David Lee Roth - Just A Gigolo / I Ain't Got Nobody (1985) (Music Video - MTV Version)

David Lee Roth - Just A Gigolo / I Ain't Got Nobody (Medley) (1985). Taken from the E.P. "Crazy From The Heat" (1985). David Lee Roth -- vocals Eddie Martinez -- guitars Sid McGinnis -- guitars Willie Weeks -- bass guitar John Robinson -- drums Sammy Figueroa -- percussion Brian Mann -- keyboards

Van Halen David Lee Roth Just A Gigolo I A'int Got Nobody Music Video Widescreen 720p

They just don't make videos like this anymore.....great parodies. Long live the 80's.....
2:55 I just realized they used this piece in the Goofy Goober Rock in the Spongebob Squarepants Movie 😂
Quite possibly my all time favorite music video! Dave is a fucking legend!
Vashti Seeraj
I had this song in my head today - It's cute lol !!
Mark Noble
This was when MTV was good
Todd Reeder
I like this version best. Diamond David Lee Roth's voice is a big part of what made Van Halen great. They went downhill after they kicked him out.
emanuel olofsson
Love artists that crosses borders with no fear.
Gustavo Freire
Only David Lee Roth; the best !!!!
Christina Angeloni
A great tribute to the 80's (so over the top) and Louis Prima...enjoyed every bit of it.
Bill Brower
PERFECT cover !!! David Lee solo is excellent !!!
DimeADozen conway
David Lee Roth should be cryogenically frozen for future generations
eric wright
It's kind of ironic...Dave sings at 26 and 57 seconds into the song, Youth will pass away.. Well 32 years later I guess youth passed Dave away.. He's 63 years old now. Heck I was 21 when this song was played on Mtv, and now I'm 53. Man where do the years go?
sure miss the 80's. so much energy and fun and positive vibs.
Jesus Herrera
Buenas canciones que tiempos
melissa chapman
DLR- the very definition of a rock star!!!
Trev Stavros
Didn't have 'nobody' for a long time after it ended...
eric hansen
What's the name of the nurse in the video?
Vinny Blacksmith
georgeous song David
Alyssa Rose- Pierre
I'm 13. How do I even know this song 😂
Mike Q001
Dave always makes me Happy.
Sapphire Blue
village people did it better
J Lee
I don't know how Dave came up with this idea for the video ? But dam it's awesome!!!
David Hulse
the only song that plays at Moes
I love this song
Diana Hyland
Love this song.
Charles Chandler
Here we go..!..hehehe...:)O(:...
The last true showman.
Ron Ayotte
They don't make videos like this anymore because they don't make good music anymore... with al the studio tricks, autotune, etc, the "music" of today is nothing but a pasteurized, homogenized and sanitized product with no soul or emotion.
michael grotle
I like when even the horse looks away
So bad
It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.
Don Roberts
funny I use to like this when I was younger and now I'm like what the f**k was I thinking lol
I laugh every time at how the explosion at 2:01 is perfectly timed with the music. It actually sounds weird to me if I hear the album version now, where it's missing.
So many performers become caricatures of themselves as their careers age. Dave embraced that idea in a way, and made it his own, while still in his prime, and created something new with it. The self-awareness and humor/parody in this, and his other videos from the time, are hilarious and brilliant, and almost unique. (Who else made videos and music like this?) A consummate performer, and truly an artist. Bravo, Dave.
Noah & Toad
1:11. You came for this, correct?
Live and Let Live
I thought this guy was black and very manly when i see the video i dont get it this is so gay ahhahaha
Mr Green eyes
This is class I love dave and all he's done I love the 70s and 80s the very best years for some of the most memorable music hears to u dave
Ardan Michael Blum
Augustus Caesar
Rather Educational, Entertaining or just shooting the shit. Its been Fun, its been real, its been Nice. Thank you, god bless you & Good Night.
Raju Chauhan
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Man Dave looked way more entertaining back then, now it's just endless repeats of Top Gear
Nicholas Eisenhauer
when I was 9 I loved this song
Juan Carlos Mendoza Carcamo
Soy un cacahuate!
Lyn Gravel
Fucking epic
Der Klassiker
Jordan Bestte
Bitches are pretty bad in this
Diana Hyland
Wonderful song good rythm.!!!
Syd Deal
These songs are originally from the 1920s and 1930s
felpudo giz
2:55 amendobobo rock
John M
I would like to see Louis Prima watch this video!!
John M
Best music video ever!!
Edmond Mouton
I forgot how fun this video is!!! 🎡
Hannah Brooks
Did only I saw Michael Jackson in this song?
Axion Crypt
Dawn of the dead anyone? Great song for a zombie apocalypse. This is how I'll always remember Phil Dunphy... Zeebabadoobaabeedaleebopp!
Gary V
NO body!
kumar shingh
10K-DB music
ya know,,people give dave hard time sometimes,,but this shows hes not always a hard gtr rock player type,,this is a cool jazz tune,,nothin wrong with that
That's what made classic Van Halen so good. David Lee Roth wasn't like any other singer. In a world of high pitched tenors, he was a raspy baritone. Eddie's guitar playing was revolutionary, but it wasn't like what came before it, or what it influenced. It was almost like a brass and rhythm section mixed in one. Michael Anthony was a damn good bass player, but was also a wonderful singer. Alex was a monster drummer, and was just as wild as his brother. It was a perfect combination. Too bad it didn't last forever. I don't think Sammy was a bad singer. In fact, as far as range and technique, he's better than Dave. It's just that unfortunately the red rocker joined Van Halen when they decided to become a pop band. They had some good tunes, don't get me wrong...but it just lacked that tongue-in-cheek sleazy fun of the first handful of albums. Sammy outside of Van Halen, makes some damn good rock albums. The sad thing is, Van Halen went from being the trend setters, to following a trend. They pulled the same shit other great 70s rock bands did. Drop the distorted guitars, and pick up the keyboards. No more raunchy party music, now it's slow love making music. Even when the band would rip it up, it just felt too polished. It lacked that live quality the classic albums had, and I'm throwing 1984 into the mix. It was a great album, but it's a taste of what was to come. I do like a lot of Sammy fronted songs, but I can't really get behind any of the albums. I find myself skipping a lot of tunes.
motion macivor
Excellent Post!!!
Nitro Rodriguez
Ay que Jodere.............
Roberto Fernández
I'm here because of Bad Grandpa movie lol
David Lockard
:) This is the video you think of when you see the replies to a craigslist job offer in Japan ~
Clubfuckingfooted 30
El gooool con la mano no valeeee
Bill Cipher
2:55 sponge Bob xDxdxD
What if DLR is actually Dr.Rockso?
Rick Nils
song of my life
Gunnar Streuli
anyone else notice how the word "board" is spelled at 2:12?
Roberto Garibaldi
Great song! Great video!
cameron motarjemi
the part with the hat
2:55 Uh... Hello?
Weird Al and David Lee Roth made the funniest videos in the 80's.
Zainidal Aryanti
The original song was from louis prima
Wolfe outdoor productions
filli milli
Im lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This sums up the 80's
Amazing video clip! Wonderful, esplendorous
I play this song once and once again, best for ever! Freat times!
matthew degenaro
.....ZIPITY BOP!!!
Bob Weiner
#1007 on my all time countdown
Arjun Wikramanayake
If your here cuz of the spongebob movie