Route 94 - My Love ft. Jess Glynne (Official Music Video)

OUT NOW. Get it on iTunes: /> /> /> /> Director: Ryan Staake Production Company: Riff Raff Films Music video by Route 94 performing My Love. (C) 2013 Ammunition Promotions Ltd, under exclusive licence to UMO #Route94 #MyLove #Vevo #Dance #OfficialMusicVideo

Casual Pleb
Never thought thermal cameras would make People look so sexy
Leszek Wójcik
Thier faces look funny with purple noses
Who watch this in 2019
Doron David
This is a good way to spot zombies in a club
Robert Villarreal
Microsft Edge 42nd Club 8th Here in The Dark on Meth
0:47 the guy in the background haha
a idッ
Use me as a "this dude looks like Zac Efron more than Zac Efron" button
Jessica Jones
Yo Gotti brought me here! The original is beautiful💜
Issa Libyano
1.4.2019th who still watching this music
Xian R.
Such a fckin' sexy song. Jess's voice, the beat; everything 😭😍
Did the Predator attend the party?
Still an epic song that will stay in my playlist forever! who has some more great suggestions? ALso try Sky Parox - time And space, and EAUXBY - 93
André Tiago
My love and my touch, Up above, made with the warmth of my My love and my touch, Up above, made with the warmth of my My love and my touch, Up above, made with the warmth of my My love and my touch, Up above, made with the warmth of my My love and my touch, Up above, made with the warmth of my Love, stay close to me Love, stay close, stay close... Oooh, baby, baby... Oooh, baby, baby... My love and my touch, Up above, made with the warmth of my My love and my touch, Up above, made with the warmth of my My love and my touch, Up above, made with the warmth of my My love and my touch, Up above, made with the warmth of my Love, stay close to me Love, stay close, stay close... Oooh, baby, baby... Oooh, baby, baby... My love and my touch, Up above, made with the warmth of my My love and my touch, Up above, made with the warmth of my My love
Tristan Williamson
2019 and still going strong 💪🏼🔥
Tibor Danilics
I used FLIR cameras with VGA resolution, low fps and crazy narrow DOF because of huge aperture lens. I'm just amazed by the quality of the footage, not by the girl.
Listening to this song, at 3 in the morning, as I'm driving back home and it's a beautiful night in the city! WOW! I had to pull over to leave a comment! It brings me PEACE and CHILLS!
Robert Villarreal
La Frieada Freidman's Browns Bagels Nipes Wolfgang's Microsoft Tower Media Here /Overnight Pvt Closed Groups-Meth
My love gone yrs ago☹love this song always will
Frank Burns
Love this song 😍😎😎
Brooke newman
It’s 1Am, I have school tomorrow, & here I am🤩
lylac lill
I can't be the only one who thinks the guy looks like Damon Salvitore
Nuni Jandi Van Buuren
Hahahah .... 😅😅😅 ... aparte ke me encanta este track .... me encanta el video .... tambien ...😅😅😅😅 ... super genial ... 👌👌👌👌
December 2018 boys?
Kermit The Frog
2 0 1 9 ? *AnYoNe?*
Insane Moments
Remember when this was number 1 for like a month lol, but it well and truly deserved it!
Leo Virgo
Reminds me of so many nights in my early twenties. Good times!!! I’am now 34 and I never have nights like this anymore,damn time flies.
vector 3366
Who is watching this on no nut November? 😂😂😂
iraklis kts
I'm going cry😢😭. So many memories!!!
Tsuna Uchiha
I miss her so much, damn it
K-Rayy G
Here in 2017 and it's still gives the vibe like it did when it first dropped
p l a n e t z o o m
People look so dirty in thermal lmao
LastTram 90
That moment when use a thermal camera to make video cool, but ends up highlighting your balding spots
Mauri Mauri
My sister brought me here ❤ thank you sis, love you.
Sarah Jasmine
2013 and 2014 were sooo good for deep house songs! what the fuck happened why is everything so mainstream now??
Evie Lee Fraser
this song got me through a dark time in my life. RIP Mum 8/1/2014
Sarah More
My god this is sexy wish my club was like that enjoy every one
Cain Bradley
When the Director only has a Thermal imaging camera to work with..
Canzady Musick
2018 anyone?
I should go to parties sometimes.
Rohit Babbar
It's like a predator watching porn....
Pato v: taipe
Lorie Péchadre
This music will be engraved in my head for life, it does not age, regardless of the year it came out and to which I listen, it is just perfect and I will continue to listen to it :p
Michelle Torez
Great mix. A real early 80s vibe coming through with that synth. Love it.
VookaSheen Ivkovic
this is how lava people make babies
CallMe Cryptic
2019 still a tune
Amielee Somers
brownskinnadriana_ _
Omg i remember this song havent heard it for a while used to play on vevo
Joseph Garrison
Carla phoenix
he only came to get some 😂😂😂
Jess Glynne, a voice that soothes my ears and brain. I love hearing her.
Mr Truth
It is stupid but it actually makes you to go out do something lol
Scarlett R.
He looks like ZAC EFRON
monitör bozuldu sandım orospu çocukları
Nice to see the Predator going out clubbing.
i have been searching for this song since it came out and i just now found it again and im like crying ??????
Abhishek Pathak
Soulful song... i feel good whenever listen to it.
Carlos Duran
Alguien que hable español y disfrute esté ritmo de música?🤔
2019 tho :)) ?
Alex Delaporte
Why does this look like a sims party? xxD
Funny Video
2014-2016 music was good unlike 2018-2019 nowadays all rap and shit
Jakub Pluta
This is almost 4 years old! 😮 2year of college.. posi vibes only 🤘🏻🔥
James Cheeks
The quintessential deep house monolith, this track hits me so deep inside. It's flipping haunting, Jess' vocals on that groove, nothing short of genuine genius. Dream (Route 94) smashed this one for sure!! 😍
Spent the whole video waiting for the Predator to kill them.
stevie bhoy
2 purple oms an this was the norm :)
Robert Villarreal
EXXON Airport BUF Prior John and Michelle Leija Hensel Regalado-Last night 41w30th
Robert Villarreal
Capitol Mail Room Missing Fingers No Consent Strike with My T Mobile President Laundry Laundry Holiday inn SAT Sect Replaced with Suspicious activity ;Retaliation Filming
Sameita Huggins
Listening from the Caribbean in December Christmas day🙏🏻🔥😍
Carlos Aragon
This song makes me wanna go to the club & fall in love 👌🏼
milko seattle
Very old but still effective
video glamorizes drugs - DON'T DO DRUGS KIDS!
Miqo Gamer
This song made me get up and dance at a party
Good Best
Ah i remmember that throwback, winter, chilling in room playing WoW, and chilling on this song... This song will forever be a vibe and a classic 3 times listen per day for me...
The bass is so deep I think I see Adele rolling in it...
Damn watching this a single guy hurts 😂
Blake Street
Никита Никита
I saw face of the man, but would like to see face of that girl
Nais Taih Ming
One water please.
Daniel 99
so no one is gonna comment on why is there a dog in the club?
Andy Flip
So rhe slayer just walked in and got some ez fake love.
Robert Villarreal
Let's Hold at "Mission" Cheverolet , Thank You Though, San Jose Mission Media [email protected]
Robert Villarreal
El Paso Linda Lou AMTRAK Greyhound Route94
Intensifying Light
Watch @ 0-25% brightness and enjoy(best in dark room). You're welcome.
Mart kenyon
I wish hooking up in a club was as easy as in the video.
Ramin Serge
let`s do it
WhiteBoi Slugger
04/06/19 @ 1.36am awesomeness
This is my JAM after so many years. Still in love with the energy
cant believe this came out 4 years ago.. seems like yesterday :o
Robert Villarreal
Edwards Adams Mathews Severe Clinton East Loop
Director presenting his idea to Route94 "So its a video bout a dude buttering a dudene" "That's it?" "That's it." Route94 thinking... "THAT'S IT!"
Unite the Right
Brilliant... Saw on ClubLand TV and downloaded from Amazon music. LOVE IT
Editor: What special effects you want? Route94: yes
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What kind of hardware are you using for the thermal imaging? The resolution is satisfyingly high def. I'd like to get my hands on those!
Robert Villarreal
Gauralajara La Villita Federal Operation AMTRAK
Simon Mendoza
Can any one confirm if this is true IR? Infra-red. Or just some software.
who’s watching in 2019?? happy new year btw☺️
ooga booga
And thats how u professionally have a one night stand.
Kyle Cusa
Lmao predator vision in a club? What next predator vs hoes???? Lol
sounds like tchami