The Gun Club – Miami [FULL ALBUM | HQ SOUND]

Miami is the second studio album by The Gun Club, released in 1982 by Animal Records. TRACK LISTING: [ 0:00 ] "Carry Home" [ 3:18 ] "Like Calling Up Thunder" [ 5:53 ] "Brother and Sister" [ 8:56 ] "Run Through the Jungle" (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover) [ 13:10 ] "A Devil in the Woods" [ 16:21 ] "Texas Serenade" [ 21:07 ] "Watermelon Man" [ 25:18 ] "Bad Indian" [ 27:59 ] "John Hardy" (Traditional) [ 31:27 ] "The Fire of Love" (Jody Reynolds cover) - 2:14 [ 33:40 ] "Sleeping in Blood City" [ 37:13 ] "Mother of Earth" FURTHER LISTENING: The Gun Club – Fire of Love ( />The Gun Club – Death Party ( />The Gun Club – The Las Vegas Story ( /> Band: Ward Dotson, Terry Graham, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Rob Ritter Producer: Chris Stein Genre: Punk Blues, Psychobilly, Post-Punk, Alternative Rock, Garage Rock Specs: 1080p HD | FLAC (lossless)

Robert Ganser
One of the definitive 1982 Albums! Still incredible. Jeffrey Lee will be unforgotten.
Dougie Desgranges
Texas Serenade - woah
Phil G
Best album cover
Bevan Roderick McGregor
a rediscovery listening to this from teen sounds better the second time around.Also I witnessed JLP, coming on to stage being push out in a shopping trolley in Melbourne..hilarious and the band sounded great!
George Bethos
One of the most underrated albums of all time. I had the original vinyl back in 1982 ☯️🕉🙀🐾💉💉💊💊👁
Bevan Roderick McGregor
Just about all you could want from a band Are they one of the most un- recognised band's ever?
Roberto Besenghi
Fantastico L.P.
Pascal Donval
Incroyable reprise de Creedence : Run Through the Jungle
Mike Awaker
Pixies & Arcade Fire sounds TOO MUCH like THE GUN CLUB.
Ruben Ventura
Great album opening! Amazing way to finish the album! Fantastic band, classic!
A masterpiece !
Literally start to finish one of the greatest musical productions of all time. It's all over the place and that manic style was the first of it's kind. Way ahead of their time. SO underrated.
Buzza Wuzza
never thought garage bands could sound so haunting, love this album a lot
bumppo shepherd
radar love