[King of masked singer] 복면가왕 - 'cherry blossoms girl' VS 'dandelion girl' 1round - 200% 20180415

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'cherry blossoms girl' VS 'dandelion girl' 1round - 200% ▶ Playlist for THIS episodes → />▶ More ‘Mask King’ clips are available↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ 【Mask King】. ‘Mask King’ is a competition between 8 celebrities compeletely hidden from mask while they sing. The program focuses on the stars singing abilities and guesses whose faces are hidden behind a mask. Reported by 'Mask King' team, the line up or singer casting will be kept as a secret for each week. ★★★More "Mask king" clips are available★★★ YouTube />Facebook />Naver />Daum />Homepage

OMG yeonjung sjeong chungha yoojung and pinky now nayoung my IOI babies
their voices are complementary to each other! really luvvvv
Loonatic Blink
Nayoung!! She sang well for a rapper! I wish to see more of Pristin’s members in Masked singer. Sungyeon and Yehana would shake up the panelists with their vocal capabilities! Please appear soon.
Mikee Subere
Officially confirm our stone leader is now main vocalist
daniar ajeng dwianri
Waiting for sohye ~ i wonder what happen if sohye really appear in this show. she really can sing beautifully now!
Kim MinJun
Waiting for Somi, Chaeyeon, Sohye, Mina and Doyeon
Nayoung unique tone you clearly know its her haha She previously performed Give Love from akmu and now 200% daebak !!
Pinky up!
Everyone in Pristin can be on this show! But I'm seriously waiting for Seungyeon(watch her desperado performance in Girls Spirit), Yehana(her predebut practice vid of Chandelier), Eunwoo(yep!!!), Xiyeon(oh my little princess! She can hit highest notes!!!), and Roa(yup! She served as a main vocal in BGGG perf in pd101, see! She is a center and a main vocal!)
Once_Blink_ Forever
This is nayoung 100% her voice is just recognized
JunSuzy Suzybae
Nayoungie are u a rapper??
Ý Nhi
Pink dress girl's is so good, it sounds fun and interesting. Nayoung's voice sounds so soft and weak, I like her but I think her voice is not good enough to attend this form of program
Rollee iKONteen
I miss AKMU
Pinky up!
Trust me when I say that Doyeon is going to be the next IOI member to appear in this show!
Kim MinJun
6 out of 11, their real talent, our Ideal of Idol babies
Pinky up!
Our stone leader is really something 💖 Anyways, she's a leader of a girl group which the nation created so she mist be called the "Nation's Leader" I love you 💓
Finally my bias is getting recognition for her voice. NAYOUNGah! You're doing great!
satya diahkusuma
As a fan of Akmu i should say they did the song poorly. Akmu has those way to make the song sound playful and it's just hard to living up to that. Its not like they're bad singer or else, but the should've choose another song.
Şenan Irene
I have realized I have listened to a lot of kpop. I knew it was Stone in the first few notes. I like her voice and wish her company would help delevope her more.
Dania Hidayah
Nayoung arhhhhh
mary christine urcia
Ngọc Huyền Minh Đào
Thanks for choosing Akmu's song 😍😍
Diana Zharkynbek kyzy
i think that girl in pink is Bolbbalgan4's vocalist
Monica Enjelina
Omg nayoung has such a sweet voiceee
Tassa Jeon
My stone Eonni💕 IM NAYOUNG
Stone Nayoung no more 😘 Uri leader.
0fficial _._Bts
Nayoung I.O.I❤😭
Tassa Jeon
My stone Eonni💕 IM NAYOUNG
Angela Leong
0fficial _._Bts
Oh i know it's Nayeong :3
Nathalie Caisapanta
Who Is the cherry blossom girl?
Limario's Trash
Omg. My dead ass thought the pink girl was blackpink lisa because of the proportion, shoulder posture and her legs... But dang... her voice melts and have stolen my wig..
shi ka
I want to guess first that the pink lady is S.E.S Eugene.. tell me if I am right next week~
Pinky girl'voice is so clean, 相較之下,黃衣服的女孩,多了許多空氣摩擦音,聽起來很亂,反而被比下來了,可惜了。
smol bean
who's the winner?
What song is this
Pinky up!
NaPink performed AkMu during Pledis Girlz concert Kyulkyung performed HiSuhyun in King of Masked Singer Now, Nayoung performed AkMu in King of Masked Singer. They must love them so much 💖
unmistakable the sweet and tender voice of Nayoung.....!!!!
myoui mina
lee sung kyung? lee da hee?
Rob Chang
Nayoung's voice is so distinct it's hard to disguise it. Who's the Cherry Blossoms Girl though?
Joanna H.
Who's cherry blossoms girl?
Sannple IOIV
I think the other girl is from bolbbalgan4
Analou Insilay
Yg artist songs is in demand in king of masked
KajsenL 05
Whooo is the cherry blossom girl??
Jimin Love
Whos the other one? The cherry girl?
That one dislike:((
Âmm Böťh
right is nayoung. left is Chaeyeon of DIA?
Angel Halo
Who won?
myoui mina
maybe shin soo ji?
Sherilyn Peregrino
where I can watch the complete episode?help me plzzz
Oppa Hwang
I like the voice of cherry blossom who is she?
El Hijo
God I love nayoungs voice. I need more nayoung lines in pristin
Rai Master
Why do i think that cherry blosom girl sound like xiyeon?😐
나영언니 목소리 넘 예뻐요 😍🌸💕
Erika Saraswati
waiting Twice