Top 5 Hunter x Hunter 2011 Fighting Scenes

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I wish I could erase my memory of HxH just so I could watch that shit all over again without knowing what would happen next.
Lets be honest half of us came here to see gon beat pitou up again.
Edgar Bautista
I'm kinda upset that neither Hisoka or Illumi fought one of the Chimera Ants.
Thanos Feet
Why is everyone saying that Kurapika's fight against Uvo sucked? Uvo was outsmarted and that was his fair downfall, not all of the fight is about physical strength guys.
alyn BLaZe
this anime is like a sweat juice/soda. It tastes great but no matter how much u drink, u are still thirsty.
Did anyone else have an orgasm when watching Netero vs Meruem for the first time?
Kurapika vs Uvogin was my favorite. Kurapika was just so badass.
Pitou may have not had a Gender. But I think with that kick a gender was made.
Maurz GG
I agree that Netero's fight was better, but Gon vs. Neferpitou was probably the best scene in all of anime, IMO.
Why did you put gon vs pitou's fight i thought rape wasn't allowed in YouTube
Ive watched so many anime in my life but hunter x hunter is one anime i felt addicted and couldn't stop watching it. HxH is truly special the moment i watched episode 1 i was addicted and all i remember in 1 week i completed the series. I must say anime like this is gold and is quite rare to find. Shit goes straight to the point n theres not been once i was bored of an episode
My dream is to see Gon punch that volleyball agian in adult form :V (fans will know)
After watching and finishing HxH, I am at most times questioning these other animes with little logic or stupid logic. It's pissing me off, but it only made me realize how incredibly high quality HxH is. The only other anime, in my opinion, that even comes close to this type of quality is FMAB. Can't I find any other anime like these two again? I need help please
what about Feitan vs Zazan?
joe tradr
Hisoka vs Chrollo is going to be insane if they ever continue making more episodes :)
Hound Dog
Killua was the reason I tried Hunter x Hunter and I'm so glad I watch this show it's my favorite anime I hope Togashi builds on Killua's and Gon's power more.
sharigan_zafina will kill
Gon vs Pitou wasn't even a fight, it was a completely overkilled slaughter to Pitou
Anime Dude
I think Gon vs. Pitou wasn't a fight it was a freaking BEATDOWN! LOL great video though! ^o^
Orion's Arrow
Seriously Leorio needs to step up his game.
Just started watching finshed 70 episodes in like 3 days Kurapika beating uvo was my favorite
tbh nr2 wasn't a fight more like rape
ハンターハンターって 敵にも魅力満載だよね
1.000.000 views... Thats insane i never even thought i would get 1000 views.  Thanks for all the support !!
Ziyad Bin Fahad
I agree on first two fights but not the others. This is how should have the top 5 list been: 1- Netero vs Meruem. 2- Adult Gon vs Pitou. 3- Zeno & Silva vs Chrollo. 4- Hisoka vs Kastro 5-Kurapica vs uvogin Agree?
Savir Eon
10:31 anime has taught me, hair means power.
O arco das formigas em HxH tem um proposta bacana, mas tem poucas lutas...Deveria ser o arco com mais lutas.
Ashura Otsutsukii
killua is so cute when he’s mad because you know what to expect, however gon is terribly scary because you have no idea what he’s gonna do it’s so out of character
adult gon vs the world
this was the perfect anime for me, I am sooo sad it ended😢
Christian Perauer
When I started hxh, I thought ok wtf is this, a boy going to be a professional fishing dude. I absolutely had no idea where this was going, I'm glad I sat through the first episodes. Hxh is the absolutely best Anime I have watched ever. This turn was amazing, this Anime gives me goosebumps. Hope there will come a new season in the future.
Mekhi Closson
When you realize that yorknew city is New York City backwards 😭😂💀
justun chan
Zeno + Silva vs Kuroro??????????????????????????????????
I like Gon vs Genthru (Bomber) since I coincider it Gon´s first big win.
Steph Curry
I remember my first impression this show was that it was a kid's show .... God I was so wrong
Henri Osewoudt
Amazing video, can't describe the words. The quality is so damn good, jeeeez.
OG Gumpert
DAMN I got so many spoilers but I love HXH ='-'= 😊❤️
Gurisa Yudistira
Pitou: "I'm so glad, I am the one that he will kill." at that point, Pitou is more human than Berserk Gon.
Igneos Kai
i dunno why but i feel sympathy towards pitou..she had a chance to become a good chimera like colt and others
Best anime in the world period.
Kz Peanut
I dont know about you guys but Pitou is my favorite character. Her personality and her aura is just unbeilavable.
This is hands down and irrefutably the best Shonen out there in terms of animation, pacing and action.
The end of the last scene was one of the best parts, you should have put it into the video u.u
Summer Skye Olivar
Any want HXH : Reunite? Like After 5 or 10 years After KAKAKA~
Lilverrio Tv
Uvogin got it the worst in my opinion
Wish there was more of this anime, so many fights and encounters I'd love to see
Sandhosh Daniel
If hisoka saw gon in his adult rage mode he would have *BUSTED THE ULTIMATE NUT*
Mo Ali
Best anime ever, wish the same studio adopted dragon ball z kai - super? :(
I love Kura
Kurapika Vs Uvogin is my fave HxH fighting scene so far. I'm glad to see it on the list. I know the Dark Continent Arc really still has a lot to offer.
I felt so empty after finishing hxh..i find it difficult to discover any series as good as it , could you recommend similar (epic) shows? :)
One of the best animes I have ever seen and will never forget. I didnt even watch animes. But thank god i stumbled upon this masterpiece. Damn i told all my friends to watch this and all of them became addicted to this show. Its crazyyy
kevin Mugwaneza
honestly speeching hunter x hunter is the best anime I have ever known
Kuroro Luxifer
youpi's voice actor is the same who voices admiral akainu from One Piece , right ? and the voice also sounds exactly the same with Zaraki Kenpachi
Dan J-King
5:24 A kid punches the pedo button. Run away run away!
Alice Maria
Aww it didn’t show when Kurapika actually killed Uvo, and that last part of Meruem and Netero’s fight
Broken Tooth
9:48 that moment when I declared this my favorite anime of all time. Because, usually these kinda ultimate power ups would be dramatic or super epic. But HxH is the only anime to successfully demonstrate an ultimate power to be genuinely frightening.
ali_p_q games
Leorio VS Ging should make the list. Hahaha
Kaneki Kun'
oh its kenpachis voice
These fights are amazing, in fact I argue every fight was amazing. What is a huge disappointment is if this continued further to a specific fight(i won't spoil it but those who have read the manga would know), then I think most people would argue it would be the best fight of the entire series. God I hope this get an adaptation at some stage again to this quality. I don't care if i'm 70 years old to watch it, I WILL FUCKING WATCH IT.
Random Fact:My mom likes the 1999 hxh and i think i should let her watch this and react to the new animation.
sarah mc hugh
I miss this show, it never made me frustrated with the "villains" who everyone actually likes and wants to see in the show more often. I usually get tired of villain right away, but with characters like Hisoka and the Phantom Troupe, I can't. I personally I like almost every character in the show(a few ants are the exception). Please write more material and end the haitus! ;~;
Allen Nery
So damn, awesome pick... I really wish HxH would continue though... thx for the vid
POT MosGames
What about zino and silva vs chrollo :/ best than killua vs youpi
1. Dodgeball game. 2. Gon x Bomber. 3. Meruem x Netero 4. Kurapika x Uvogin 5. Gon x Hisoka
Arbor Place
This show was made by the same person who created Yu Yu Hakusho. Both awesome anime series. Better in Japanese.
Bluedevi Tekken monster
Technically god speed is ultra instinct
alvin nicolas
Its remind me of ultra instinc.😃😂😂😂wahahahahhahahaahhahaha dbz super. Is copying killua power.
loved these fights , made an AMV about it, wanna check it out and tell me what u think ? :)
K.H Reborn
i would put genturu vs gon there somewhere but gj anyways good video
James Williamson
heres what the list should be 5. hisoka vs gon 4. kuraptika vs uvogin 3. zeno and silva vs chrollo 2. gon vs pitou 1. issac netero vs chimera ant king merumen
Nasty Static
Killua going super Saiyan
Mudkipz 1217
Hisoka: Level 9 Brawl/Smash 4 CPU in a nutshell.
Killua has been my favorite since his 1st episode. Love ❤❤😭
blue cheese cult
Mereum was an excellent villain. I could truly symphatize with him at the end, which me very divided about his final fight.
Sesese Masondo
Awesome video.Personally I would have put Kurapika vs. Uvo at number 1 because I enjoyed it more. But great video nevertheless
Blackjaqk 21
"Gon, Where is He?" He's Gone
Diana A
Thank you really ! HXH is my fave anime and i love seeing this i got chills every time i see these
HunterxHunter was really one of those anime’s I kept passing by thinking “Ehh it looks stupid” ... I have never been so wrong about anything in my life ! Is it bad that I want to have Hisokas babies? 🥰😂
Threshesto idk
hxh will always be my fav anime
this anime is so epic and wonderful!! my favourite anime will remain one piece but right after it there will be hunter x hunter on second place xD
Zine Mégathérium
the 361st chapter will be released on january or february 2017 , HYPE !!
The Killua vs Youpi fight was one of the most badass moments in the series, but had no practical impact, other than gaining Netero about 20 seconds lol
Artur Henrique
Great choices, I only missed the part when Gon gives Hisoka's thingy from the Hunter Shiken back to him
The voice actor of Youpi is the same of the Japanese version of Kenpachi from Bleach ? He sounds the same
Emily G
congrats to kishimoto he stole alot of from hunterxhunter like sharingan, chidori naruto-sasuke, ect even the chuunin exams....
2 Tango Pls Ty
I honestly had a crush n Pitou <3
I keep replaying the video because of kiluas amazing lightning hair
djef ardeur
here since 1999 and watched both versions but kurapika's fight still gives me chills!
Rayyan Syed
Was pitou and gon even a fight lol gon was bullying her XD
Dark Continent.. I'm waiting.. = ̄ω ̄=
Manci X
Hunter X Hunter best♥
0:18 I can imagine seeing tracer from overwatch going... "Haha, Speed Kills!"
Renante Nama
Certainaly, Gon and Netero's fight were intensely incredible. But I still like Killua against Youpi...
max payne
Top 5?? I surprised theres more than 5 fights when this show takes forever to get to the action
Sora No Destiny
anime fight should be like this. Toei need to learn from this