The Official 'Touching Home' Movie Trailer (HD)

The official 'Touching Home' theatrical trailer. Four-time Oscar® nominee Ed Harris stars as Charlie Winston, a homeless father struggling to make amends with his twin sons as they pursue their dream of playing professional baseball. 'Touching Home' is the debut feature from writer/producer/directors Logan and Noah Miller. The cast includes Academy Award nominated actors Ed Harris, Brad Dourif, and Robert Forster with Lee Meriwether, Evan Jones, Ishiah Benben, Brandon Hanson, and introducing Logan and Noah Miller.

These twins are NOT actors. The movie might have been tolerable if they put down their once in a lifetime chance(to make a movie) and hire--even--B actors. Their acting was painful to watch. Sorry, but it's my take on the film.
saw this on friday at the downtown camera 3 in san jose, and to be honest... i was a little disappointed but not by much. ed harris and brad dourif were amazing. the miller brothers could use a few acting lessons, but overall they did a decent job of holding their own. i particularly liked the directing, and since this was a first time for them on that too...hats off to them.
@magnetictheory He is!!
Ed Harris can do no wrong!
1st! I'm glad Harris doesn't have an Oscar yet. He's too good for the Academy.