Classic capoeira knockout by Marcus Aurelio

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This is the first and the fastest meia lua KO in MMA history performed by Contra-Mestre Barraozinho from Grupo Axé Capoeira known as Lelo or Marcus Aurelio. This video never gets old. Specially in such a good quality and editing as Hemstock Films always produces. Marcus Aurelio is a son of famous capoeira Mestre Barrão. He has over 24 years of capoeira experience, including 15 years as an instructor. CM Barrãozinho has traveled to over 20 countries performing, competing, teaching and helping establishing capoeira schools. As an MMA professional Marcus currently holds a record of 6 - 3 including a 43 second flying switch kick knockout and a 20 second spinning kick (Meia Lua de Compasso) knockout which went viral with over 2.6 million hits on YouTube Marcus Aurelio is also a successful stunt man, actor and performer. For more details about Marcus Aurelio and the Group visit: Web: /> E-mail: [email protected] ;l Facebook: /> Twitter: @axecapoeiravan (@barraozinho) Instagram: @Grupo_Axe_Capoeira Phone: 604 - 537 – 8943

Norton Muto
All-Time Classic. Never Gets Old 🥊🤸
I think that was a meia Lua de compasso. I'm not sure, but, that was EPIC!!!!!!!!!