Top 10 Comedy Movies: 2000s

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Siddarth Patil
10. Borat 9. Tropic thunder 8. Knocked up 7. Meet the parents 6. The 40-year-old-virgin 5. Shaun of the dead 4. Old school 3. The Hangover 2. Superbad 1. Anchorman : the lengend of Ron bargandi Honorable mention: Harold and Kumar go to white castle Super troopers Mean girls Wedding crashers Forgetting Sarah Marshall Go save your time.
Jesus TheOmniscientKidd
No step brothers? Wtf
Wtf happen to stepbrothers 😡
Dhairya Khale
Hot Fuzz is better than Knocked Up
Theo Hall
Pineapple Express is surely atleast worth a mention?
Red Potatoes
Most of these movies are not funny, wanna talk funny movies?? Nothing beats Hot Fuzz
Pineapple Express still is my No. 1
rmoulton rmoulton
I'm sorry but Super Troopers has to be, at least, in the top 5.
No Ricky Bobby?
seth rogen everywhere.. :P
Alireza Masrour
EuroTrip should've been in there, its hilarious and awesome
Rahul Saha
Harold and Kumar The classic cult..
What about Napoleon Dynamite? I thought that would at least get an honorable mention.
Anchorman as #1? It wasn't that funny IMO. American Pie 2, which got no mention, was WAY funnier than Anchorman. But oh well, it's user-voted. I know of other people who thought Anchorman wasn't that good.
Really, Knocked up is on this list?
Superbad should be #1.
Wait... Shaun of the Dead was on there, but not Hot Fuzz!?! WWHHYYYYY!?!?!
I personally think Zombieland should have been an honorable mention. One of my favorites, its hilarious. Plus it has Emma Stone in it... Emma Stone is dope 
Hugo Gutierrez
Napoleon Dynamite should be on this list.
Bruce Almighty isn't even mentioned but Anchorman is #1. Yeah, ok.
Jon Markus Ringøen
21/22 jumpstreet?
Mark B
Joe Dirt
Jeremy Kyle
Mean Girls should have been on the proper list instead of being relegated the honourable mentions. It was one of those rare chick flicks that guys and girls could both enjoy.
hoggath hogg
super troopers such a good film
tyler allen
dodgeball is easily top 3
Bruce Almighty?
I guess im the only one who liked Kung-Pow?
Fishing With Musky
No step brothers? Or taledega nights?
donkey kong
Shaun of the dead.............
and step brothers and pineapple express did even get mentioned?.... is helen keller making some of these lists?
Malhar Carvalho
Never forget the five D's of Dodgeball- dodge duck dip dive and dodge
Dan King
Where the bloody hell was Johnny English?? That was the funniest movie I've ever seen and it doesn't even get an honourable mention?? What is wrong with you people?????
jaybles cashews
seen literally all of them, EVERY SINGLE ONE
Making a movie with loads of amazing quotes doesn't make it the best movie ever made.
IMO Death at a Funeral 2007 should be #1
Asher Davss
Should have included Mean Girls.
Marcús Frank
Where’s Friday After Next??🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Alexander Hewett
Where's The boy in the striped pyjamas? That film was hilarious!
Micah Elliott
Mean Girls lost to all those dumb frat bro comedies? Just an honorable mention? Lame.
Aim Magar
u missed pineapple express and This is the end
Origami Stroganoff
Hot Fuzz is better than Shaun of the Dead and almost every other comedy of the decade
Raine Powers
C'mon....Bridesmaids should be in here
Mario L. López T.
Where's Hot Fuzz?
#1 Superbad #1 The Hangover #1 Old School #1 Borat #1 40-year-old Virgin Good decade for Comedy!
BlueGrunge 93
Borat? seriously, saw that once and hated life the entire time
Anchorman... you guys have a terrible sense of humor...
Ben Carroll
Except for Super Troopers, I agree with every other comedy film here.
What is this? A LIST FOR ANTS?!!
simon makinde
Dodgeball should be on the actual list not an 'honourable mention' - it was so funny! 😂😂
Ughh, seth rogen...
step brothers isn't even a honorable mention. wow
is that manuel neuer? 6:33
Role models is the funniest movie I've ever seen
How did step brothers not even make an appearance it deserves number 1
hot fuzz is better than shaun of the dead imo
I feel like I'm the only one that didn't find Hangover funny.
These viedeos talk to much and show too much of the movie. I just want to see the rankings damn..If theres a movie you decide to watch these pretty much ruin the funniest parts. Revise your angle.
I'd agree with The Hangover being this high if I didnt see 2 and 3. Talk about ruining a film's legacy
Fernando Lemus
Step brothers?
Anchorman is incredibly overrated.
Super Bad and Role Models I have to agree with funny as hell.
Borat should be way higher
White Chicks, Scary Movie, Not Another Teen Movie?? Anyone?
Not a real list without Bad Santa.
minus minoas
old school no doubt no1. (knocked up in the list?!?! really???)
Sefa Kizilkaya
21 jump street? White chicks?
tony huckip
the dictator should also be in this list
John Spaulding
How is borat only #10? One of the best satires/mockumentaries of all time.
Lance NewJersey
Hot Fuzz must be number one. It's the graet comedy of all time!!!!
Jose Almonte
Kicking and Screaming was funny asf
Imran Khan
Harold and Kumar?? Bruce all mighty?
Should be renamed top 10 White comedies of 2000s
Cedric deRaczynski
No Step Brothers?
Matthew Forbes
Team America? 
has anyone noticed most of the films have the same acters?
The Accursed J.E.
Honorable mention for Super Troopers? Ouch...just...ouch....
William Frketic
Euro Trip lol
Step Brothers!!!!!! why is it not on this list
It ́s true all of it
Where the hell is In Bruges ???
Los Majes
Tryna find out a name of a movie when I was a child it's about some cartoon takin over a human body
macho mardo
borat is the most original and funniest comedy movie of the century
MetalHead Devil
***K THİS SHİT!!! Where is "Austin Powers" and "American Pie"???
So|=i Tu<
Lina Horn
mean girls should be more than an honorable mention
Kunal Madhvi
The Hangover should be in No: 1 😎
Super Troopers is funnier than most of this list. It should have been more than just a nod.
Wayne Johnson
What about Elf omg that is so damn funny!
I thought ali g was far better that borat tbh but borat was still brilliant
Vamp Kitten
Love this lol
Zach Yenon Joseph
borat number 10 ?? it was the funniest movie I have ever seen
Abin Benny
Borat Tropic thunder Knocked up Meet the Parents The 40 year old Virgin Shaun of the dead Oldschool The Hangover Superbad
Gavin Prince
I like you but your crazy my tours pay me
Kitten Heels
Anchorman deserves number 1 hahahaha best movie ever!
Sherar Murray
Hot Rod beats all of these and it's not even an honorable mention?
god i love dodge ball 'if you can dodge traffic, you can dodge a ball.''
Sal Vulcano
Where is napoleon dynamite
ThebOrAt3d Swagg
Borat should be more high up
ninja savage98
Top 10 not in order would have to be. Anchorman Step Brothers Talladega Nights Superbad Pineapple Express Zoolander Shaun of the Dead 40 year old Virgin Meet the Parents Tropic Thunder. Basically Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, and Seth Rogan owned the 2000s
Muzaffar Azimov
At least 5 of them should have been Jim Carreys!!!