🅿🅿🅸🅽🅴🆂🆂 🅲🅾-🅲🆁🅴🅰🆃🅸🅾🅽 🅸🅽🆃🅴🆁🅲🅾🅽🅽🅴🅲🆃🅴🅳🅽🅴🆂🆂 Can you feel the vibes yet?
OVNI Records
Amazing Festival ! More Hi-tech please ! XD
Josselin ruiz rosey
Song.. Minute 38:50 Plis 🙏😍...!!!!
Manon B
Worth the wait! Good job guys, can't wait to come back again ❤️
Cpt Slow
2016 official video?
Someone who knows that track at 18:45?
Alex Schneider
miaz az esernyő 20percnél menj már :D
Maja Lamovšek
best part: I have taken drugs before and.... I had a really good time :D
OZORA Festival Official Video
Hey everyone!! So nice to read your feedback after resting a bit, thank you all! \o/ We updated the the traclist with additional timecodes, just click on it... ;) 00:00 Merkaba “Solar Ohm” 04:05 [De]composer - Etude Simple II "Aleksej" (Master Margherita Remix) 06:16 Future Frequency "Transmission" 08:34 Martian Arts & Psykick "Ashvem Beats (432Hz 12-Tet)” 10:50 1200 Micrograms “Shiva’s India” (Outsiders Remix) 14:50 Benji Vaughan “Everything In Colour” 20:16 Ott. "Harwell Dekatron” 21:48 Kalya Scintilla “Ver La Luz” 25:33 Novelty Engine “WobbleGum” 27:33 Dust “Mantra” 29:04 Ajja & Jovis “Dopaque” 31:16 Fagin’s Reject “The Filth Element” 33:33 Bwoy De Bhajan “Mubar Camel Liquor” 38:38 Nanoplex "Double Drop" 42:55 The Overlords "God’s Eye On Goa" (Ticon Remix) 45:04 Loud & Burn in Noise "A Real Good Time" 47:49 Eat Static "Odious Odium" 50:35 Gaudi "Spiritual Orphans"
Pual alarcon b
Que chimba !!! Colombia !!! Latinooooo !!!
sick, thank you sir!
I'm looking foward to this years ozora :) <3 hope the shower and food situation gets better this time!
Gracias! Thank you! Merci beacoup! Grazie! Toda rabá! Been waiting all February!! All year, really! Desde México Mágico, GRACIAS PUMPUI CREW! GRACIAS OZORIANS! Much Love and Light :-)
Palyo Siman
<3 all ozirans, we meet later agin! +
Justin Waldman
Absolutely brilliant video and event. Thank you.
Absolutely magical! ॐ See you on the dancefloor! <3 :)
I will make it my life goal to go there one day <3
Carolin Keller
simply Wonderful! ♡
Jason Chesworth
I'm from South Africa and planning on taking an adventure to Ozora in 2017. Happy vibes all round
Shine On
<3 Amazing!!
Megan Jane
One day i will be here running around with all of you beautiful people!! Manifestation is real and i know i will make it to you one day. <3
christophe gaube
Just the best moment of my life.
Dilan Bescond
G. A. Molnar
that mc @31:23 wow goosbumps
Daniel Nave
Beautiful video of a beautiful festival
Most beautiful moment in this video 16:59-17:02. Cant wait to come "home" again, only 222 days to go. See you on the dancefloor ;)
Psychedelic Art Good Vibes Only
Inform US about the Opening of your website for the 2017 festival time, ticket ref, and other information.
Digital Om Productions
18:15 ?
28:00 is that a track from Obliviant?